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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x06, Among Us Hide...

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/11/2015 4:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x06, Among Us Hide... | Among Us Hide
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After last week’s totally different, Simmons-centric episode, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD strike back this week with hidden enemies to face in "Among Us Hide...". As May finds out Andrew is alive, he explains he was followed by a student of his and two other guys, with Coulson claiming they were HYDRA and he had back-up, so that’s why he got cover but the combination of gas and a lighter caused an explosion. May confronts Hunter about risking Andrew’s life and Coulson takes him off the case, putting May on it. Ward gives Kebo a hard time for letting a SHIELD agent in and then sends him after Von Strucker. Daisy believes that Lash is in the ATCU as a human being and she’s working on his identity, as Coulson will be touring the ATCU later. He asks her to keep it a secret from Rosalind and she’s worried about his relationship with her and May. May confronts Bobbi ‘cause Hunter did everything for her, but it turns out she was only testing if she’s field-ready and welcomes her back on board. The two are going after Ward and Hunter isn’t too happy about it, but there’s not much he can do. May informs that Andrew’s student is Werner Von Strucker and got away. He’s now with one of his father’s HYDRA pals and is bashing Ward, with the former promising to fix things. Coulson’s tour is about to begin when Rosalind gets an emergency tour and tries to send him away, but he insists on staying so they’re taken to her place. Hunter’s creating fake IDs for May and Bobbi, when Hunter comes in to give him a lecture about helping Simmons’ ex, only to be asked to go away. Daisy talks about Lash with Andrew and reveals what she knows, when Mack takes her away to reveal that he thinks Banks could be Lash and get her to join him on a mission, with Hunter joining them. Over at Von Strucker’s location, Bobbi and May trigger an alarm while getting to his box at a bank and the former initially tries to mess with the guards, before one reaches for his gun and they take them all out.  Mack and Daisy are after Banks and express some of their bitterness towards Andrew while at it. There’s been a break-in at Rosalind’s house and Coulson takes a look around, noticing that the furniture is brand-new and there’s a signed baseball bat. Daisy and Mack are watching Banks, when Hunter hits him with an icer and gets a sample to test for inhuman DNA. As Simmons tries to comfort Andrew, Daisy sends Banks’ samples over and he gets a text for a target at Endo Tech, so they go there. Coulson suggests that Rosalind staged the break-in to delay the facility tour and she eventually agrees to take him there. As Fitz takes care of the content of Von Strucker’s box, May confronts Bobbi about avoiding to fight and tells her to find strength in what happened with Ward. Kebo brings a phone call to Ward and it’s Malick, the old HYDRA boss’ pal, who offers to make piece and save the game by sacrificing the young Von Strucker. Mack and Daisy prepare to get inside Endo Tech and watch with a Dwarf, when Simmons calls to reveal that Banks is no inhuman. Simmons asks Fitz about the portal and he says not a single one of his tests was successful, but they’ll keep trying. A container arrives at Endo Tech and Daisy catches Coulson and Rosalind being there, which pisses her off. Rosalind reveals they’ve been keeping inhumans asleep in order to find a cure, as she’d want people to have done the same for her husband who died from cancer. Kebo is torturing Von Strucker, when May and Bobbi come in. He kills the kid and leaves his guys with May, while Bobbi follows him and is almost drowned in a pool, but manages to crisp him with electricity. Before Von Stucker is out, he tells May that he saw Andrew transform into “that thing” and sparking the fire, asking if she knows what he is. Lincoln calls Daisy to say he’s safe and they’ll talk soon, but they’re done soon enough for the call not to be traced. Andrew notices and asks about him, saying he’d be safer with SHIELD. As it turns out, "Among Us Hide..." the inhumans! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for a brand-new episode of Agents Of SHIELD.


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