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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x05, 4,722 Hours

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/29/2015 5:00 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x05, 4,722 Hours | 4,722 Hours
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With all the inhumans and HYDRA keeping Agents Of SHIELD busy lately, it’s time for a different kind of episode. Let’s find out what went down on "4,722 Hours". It all begins with a flashback of Fitz and Simmons making dinner plans, before she’s sucked by the monolith and thrown to the mysterious planet. At first, she decides to wait for the portal to open again, but soon builds an arrow for the others to know where she’s headed, as she’ll be looking for food and water. She manages to find both just like our ancestors and it’s only a month later that she’s captured by some other kind of human being. After being his prisoner for a while, she manages to escape, but while running she hurts herself. He’s after her and takes her back, claiming they need to hurry as “it” smells blood. Simmons thinks it’s just a sandstorm, but he claims it’s death and that the whole planet is evil, with different moods each time. The guy is named Will and helps Simmons with her hurt leg, before revealing he only kept her captive to see if she’s real. She realizes he is an astronaut, as she finds some NASA stuff, and he explains that he’s been there since 2001. She sees a map of the area with a No Fly Zone where “only bad things happen” and an underground light that’s supposed to keep the planet warm since there’s no sun. He sits down and explains how NASA sent him along with three scientists to look after them, but “it” drove them mad and they’re all dead now. She says there has to be a logical explanation and he thinks she’s implying that he went mad and killed them all. They have dinner and talk things out, before she’s headed to bed all nostalgic. Simmons is mad that she can’t find a way out and insists on going to the No Fly Zone. She goes out, collects some food and manages to find some more precious objects, while also realizing that the stars are the answer. The sandstorm quickly finds its way there though and she notices some kind of person in it, so she covers her face with a bit of mud and runs back to their lair. He’s been there before and knows its some sort of graveyard, but Simmons intends to get him back home with her, as she’s now able to find where the portal will be. Before their machinery dies, they find one single location of the portal somewhere at the NFZ. They decide to go but the portal might not stay open long enough, so they’ll be dropping letters in a bottle for Fitz to get them back if that happens. They arrive right next to the portal’s location, but the planet has changed so they can’t reach it. Will tries to send the bottle through, but the portal closes seconds before it gets there. With all hope lost for Simmons, Will says he used to think the same way before she got there. The two kiss and later on, things seem better as they prepare to watch the one glimpse of sun they’ll be getting for 18 years. Fitz’s flare interrupts and they run to it, but the sandstorm tries to fool Jemma. Will tells her to run and stays behind, and a gunshot is heard right before Fitz’s voice, for her to go home. Real time check, as Simmons ends telling her friend the whole story and thinks he’s mad, but he’s all ready to help get him back. It all ends with a glimpse of Will standing tall under the sun and tossing the gun away, probably meaning that he killed “it”. And that’s all for now folks! "4,722 Hours" is definitely not the casual Agents Of SHIELD episode, but it did answer a lot of our questions. If anything, we’ll definitely be tuning in next week to see how they try to rescue the long-lost astronaut.


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