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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kicks Up The Drama And Subterfuge On This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/24/2014 12:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kicks Up The Drama And Subterfuge On This Week's Episode
Media Courtesy of Marvel

DJ SoundBite

Staff Writer


I couldn’t think of a clever way to open this recap, so instead I will just state that I love Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and move on ;-) Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kick Up The Drama And Subterfuge On This Week's Episode We open the episode on a harbor dock, and a man asks a fisherman for a ride to Portland (Grimm crossover?). He says no and so the stranger waves his hand and the truck dies. Then he touches the man and he dies. The stranger gets into the car and we see he is wearing a wristband from S.H.I.E.L.D. leading us to believe he is an escaped inmate from “The Fridge.” Ward is being help up and he says he killed Garret and tells Skye they should back up the hard drive now in a secure facility, but Coulson says to do a threat assessment on the escaped inmates. Marcus Daniels (our carjacker) is the most immediate threat and he wants to take a team…but Eric is saying no. Due to reasons of security and that he doesn’t know the team; he says he will only authorize it once they go through ‘Orientation,’ which is a lie detector that Nick Fury designed. We get a nice name drop that Fury wanted to design one that not even Romanoff could beat. This, of course, makes Ward nervous. Through a montage of the team in the chair we learn Tripp is the grandson of a Howling Commando (The team Captain America lead), May has been married once, and that Fitz is in love with Simmons (nobody cares about that though). We see all the team except Ward (he is last). Ward’s reading is slightly off because he is in pain and gets asked the same questions the team was, one of them is “why are you here” and he says ”it’s my duty.” Eric looking at the readings pulls a gun and says “I’m going to ask a follow up: are you associated with Hydra?” He also asks if he is Hyrda- Ward is trying to tell the truth without revealing it. He says he came back for Skye (which is true, but he came back to kill her). Eric is convinced and he passes him. Around the corner Ward pulls out a splinter from under his thumb which helped him with the pain to beat the system. Coulson and May are still having issues and it is very clear he doesn’t want her there. He refuses to take her on the mission to pick up Daniels; instead he takes Fitz, Simmons and Tripp (another excuse for the love triangle! *Sigh*). Daniels was using “Darkforce” and due to superhero logic, an accident happened which allowed him to absorb energy. Coulson was able to subdue him with lots of light “overloading” his system. So the team set off to his most likely target. Turns out Daniels was obsessed with a woman, Audrey Nathan who plays the cello… …Wait a minute…. Simmons and Tripp show up in a car and manage to get away with Audrey just as Daniels arrived. In a separate car Coulson and Fitz use the retrievers to shine lots of light to overload him but he says SHIELD did things to him there to make him stronger, blowing them away and disappearing. Simmons and Tripp are with Audrey keeping her safe while Fitz and Coulson listen in another room. Why are they in separate rooms? Because the cello player is the girl Coulson was seeing and she does not know he is alive again! What a twist! Meanwhile back at Providence, Skye and Eric are doing research and it turns out Eric is using the passes he allocated to the team to keep track on them via his tablet. Skye has the idea to hack the NSA satellite to see footage of who escaped from the fridge. Of course if they do that they will see that Ward was there helping. We also find out that the encrypted hard drive is location locked, meaning they physically have to go back to where Skye did it to get access. He excuses himself and Ward is about to take out May but before he makes a move May informs him she leaving because Coulson doesn’t want her there. He watches her go and then goes back to Eric who is about to see the images Skye has hacked. Ward closes the door to kill Eric. …Ok Eric, your big moment to shine! Prove me right that you are a secret bad ass! Back in Portland, using the stage lights adjusted by Fitz (Gamma radiation and a Bruce Banner name drop) they lure Daniels out using Audrey as bait. Daniels comes and says she is the one that can save him. The team turn the lights on but they don’t work. Coulson is forced to intervene and they blow Daniels up. Audrey is knocked out for a moment and Coulson runs away so she doesn’t see him. Skye comes back into the room and Eric is gone and Ward is there. He tells her May left and Eric is doing things elsewhere. He pours her a drink and lays on the charm. We find out his older brother made Ward beat up his younger brother and they kiss but she sees some blood (Eric’s) and Ward makes his excuse that one of his cuts opened up. While Ward is away Sky sees the monitor which tracks the badges and follows to see where Eric is. Ward cleans himself and the piano cutter. Sky goes into the store room and finds Eric dead on the roof… Oh, I know Ward is a specialist, but I would have liked to see him at least fight back, rather than die off screen…never mind. …And works out that Ward did it and she freaks out and looks for something to defend herself. She is scared but when Ward finds her she acts as if everything is fine…. …Ok, we know Ward and May and Coulson might be able to pull this off, but Skye has been learning to be an agent, I didn’t buy that she would have the discipline or the ability to turn off her emotions like that with someone she was having feelings for after a traumatic experience…but hey, that’s just my opinion. Ward says the Bus is fueled and they need to go to help Coulson. On their way back, Coulson releases he needs to forgive May if he ever expects Audrey to forgive him. Fitz and Simons have an exchange (Building up that ever so important love triangle which is going NOWHERE). They get back to Providence and find the Bus missing. Sky and Ward are in the bus flying wherever Skye leads him, with her having worked out why he is so instant on the hard drive. Post credit- May walking down the highway and gets picked up by her mother. She asks her mother ‘Did you get it?’ Her mother says she may be retired but her agency hasn’t fallen apart. She also says she isn’t the only one looking and wont be hard to find. She then asks if May is going to kill her and she says no, she just wants to talk to her…the ‘her’ being revealed being Maria Hill, and they drive off. The story is progressing nicely on Agents of SHIELD, and again they keep expanding the cinematic universe. A lot of name drops in this episode, not sure if it is important or whether it was a not so subtle reminder off all these people. While I do think it could have been expanded more, Joss Wheadon as earned my trust so I am happy to let things progress at his pace! Given the past few really good episodes this one was a little bit slow. It was well done but I really didn’t care about Daniels or Audrey (although it was nice to put a name to the face), instead I would like to focus more on Hydra and what Ward and Garret are planning. I give this episode a 3.5/5 and I only do that because of the high standards they have set.

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