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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Agent Carter's Closet: The Fans And The Power Of Peggy Carter

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

03/04/2016 7:41 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Agent Carter's Closet: The Fans And The Power Of Peggy Carter | Agent Carter
Media Courtesy of ABC

When I started writing Agent Carter's Closet it was, in part, because of the incredible costumes featured every week on Marvel's Agent Carter. Something about Peggy Carter and the clothes spoke to me on a level I had never experienced before with a fictional character. I'd always been fascinated by 1940's era fashion but the character of Peggy Carter was strong, confident, intelligent and tough; she was a hero without superpowers and a force to be reckoned with. And I realized that Peggy was who I wanted to be - strong, confident, intelligent and tough. I wanted to know my value.

I knew there had to be other people out there just like me; other women who found the same inspiration in Agent Carter. And when I put out the call for the fan tribute, I wasn't quite prepared for the overwhelming response. As emails poured in from all over the world, I found myself frequently in tears reading the stories of women who found strength in Peggy Carter; women who discovered, through fashion, how to be who they wanted to be. There were stories of women who were inspired to live healthier lifestyles, discovered parts of themselves they didn't know existed and even found the confidence to escape abusive relationships. Women all over the world have been inspired to become their own heroes because of Peggy Carter.

Thank you to Marvel, ABC, Hayley Atwell and costume designer, Giovanna Melton for inspiring so many women - and a few men, too! I hope you know how much your work, and Agent Carter, means to people all over the globe!  You can check out their fashion tributes and read their amazing stories, in their own words, below.   

Agent Carter

Ashley J. Perna

Halloween is my favourite time of year. I adore cosplay, and look forward to putting together the perfect costume each year. This past Halloween, however, I found myself homeless, having recently left an abusive situation. I had a suitcase of belongings to my name, and very little else. It was disheartening to know that I was going to miss out on Halloween. Thankfully, my friend, colleague, and fellow Agent Carter enthusiast, Michelle, had posted an article with suggestions for Halloween costumes. I happened to have all the elements needed to put together the perfect Peggy Carter costume, which made my Halloween amazing.

My partner had spent years trying to diminish my self esteem, and had succeeded to some extent. I often felt worthless, depressed, and without any intrinsic value. But wearing that costume, and putting on Peggy’s attitude, helped me to realize that I am a worthy person. That moment was pivotal - it gave me strength to keep going. I still wear that dress frequently, and each time I put it on I am reminded that things are better than they were before. I know my value, and it’s in large part thanks to internalizing Peggy Carter’s strength.

- Ashley J. Perna

Agent Carter

Tanya Wheelock

Peggy Carter is my personal Goddess. I have loved Peggy Carter from her first moments on screen in 'The First Avenger.' It is hard for me, and for many I would think, to not identify with her when she says she knows what it's like to have "every door shut in your face." Who hasn't experienced a time where they feel like they just can't break through to something they want? I have felt it so many times. 

In 2014, I ended up in an emotionally abusive relationship. I was brainwashed into believing that his bad behavior (part of which he was arrested for) was my fault. I was gaslighted. I was told that nobody else would ever love me and truly felt that I was lower than dirt. I was told that I put myself on a pedestal and thought I was better than everyone else, and that's why everyone hated me. All of my strength and sense of personal worth had been stripped from me by a man who only cared about himself and how others could serve his needs. 

Finally, I got a new job - a job I had been auditioning for for 4 years. I cried happy tears. Believe me when I tell you this - that one thing made me feel like I could do anything. I finally ended my relationship with what felt like temporary super strength, but was still left in the aftermath with the damage he had done to my already low self esteem and sense of personal worth. I didn't know my value at all. Then Agent Carter came out. 

