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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x01, Laws Of Nature

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

09/30/2015 2:44 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x01, Laws Of Nature | Laws Of Nature
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After managing to become a completely different show last year, Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD made a comeback with the premiere of its third season tonight on ABC. So, let's find out what "Laws Of Nature" are all about.

It all begins in the city, where a guy with powers named Joey is destroying everything around and is about to get caught by some armed team. Thankfully for him, Skye-now-Daisy arrives just in time with Mack and Hunter to take them down and him away. One of the bad soldiers reports to a woman in a car and Coulson managed to take a photo of them. Back on the plane, Joey is panicking and Daisy tries to comfort him by giving little details about his now inhuman DNA. She then updates Coulson on his status and they talk about more potential inhumans, as well as having to figure out the evil lady's business. At the same time, that lady is in a lab for inhuman autopsies and experimentation (?), and wants to find out who took away her latest trophy as well as everything about them.

The plain lands and Bobbi shows Joey his room, getting him to trust her by mentioning some events of his life, and ultimately implying that he's a good guy and they'll take care of him. Coulson, Hunter and Mack keep looking into the mysterious woman and who she's working for since it's not HYDRA and we get to see there's something new between Hunter and Bobbi once he's asked to go check the gun they got from the scene with her and refuses. Daisy and Mack pay Joey a visit and explain how some alien DNA is now in the atmosphere and he's turned into an inhuman. Things get bad when he's told they'll keep him there until he can control his powers and is stable to go out, and even worse when he finds out he'll never be able to have his old life back. They put on the news for him to see what the world thinks of his powers, but he still wants to go and forces Daisy to use her powers on him.

Bobbi updates Coulson on lab issues and they mention Simmons' disappearance, as well as Fitz's coming and goings, with the former further covering for him. She then calls him to talk him into returning, but he has "one last thing" to do. It turns out he's in Marocco looking for some guy named Youssef. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Mack check out the gun they got from the scene and talk about their troubled friend a little bit. Fitz gets to see the guy he wants and offers him a bunch of splinter-bombs in return for a note that goes with the monolith that'll give him answers about Simmons. Of course they're about to kill him once they have what they want, but he fools them with a light-bomb, managing to grab the scroll he wants and make it out alive. In the meantime, Daisy tells the team Joey needs psychological help and she'll be talking to Lincoln, who's apparently let out to live his life. 

The team finally has some info on the mysterious femme fatale, so Coulson and Hunter try to get her during the only time she's supposed to be alone on a train full of strangers. However, she's set them up and gets them captured instead. She - Rosalind - is obviously well-trained and knows a lot, even about Coulson's resurrection, and wants to know where they're hiding inhumans. Back in the city, Daisy and Mack pay Lincoln a visit at the hospital he's working for, but he's really not willing to help them. Rosalind finds out SHIELD's not the ones killing inhumans and claims it's not her team either, so they've got a common enemy. Just when things are about to get wild between Lincoln and the two agents, a monstrous creature appears and attacks them, but they force it to escape through a hole in the wall - It's Lash!

On the train, both Coulson and Rosalind's phones start ringing simultaneously and he knows what it's about. As she goes away to speak privately, he and Hunter manage to take advantage of it and make their sweet escape. Over at the hospital, Lincoln and Daisy hit Lash hard with their powers, but he's far from easy to take down, so Quake sends him on a lower level of the building by making the floor collapse. The police arrives and even though they both want to help Lincoln, he runs away. Back at SHIELD, Hunter finally chants with Bobbi and they talk about getting married again. He means business about going after Ward, but she wants him to wait for her to get better so they can do it together.

The President is making an announcement about the events, as Mack describes Lash, Rosalind arrives at the hospital and recognizes Lincoln from a photo, Coulson checks for terragenesis rates, and Daisy offers Joey some more comfort. When Fitz arrives back, Coulson tries to put some sense into him about not accepting the loss of Simmons - they've even checked if she became tiny (hey there, Ant-Man reference). However, he thinks he's got the answer in the scroll, which ends up being death. Coulson claims he's feeling the same way about May, but they need to have their head straight. Once the chief is gone though, Fitz runs to the monolith, gets close and shouts at it, expecting to be sucked in. Before it's all over, we get to see Simmons trapped in some sort of desert, running away from something and covering her face with some mud to protect herself, while some planets are seen in the sky. Wait, what?!

Agents Of SHIELD are obviously back and in great shape, plus they still have a whole lot of questions to answer. Make sure to catch up with "Laws Of Nature" and come back next week for the second episode of the season.


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