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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x07, Chaos Theory

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/12/2015 8:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x07, Chaos Theory | Chaos Theory
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Now that we are well aware of who’s hiding behind Lash, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD hit us with a "Chaos Theory" this week. While on vacation, May tells Andrew she considers leaving SHIELD so things can work out between them, but he thinks they’re grown enough to pull it off. Once they’re back, Andrew looks into some Afterlife stuff when dust comes out of a book and he becomes a Terrigen statue. In the present, Coulson will be talking with POTUS as ATCU about the future of powered people and Andrew will look over Joey as an example of a successful case. He meets Simmons and she regrets telling Fitz all about her days on the mysterious planet, but he thinks she did the right thing, so she gives Fitz her phone and he’ll try to fix it. May remembers Von Strucker’s last words on her way back and has told Bobbi he didn’t say anything, before the latter mentions they’re looking for Lash. Once they land, she looks for details on Lash and Andrew and Daisy lets her know that her ex is at another facility to check on Joey.  Joey proves he has total control of his powers and Andrew thinks of killing him as Lash, but doesn’t. Hunter and Bobbi talk about Ward and she thinks they should let go, in fear of losing themselves while chasing revenge. The ATCU get on SHIELD’s facility and Coulson tells Daisy to show them around. Fitz sees photos from Simmons’ phones and gets angry at one with Will, but moves on to a video of hers explaining the moons and lack of sun. Andrew is still with Joey, when May comes in and asks for some alone time. Licoln secretly meets with Mack and says he’s found his pals dead and believes Lash is in SHIELD, but he needs help to prove it. Rosalind questions SHIELD’s way of treating inhumans and Daisy gets defensive, so they argue a bit. May wants answers from Andrew and won’t be leaving without getting any, so he hits her with an icer. Fitz is watching another video of Simmons talking to him about their life.  May is chained and Andrew explained he survived the Terrigen that got out of a book full of inhumans and was protective when he left her, but now needs her help. Coulson is informed the two are missing and Rosalind helps him with his tie, before Daisy report another Quinjet is landing. Lincoln arrives and reveals Andrew has Jiaying’s book of inhumans and is tracking them as Lash, continuing that he will eventually become Lash permanently. Andrew tells May he has to kill inhumans just like she killed the girl in Bahrain and they kiss, before Coulson walks in and tries to talk some sense into him, while Daisy and Mack prepare to contain him and the ATCU are ready to help. Lincoln doesn’t play nice and confronts Andrew, and even though Coulson mentions a cure, Lash comes out claiming to be the cure and Lincoln fights him. Lash is about to kill him, when Mack shoots him and ends up on the ground. Coulson tries to talk to him but the ATCU guys start shooting and he gets them down easily, throwing Rosalind from above.  Daisy uses her powers in a new way and manages to save her. Lincoln lures Lash close to the containment room and May’s words turn him back to Andrew, before she shoots him inside and he turns back to Lash. Coulson asks how she knew it wouldn’t kill him, but she didn’t. Fitz notices there’s a similar symbol at the monolith castle and on Will’s suit. Lincoln agrees to stay for a while and Daisy encourages May to let the ATCU put Andrew in a coma. Rosalind offers to buy Coulson a drink. Fitz tells Simmons he might have found something and they share a sweet moment of her saying she meant what she said about them in the video. May remembers Andrew telling her they both deserve this kind of happiness. Ward talks with Malick and says he plans on taking Coulson out to ruin SHIELD, before the latter gets a call from Rosalind, aplogizing for not bringing “him” in earlier and then making breakfast plans with Coulson. And that’s it for this week folks! If you enjoyed "Chaos Theory", make sure you don’t miss next week’s follow-up episode of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD.


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