I had been waiting for it since it had been announced and I tuned in eagerly each week to watch one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. Peggy is strong while still being feminine. She is resourceful. She is intelligent. She is real. She is such a positive role model for all women and she was what I needed most. Peggy Carter help me re-learn strength and that I was worth more than the way I had been treated. She re-taught me that even strong women cry. She taught me to know my value and I will forever love her, the writers of Agent Carter, and Hayley Atwell for that. If I could hug all of them and tell them that in person, I would. I know my value <3

- Tanya Wheelock

Agent Carter

Alana Rogers

I fell in love with Ms. Carter right away when I watched Captain America: The First Avenger. I’ve been surrounded by cons, props and geeks for my whole life and in 2012 I finally got back into it. 2014 was when I debuted my first Peggy cosplay at NYC Comic Con. Since then I have now done two more versions of her one being a twist, Captain Peggy Carter. I never really had a style of my own until Peggy came into my life, I realized how much I loved vintage items and dresses. Thanks to Marvel and Hayley Atwell, I learned a lot about style and myself. I feel like this character will continue to influence my life with style and much more.

- Alana Rogers

Agent Carter

Amy Young

I just love her strength as a woman and her fashion sense! I have loved this character since Captan America: The First Avengers. I know This is related to the TV show, but I wanted to give you a sense of how long I have admired the character and the way Hayley Atwell portrays her. I just adore 1940's fashion and sometimes wonder if i grew up in wrong decade, oh well. Thank You.

- Amy Elizabeth Cosplay 10.6​​

Agent Carter

Lydia White

Agent Carter inspires me in so many ways, but one of the main attributes I admire the most is knowing my own value. Being confident, being proud of my accomplishments, and being willing to stand up not only for myself but for others who may not be getting the treatment they deserve, is at the core of what makes Agent Carter so great. I loved her the moment she made her first, jerk-punching appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, but my respect and outright admiration for the character developed after seeing her master her surroundings in Agent Carter. That included not being afraid of a bit of color, painted fingernails, devastating red lipstick or a standout hat!  Ever since then I have started to integrated Peggy's dazzling wardrobe and feminine makeup into my everyday wardrobe, daring to spice it up a bit and go for a bit of glam because I know my value!

- Lydia White aka SuperHeroResin

Agent Carter

Jennifer Carey

To my friends and family, I have become synonymous with Agent Peggy Carter. After buying myself the blue suit (off the clearance rack at Lane Bryant!) and her signature red Stetson last July, I wear my cosplay both at conventions and in public. I can be walking down the street and friends and family members have pulled up to me because they recognize my hat.

By Peggy's example, I have become more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I used to avoid cosplaying because I didn't like how I look in most clothes, but the blue suit was an invitation to be more daring--and I love how I look in it! Not just in cosplay, but in other aspects of my life I am owning my power and taking control.

Like Peggy, I am dealing with the loss of someone I love (both of my parents died in the last five years). Mr. Jarvis's words to Peggy in season 1 about needing support really spoke to me. In this last year, I have made many new friends, got closer to old friends, and have found a whole fandom family. One of my new friends is a gentleman named John Atwater (AKA Senior Agent Atwater to my Agent Carter) and he gave me some of the best encouraging advice: "When heroes unite, they accomplish more." I have taken this to heart and embody my favorite Superhero Peggy Carter in dress and beliefs. Please check out The Carter Corps.

- Jennifer Carey, The Marvel Report

Agent Carter

Surfside Images

My son and I cosplay together a lot and although he has a variety of costumes, I typically only dress as Captain America. I have a number of different Cap costumes but recently we met Neal McDonough who played Dum Dum Dugan. He was so nice it inspired me to put together a Dugan costume for my son. Then I liked that so much, I put together one for myself. I even grew a mustache. This was literally the one day in my entire life I've ever had a mustache.

