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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agent Carter's Second Episode Is All About The 'Bridge And Tunnel'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 10:59 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agent Carter's Second Episode Is All About The 'Bridge And Tunnel' | agent carter
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Fresh from the premiering episode, Agent Carter made sure viewers would tune in next week as well with another episode. The second one, “Bridge And Tunnel” picks up straight from where the previous one left us. Peggy is found at the diner restaurant with her waitress friend, looking for a new apartment in the newspaper, while a Captain America radio show is on. Soon, she’s taken to see one of Stark places and decides to spend the night, with Jarvis unsuccessfully insisting on staying with her for safety. In the meantime, her friend’s murderer is called to accomplish his mission by getting some information in the old-fashioned way. Our agent visits a milk company with the permission to inspect a bit, looking for a specific something. However, there’s a truck missing and it’s probably the one she’s after. With S.S.R. looking into a metallic ball caused by some kind of explosives that we know, they’re also up to identify the blonde femme fatale from the party – Peggy, that is! As she has to take care of that along with some paperwork, she makes time to inform Jarvis about finding the vehicle and the driver she needed. The organization Agent Carter works for goes deep into Stark’s explosive games and looks for one of his colleagues, who fills their cups on his recent activities and the special kind of radiation. At the same time, Peggy tries to get the photos of hers from a locked drawer in Sousa’s office without luck. With phones ringing multiple times, the man returns to his office and she’s called by the chief for another radiation-related errant. While on the look for the radiation issues and Leet Brannis,  Peggy is called to assist and she soon notices one of the scientists who created the bombs among the crowd. Even though he manages to get clear in the radiation test, she won’t let him get away with him and despite his effort to run away, she gets him down. The guy is soon offered a deal to get away with lighter charges, if he spills everything regarding his superiors, but his reluctance to collaborate ends up with him being beat up. Agent Carter’s waitress friend, Angie, passes an ad for an ideal home close to her own, but our girl is not really into the idea. She rushes to meet with Jarvis, who picks her up with his car and Captain America’s radio show is on again, with a recreation of herself irritating her. As they make their way to find the truck driver they’re looking for, the S.S.R. is looking for a link between the man they caught and Stark without any luck. However, Sousa soon gets himself in the business and discovers the driver’s name and address. With the bad guy getting to work once again, Peggy is thankfully a few steps ahead of everyone and finds the bomb-filled truck. As he kicks the driver’s ass, Brannis tries to take the vehicle away, but she gets him down and runs away with him for an interrogation. While on their way and as her fellow agents capture the driver on his effort to escape, another bad guy jumps on the track and tries to stop their sweet escape, so she beats this one up as well and jumps off the truck with her two fellow gents, leaving the other one drown with all the bombs. What follows? A massive BOOM of course! Both Peggy and Jarvis have survived both the fall and the explosion, but the same can’t be said for Mr. Brannis. With Agent Carter having lost her witness, she gets a final clue about those Leviathan bad guys, in the form of a sketch, right before leaving the place. Her fellow agents are pissed that someone is always where they intend to be, before them, but they find some footprints of a woman at the scene – guess who that is. Sousa even finds a hotel room key on the ground. It all comes to an end with Jarvis taking care of Peggy’s wounds, right before she gets the place Angie suggested earlier. Over at work, people get the photos from the party without a single clear shot of hers in the blonde wig. As expected though, there’s no happily ever after here, with a cliffhanger keeping us all up until next week’s episode of Agent Carter. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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