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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x04, Devils You Know

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/22/2015 4:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x04, Devils You Know | Devils You Know
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Agents Of SHIELD are back again and ready to fight "Devils You Know" this week.

It all kicks off with a couple cooking dinner and one of them flying, with an inhuman, multiplying Alisha, visiting to tell them the terrigen is out. Lash comes in killing the two of them and taking Alisha’s double out. The original is with Coulson, who sends Mack and Daisy in to only find bodies, but Alisha comes back to say he’s there to kill them. Coulson, Bobbi and Fitz look over the field as Daisy and Mack are after Lash, with Bobbi finding some hair that could be Lash’s and realising Simmons didn’t open up to Fitz. Daisy and Mack find the ATCU but Coulson’s with them and they take things from there. Rosalind implies SHIELD’s been using Daisy’s contacts. Ward and Kebo talk about destroying SHIELD with some newly received weapons.

Hunter fills May up and she thinks getting to Ward is too risky and they agree to talk when he gets more information. Andrew’s looking at a troubled Alisha and Bobbi says the sample implies Lash in inhuman and Coulson urges Daisy to report to the ATCU. Andrew talks with Simmons and she insists she’s fine and unwilling to talk about it, but believes it’s not over and he confronts Coulson about taking it easy with her and dealing with inhumans. May walks in and tells Coulson everything about Hunter, but he wants her back and is willing to let Andrew go, but she’s not all for it. Fitz and Bobbi are working on Lash’s DNA, before the former finds some of Simmons’ notes and she angrily takes them away. Bobbi says he needs to hear what she’s hiding from her.

Andrew catches May, but she thinks he left her for revenge and leaves. Daisy reports to Coulson about tracing an inhuman Dwight Frye and mentions some conspiracy theory he doesn’t like, so she brings up his attractionon to Rosalind. They find the guy and he’s some kind of allergic to Daisy and other inhumans. He tells Coulson and Rosalind he’s helping Lash track inhumans as he’s doing the right thing, and the ATCU take him away, accompanied by Daisy and Mack. Simmons finds Bobbi and apologizes for her behavior, with the two chatting about telling Fitz about going back through the portal and a feeling of Hunter being in troulble. Hunter is taken on a mission by Kebo, only to be put in the back of a car without his cell phone.

While transferring Frye, Lash attacks and puts everyone down, taking his partner out and killing him. Before he’s gone, Daisy sees him transforming into a regulat human being. She’s by Mack’s side at the hospital and tells him what she saw, before Rosalind interrupts them, looking for Coulson. He’s leaving with a team to deal with HYDRA and Bobbi finds out she wasn’t informed. Hunter is taken to HYDRA’s base and reveals himself to Ward and they’re circling him, but May is thankfully there to assist. Coulson will be there soon, but Ward shows May a live stream of his men targeting Andrew. Hunter goes in anyway and before Ward runs away, he shoots him on the back. May sends Coulson after Andrew, but they’re too late. It all ends with Simmonds ready to come clean to Fitz, asking his help to rebuild the portal.

So, what did you think of "Devils You Know"? If you want more answers, make sure to tune in on ABC next week for another intense episode of Agents Of SHIELD.


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