- Shawn Richter, The Marvel Report

Agent Carter

Erin Bellavia

I'm fairly new to cosplay, but the moment I saw Agent Peggy Carter on screen, I knew I needed a Peggy Costume. I don't (currently) sew, and so I've built this costume (and the others I'm working on) out of inexpensive pieces found on eBay and Amazon. They're not screen-accurate, but that's okay: when I'm dressed up as Peggy, I feel beautiful, powerful, invincible. In addition to working on some other costumes, I've also been bringing some Peggy inspiration into my everyday wardrobe. Oh, and I've bought a sewing machine and vowed to learn how to sew! Peggy has truly been an inspiration to me in so many ways!

-Erin Bellavia

Agent Carter

Kalliste Cosplay

Peggy is such a strong character, intelligent, skilled, charismatic, and daring.  Her wardrobe choices reflect her personality and her mood, and there is none more iconic than her red, white, and blue ensemble from the series premiere, "This is Not the End."  It reflects her connection to Steve Rogers and her role as his greatest protector and champion, yet it's also the colors of the Union Jack of her native United Kingdom.  She's ready to continue the work that she and Captain America started.


I'm a vintage-loving woman who adores well-tailored garments, bold colors, and feminine-yet-strong looks.  She influences my day-to-day looks at my Muggle job, where I'm known for "bounding" in character-inspired closet cosplays ranging from superheroes to animated characters to geek icons.  I put this outfit together after falling in love with the show.  A blue Lindy Bop dress I found while thrifting, a thin red patent belt, white cardigan, t-strap heels, and, of course, a red fedora to tie it all together.

- Kalliste Cosplay

Agent Carter

Karen G.

I've been cosplaying as Agent Carter for about a year and a half now and I absolutely love it. It's introduced me to a great bunch of people who believe that everyone should know their value -- and to help others to learn theirs. That's what Peggy has taught us -- that everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, that everyone can be someone's support and, in turn, need to rely on others.

- Karen G.

Agent Carter

Ed Yueng

Her style is flawless and she's fury in red lipstick. Every morning, I try to walk out the house to go to work as polished as Peggy. Every episode, she's an inspiration and I'm honored to have cosplayed as her.

- Mariet Guerrero

Agent Carter

Rebecca Brown

I always identified with Agent Coulson because I love SHIELD and Captain America. Then I realized my real hero was Agent Carter. She's strong, feminine, and assertive. She's a true role model to all women. I've become braver following her example, begun getting in shape, found a feminine side of me I didn't know existed, and have become obsessed with history in the 1940s. The best part about this cosplay, however, is that my boyfriend, now Fiance, surprised me by secretly building a Dum Dum Dugan costume when he found out I was going to be Peggy for comic con. He and I had a blast! Thanks, Agent Carter!

- Rebecca Brown

Agent Carter

Shiloh B.

I fell in love with Peggy during Captain America: The First Avenger because she was a badass and ahead of her time in women's rights. She didn't ask for respect, she demanded it and because of that and her competence, she usually got it. Plus her clothes are gorgeous. At the SDCC Agent Carter panel, when they were showing a montage of clips from the first season, when she walked by in the blue dress and red hat, the whole audience cheered! They cheered an outfit! Because her clothes are that memorable and that outfit in particular became as iconic as Caps Shield. I hope they bring our Peggy back for season three!

- Shiloh B.

Agent Carter

Silver Wolfie

I love Peggy! She's an inspiration to me, I would love to look like her when I'll be in her age. She's so strong and classy woman.

- Silver Wolfie


My name is Annika Wolfram and I'm a 22-year-old student from Germany. I'm a cosplayer since 2009 and I am pretty obsessed with it. I love to slip in different roles and for this reason I always chose characters which either impressed me in a way or I can identify with. Peggy is such a strong woman, struggling with all the obstacles a modern woman still has, although she is in the 1940s. Starting with her outer appearance - Peggy simply doesn't care about the expectation the society has of a young woman, but she did. Her character developed from the good little girl to a strong, independent woman who is proud of what she became. I can't say it better than you did on your article: She knows her value and that's a thing every woman should do!

- Annika Wolfram

Costume by Greenius Cosplays

Agent Carter

Heather M.

I had the joy and pleasure of meeting her [Hayley Atwell] at Wizard World Philly in 2015. I dressed up as a Captain Carter/PeggyCap, shield in hand, Agent Carter hat on head, and Captain America shirt underneath one of her silk blouses. Peggy, of course, is both; she's a warrior of integrity and power like Cap but also entirely her own woman, secure in her intelligence and sense of self-worth. As a woman myself working in a business run almost entirely by men, I'll admit to openly crying at "I know my value" because that seemingly small, insignificant thing is so hard to find sometimes in a world that actively works to keep you from recognizing your own potential. When my Carterette friends and I have a bad day? On goes Peggy's Besame Red Velvet lipstick. Need a power boost for an important meeting? On go the blue Violet BAIT shoes, a blue pinstripe suit, and the red Stetson she wears in Season 1. Cosplaying Peggy and collecting some of her actual clothing pieces from the show (the hat and several pairs of shoes, oh my poor wallet) has been both a joy and a privilege. I'm thankful daily that Marvel, ABC, and Hayley have given us this incredible woman to admire and each time I wear something she's worn or cosplay her at a con, I'm reminded, even in a small way, to keep being strong and confident, to believe in myself even when others don't, to trust my instincts, and above all, to know my value.

- Heather M.

Agent Carter

Cate B.

Why cosplay Peggy Carter? Agent Peggy Carter is more than just a strong woman, she is every woman. She is human. She has fears, she doubts herself, she cries, she loves and she loses. The attraction I felt to the character wasn’t merely because of her fabulous wardrobe and stunning red lipstick (although both are pluses), it was the heart of the character: the warrior, the soldier, the woman. She is strong in the face of adversity and she knows her value. My cosplay started from an idea. What if she had to take up the mantle of Captain America when Steve went in the ice? Inspired by fanart by Alex Schlitz, I built Captain Carter. Putting on this costume, I walk different, I carry myself differently and I know my value.

- Cate B.

Agent Carter


From the second I saw Peggy Carter’s bright red hat in a sea of black and grey I knew I had to make that exact outfit. Peggy is a confident role model with a quick wit and loyalty to those she cares about most. Aside from the fantastic character Peggy is, she also has a fantastic wardrobe. I hope to influence both my personal and cosplay wardrobe with more of her vintage styles in the future.

- Hannah Lawrence

Agent Carter


My name is Daria and I'm an Italian Agent Carter's fan from Milan. Last October I made a Peggy Carter cosplay for a convention and from that event on I wore it to many other events, as I completely fell in love with how practical it is and with its 40s style.

The reason why I've decided to cosplay Peggy in the first place it's very simple: she's my favourite Marvel character. She is, in fact, the reason why I started watching and reading Marvel! I fell in love with her (strength, style, beauty, heart... everything) when a friend of mine made me watch the first Captain America movie and from then on I swore to support her with all I've got. She's my role model and thanks to her I've also started loving myself more and striving to find my own style, accepting the body (and beauty!) I've got.

Hayley Atwell is an incredibly talented actress, funny, beautiful and altruist. The show is everything I love and search for in entertainment and all the characters (and cast!) are amazing, perfect.

I will be forever thankful to everyone who made Agent Carter (the character, the show) possible and I will always wear my cosplay with pride! Grazie, Peggy!

- Daria

Agent Carter

Photo By George Germaine

I wasn't supposed to cosplay Agent Peggy Carter. I had my cosplay lineup planned for 2015 and it certainly didn't include "Captain America's girlfriend." Then I watched Marvel's Agent Carter episode 1. And 2, and 3, and 4. Before I knew it, the only thing I could think of was "where can I find the perfect blue crepe?" and "I need a red hat!" And so I made Peggy's iconic look from the first episode. Cosplaying as Peggy means so much to me. Not only is she the strong, willful woman I aspire to be, but the 40's aesthetic is just stunning. Since wearing her blue suit, I've begun to incorporate more and more of her style into my wardrobe. It is classy, simple, elegant, and flattering. It also makes me look better which makes me feel better about myself and gives me more confidence. I wear her pearls to dinner dates. I wear her shoes to business meetings. I'm working on a number of her Season 2 looks because I will wear them every day. Peggy makes me stand up straighter, walk a little taller, and remember that I have my own value, and only I get to decide what that is. Channelling Peggy reminds me that I can be whoever I want to be and that somewhere in me is the power and will to do just that.

- Meg, Without A Stitch Cosplay


Peggy Carter has become a household name in our family. My son knows her name and picture as much as any of the Avengers. I consider that a positive for him because we are showing him what a strong female can do, even without super powers. In fact, it is her strength and commitment to doing what is right that appeals to me. She is courageous and bold; her value is in who she is as a person and not her body or even the fantastic way she can take down a bad guy. And, in the midst of her character, she never loses her femininity, and it is never a negative in her life. She is full of grace and charm and incredible fashion as she is full of strength. She is the strong female that we all need to see and from whom today's super heroes need to learn. I hope that the spark of her character will encourage all women to fully embrace who we are as strong women and to know our value in who we were created to be.

- Jenny R. Riddle

Agent Carter suit, blouse and Howard Stark shirt made by Jenny R. Riddle. (Pictured Jenny Riddle as Peggy, Stephen Riddle as Howard Stark and Joshua Riddle as Little Iron Man)

Agent Carter

Estrada Photography

I suppose the reason Peggy resonates with me so much as a character is her strength (both physical and emotional) and her incredible sense of self. She’s an intelligent, capable, ambitious woman, and while you get to see her be all of those things, they never shy away from her vulnerability or the effects of the painful losses she’s suffered. Peggy is also a shining example of a well-rounded female character, she’s multi-dimetional and was so much more than another love interest from the beginning. I’ve been fascinated with her since the first Captain America film, both because of her beauty and style (which I already emulate on a day-to-day basis), but also the effect she had on Steve Rogers. Once she got her own show we got to see the other side of the coin and the lasting effect Steve had on her in turn, which makes everything else in the MCU all the more heartbreakingly beautiful. Hayley Atwell does a phenomenal job portraying Peggy and it’s always obvious how much respect and integrity she takes the role with. We’ve seen her at nearly every stage in her life on screen, and I hope we get to keep seeing her for years to come.

- Wendy Sonali

Agent Carter

Lloyd Nicholls

I absolutely adore Peggy's character. I think she's one of the best female character on television right now. She's tough, wonderful, and brave, but she remains human. She has her own weacknesses, as everyone does, so we can easily see ourselves in her, and I think it's an important aspect of a character. Furthermore, her outfits, both in the movie and in the TV show, are gorgeous, which is a non negligible aspect for a character to cosplay!

Agathe, BatoucatCosplay

Agent Carter

Elliot M.

I've always loved vintage fashion but felt that I wasn't "cool" enough to pull it off. For years I've struggled with my self-confidence and as an actor, where you are constantly being told how to look based on what others want, I've had a hard time figuring out what I want. Who I want to be. I've spent so long pretending I knew. But last year, I attended my very first convention as Peggy Carter and it was life-changing. I was in costume, but never have I ever felt more myself. I walked taller, I smiled more; but most importantly, I felt beautiful. When that weekend was over, that was it for me. I shook off literal years of uncertainty and started to embrace my love of vintage fashion and channeling my inner Peggy Carter. Very few people on this side of the world do the retro thing so I get a lot of stares when I go out, a lot of questions as to why I'm so dressed up, why I bother doing my hair in pin curls, and outright criticism that I care too much about how I look when in fact, I couldn't care less! What I've learned to tell them is that I do it because it makes me happy, it makes me feel confident like I've never truly been. I do it for me. I tell them that women of the 1940s could celebrate their femininity instead of sacrifice it; that during the war, red lipstick was a symbol of strength. So hell yes I will wear my lipstick and heels every day and I'll hold my head high because for the first time, I feel comfortable in my own skin. For the first time, I know my value. And that's thanks to Peggy.

I'm sharing this photograph instead of one in costume because on the day it was taken, I heard a guy walking past me gasp, "That's Agent Carter!" There's no better compliment than that!

- Elliot M.

Agent Carter


Peggy Carter changed my life. I have cosplayed for years and never once felt at home with a character I loved, until I met peggy. Something about her confidence resonated with me. She was someone I aspired to be like. Enough for me to see the "I know my value" dress and immediately run to the store and buy the only purple fabric they had and get to town working on a dress. I had never sewn anything before, never patterned before. But I just needed it. I have since recreated 19 of Peggy's outfits from across all marvel film and television, and made some inspired "modern" knit dresses for my everyday wear. The glitz and glamour of her wardrobe has captivated my heart.

- Kelsey, "The Cupcake Mechanic"

Agent Carter


Peggy is an incredible woman, she is strong, smart and independent She inspires me to believe in myself and don't hinder others.

- Anonymous

Note: This picture and quote was submitted without a name. I emailed for clarification but have received no response. If you submitted this piece and would like your name and a photo credit included, please contact me ASAP!  
Agent Carter


I haven't picked Agent Carter as my personal idol - in a way, I feel like Peggy Carter picked me to be inspired by her. I've never seen a female character so multi-faceted, uncompromising, stubborn, capable and ruthless, yet compassionate, loving and with a moral compass rivalling that of Captain America. In fact, I strongly believe she should have been the one to receive the super-soldier serum. She inspires me to truly consider my actions, to think "what would Peggy do?", to be brave and courageous above all, to own my curves and be confident in my plus-size body. It would be truly unforgivable if the show were cancelled after only two seasons. I know my value thanks to Peggy Carter.

- Lucy

Agent Carter

Julie C.

Being brief is going to be a task. Even choosing one photo wasn't easy. I've been cosplaying Peggy Carter for two years now, and sometimes I feel like I dress as her as much as Hayley Atwell. She has become a part of me almost as much as a real person.

I initially chose her because I desperately wanted to cosplay someone from the Marvel universe. I liked her character because she wasn't a damsel and I liked her aesthetic. Her costume was within my skill set and I thought I could pull it off.

As time passed, the more I fell in love with her. I found myself identifying with her, an independent woman who didn't want to ask for help and who fought for to be taken seriously. But she knew her value and learned to surround herself by others who also could see it in her as well.

I could probably write an essay on Peggy as a character -- both her virtues and flaws. But I've already taken up too much space. However, what I will say is when I put on Peggy's clothes, it makes me feel stronger, like putting on a suit of armor -- from the garters up. I walk taller, I stand straighter, and my stride lengthens. I feel like a beautiful, funny, powerhouse that can't be stopped. I sometimes feel like I didn't choose Agent Carter, but that she chose me. And I don't know what I'd do without her.

- Julie C., @xfsista

Agent Carter

Dominique G.

I was five minutes into the first episode of the show when I realized I would cosplay Peggy Carter, the only hero I really needed. As I watched my way through the first season, I knew I wouldn't regret it. And the second she said "I know my value", there was a shift of perspective about my own life. Suddenly, I felt like I could be my own hero, and make my dreams come true; all I needed was to know my worth. Peggy helped me find it, and so whenever I get in cosplay, I feel even more confident (and badass).

Two weeks after meeting Hayley for the first time, I got "I know my value" tattooed on my wrist, for those days when I feel like I'm not worth it. That way, Peggy Carter will inspire me forever.

- Dominique G.

Agent Carter

Michelle A.

I know my value. Anyone else's opinion really doesn't matter.' Such a simple phrase yet so powerful. Agent Carter had to go against the stereotypes of her time. She knew she was more than a secretary, she was smart and strong. Peggy knew what she was worth. I feel that women today still struggle with this because society tells us we don't look a certain way. I need to learn how to own this phrase and realize my value.

- Michelle A.

Agent Carter

Heather Amaral

Why do I dress as Peggy Carter? I am in love with her, in short. The long explanation is I was knee deep in season 1 of Agent Carter and instead of seeing a fairly skinny, athletic deadly assassin like Black Widow or a tall statuesque runway model in couture like Pepper, I was seeing Peggy Carter, a curvy brunette like myself who from her high heels to her red lipstick and pincurls was barreling her way through each episode with a whole lotta witty sass and a mean right hook. She worked on the knowing assumption that you would underestimate her based on appearances and while hating the impression that men thought her none threatening she happily used it to teach differently. The fact that, especially in the season, you see how being vulnerable does not negate strength she is quite literally a confidence booster to any woman who puts on her costumes, and it helps that her outfits are gorgeous! My first attempt at Agent Carter was for a Marvel Experience event. That first outfit and everyone after it for Peggy were all thrift shop finds, even the blue suit. The red hat was the only none thrift item, a gift from my late father last Christmas. The Agent Carter/Captain America family I've gained from dressing as Peggy is a strong and affectionate one. I've had many dances from many Captain's, sang with the Howling Commandos and bantered with Starks of many generations. Dressing as Peggy is something I'll keep doing for some time, especially as I covet every new outfit she wears and in this season.

- Heather Amaral

Agent Carter

Sierra Christy

I've loved Agent Carter since I first saw her in Captain America: The First Avenger. She's a force to be reckoned with because of her independence, strength, and wit. Her confidence is evident, and like she said, she knows her value. She lived in a world where she wasn't considered equal to the men she worked with, yet she proved over and over again that she was just as capable of getting the job done as they were. I aspire to be like her for all of these reasons. She's so much more than Captain America's love interest- she's a woman who fought for freedom and the safety of the world.

- Sierra Christy

Pictured artwork by Danny Haas


What first drew me to Agent Carter was definitely the clothes! I'm not classified as a "thin" person, so it's been very hard to find nice looking clothes for myself. I've always been drawn to classic 40s and 50s fashion, and was amazing to see a strong female character kicking some serious butt while in heels! I chose the red dress from The First Avenger as my first Peggy outfit because at the time, It was the only non-military outfit she really had. I love the silhouette and I knew I could make it without much difficulty. The collar was definitely more of a trial than I thought, but I learned so much. I can only hope that Agent Carter continues, and we have many more years to watch this inspirational character on screen! 

- Kate B. 

Costume By Organized Chaos Costuming

Agent Carter

Toronto Cosplay Collections

The first time I watched Captain America, I absolutely fell in love with how Peggy just owns the scenes she's in; it because less of a Cap movie, and it's totally a Peggy moment whenever she walks in. She rocks what she has, and so does it so well. It's a pleasure to take just a little bit of who she is and wear it myself.

- Jayjay, Nerdcred Cosplay

Agent Carter Liz Cobb

My friend Sierra Christy (Peggy) and I are huge fans of Agent Carter for a variety of reasonsApart from it just being an incredibly entertaining show, we both find ourselves admiring and connecting to the characters portrayed. Sierra loves Peggy because she’s fiercely independent and not afraid to go against the norm as a female in a world dominated by men. She’s not normally taken seriously by her male counterparts, but rises above it. I personally adore Howard Stark, and truly admire his dedication to helping Peggy with whatever she needs. He may be a cad, but he also is very loyal to his friends and truly cares for them. Plus, they’re both super fashionable. What’s better is that our mutual loves for the show, these characters, and for cosplay have brought us closer together, and made us better friends!

Thanks Agent Carter! You’re great, and so are we.

- Liz Cobb

Agent Carter


Agent Carter is my muse for cosplay because Peggy is so strong morally and ethically, she's inspiring to all and I admire her greatly for it.

- Anonymous

Note: This picture and quote was submitted without a name. I emailed for clarification but have received no response. If you submitted this piece and would like your name included, please contact me ASAP!  
Agent Carter

Kelly B.

 “Agent Carter” is a major source of inspiration to me through its story and its characters and their fashions, on an ‘everyday life’ basis and not just for cosplay.  On a basic level, I am not a TV show follower (never have been) but the show has me glued - laughing, concerned, and thinking - giving me something to look forward to every show.  As a seamstress, recreating a look as I see in the show is an incredibly fun challenge and a joy to wear.  It also helps me picture myself in the shoes of some of the characters.   I even featured an “Agent Carter” post series for both seasons now on my blog, “”.  Also, the show and everything about it sparks my curiosity to learn about the history of the 1940’s…and I love history!  

By being grounded in reality (even in a fantasy world), I think “Agent Carter” seems to be bringing confidence, class, and a belief in one’s capability more than any superhero program could, especially for women.  Hayley Atwell even has a real shape, not just a stick body like the model images the media so often spoons out.  Women are more of a quiet force than is often realized, we just needed Peggy Carter to re-affirm that for the world.  What’s so neat is that I enjoy continuing that into my life by dressing like her (mostly by my sewing skills), studying her times, and realizing my value.

- Kelly B.

Pictured Drawing By Costume Designer, Giovanna Melton

Agent Carter

John Rabon

Jarvis was a cosplay I chose because I enjoyed the slapstick humor that James D'Arcy brought to the role as well as the earnest platonic friendship that developed between him and Peggy over the course of the show.  It's not often that you get a female and a male lead working together without writers trying to pair them romantically, but that never happened on Agent Carter.  Jarvis is always a confidant and assistant, not serving as a romantic foil or at any point usurping Peggy's role as the hero.

- John Rabon

Agent Carter


I was hooked from the first episode, when she gets sidelined in the meeting. It was so strange to see something that was still happening in my (male-dominated industry) day-to-day life being presented as historical sexism. Peggy's ongoing being awesome-yet-completely-relateable would make the show 100% worth loving even if I wasn't a lifelong Marvel fan. 

I did an Agent Carter cosplay for NYCC. It was my Thursday costume (the easy day) and I did the blue suit. (bought the suit, vintage off ebay, bought THE hat, and followed Hayley Atwell's awesome product reference for lipstick and nail polish)  I did it because I love the show and thought it would be more comfortable than other costumes of hers, and low key enough to wear on a Con Thursday. Walking across NYC, in full Peggy gear was a little surreal and sort of perfect (right down to the construction worker who recognized the costume).

What I didn't expect was that anyone else would care about the costume once we were into the Javitts center. I have never had more women of my own age or younger be so excited to see a costume I wore. (I have spent 30+ hours making full foam armor). When I went to take a picture next to the Season 2 promo wall at the Marvel booth, people wanted to take pics with me with it. Even if the show isn't getting the same buzz as The Flash (which I love), the absolute best part of the day was seeing so many people who believe the character of Peggy is as interesting and aspirational as I do.

- Kat

Agent Carter

Celtic Ruins Costumes

Costumes and photo by Celtic Ruins Costumes.

Agent Carter

Allison Lane

I chose Ana Jarvis as my makeup inspiration--I don't have a costume yet, but I plan to put one together! I adore her, how spirited and thoughtful and progressive she is, and how utterly non-threatened she is by her husband's relationship with Peggy. It's very easy to see why Jarvis fell in love with her. I'm looking forward to rocking the bright colors she favors, hopefully with the same confidence she exudes.

- Allison Lane

Agent Carter

John Nursall

Dum Dum cosplay by John Nursall of ICC Cosplay. 

Agent Carter

Chelsea Schwartz

I designed these buttons based on my love for Peggy. It's a homage to Peggy and a remainder to me to own my worth. (Available on Etsy)

- Chelsea Schwartz



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