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Recaps / Comics PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x08, Many Heads, One Tale

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/19/2015 3:15 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x08, Many Heads, One Tale | Many Heads, One Tale
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After putting Lash down last week, Agents Of SHIELD further deal with inhumans and the ATCU this week, but HYDRA has "Many Heads, One Tale". Gideon’s having dinner with Ward and knows he’s looking for Von Strucker’s vault, so he claims he doesn’t have it and leaves. Despite sending a few men to kill him, Ward puts them all down and asks questions. Andrew’s taken to the ATCU and Mack watches Rosalind comfort Coulson, while Fitz has gathered every book on symbolism to help Simmons. Daisy and Lincoln talk about their kiss and she says he’ll only be staying as long as he’s working with Coulson. Mack confronts Coulson, who says they’ll be going behind Rosalind’s back when she’s given the SHIELD tour. He tells the team and splits them to look all over the ATCU. Ward eventually breaks a man and finds out the vault he’s after is in Germany. Rosalind arrives at SHIELD and her phone is checked, only to get information. Daisy tracks Andrew’s cage to find where they got him, so the ATCU warn FBI and Mack picks up to say they’re sending agents. The FBI agents are Bobbi and Hunter, guided by Daisy. Rosalind is warned about the breach and figures Coulson is behind it, so she commands to let the FBI fix it. Ward blows a plane so he can get in the German location he wants, while Simmons looks into the symbol to find it’s been used in a blood ritual and Fitz finds it’s ancient yet devil-ish, but she’s furious that he’s helping her. Rosalind’s SHIELD tour is still going, while Hunter gains access in the ATCU, so May goes in with Lincoln and Bobbi is after the containment room. Simmons finds Fitz and confronts him for being so nice with her looking for Will, and they eventually kiss. He says they’re cursed and runs, but a book falls on the ground and Simmons sees the symbol they’re after. Daisy’s hacked the ATCU for good and opens doors for Bobbi, while Gideon enters Andrew’s actual containment room and talks to him about letting him be himself unlike SHIELD. Bobbi not only doesn’t find Andrew, but not any other inhuman either - only some fish-oil pills. Hunter keeps the ATCU busy and notices Banks is there, when Daisy figures out they’re using the pills to create more inhumans. Coulson takes Rosalind to a containment room and won’t let her go unless she proves she’s not HYDRA, revealing people are looking into the ATCU’s facilities and she says Andrew’s not kept there. Lincoln and May both think they owe each other an apology for the Lash situation, when Daisy tells them they need to take out Bobbi and Hunter. Bobbi is in trouble and asks Hunter to escape Banks and bring her briefcase. Coulson says he was suspicious of Rosalind because she knew about TAHITI and she said she didn’t know anyone from SHIELD, so she must have figured it out through HYDRA. She says Malick’s all over the ATCU’s containment area and gave her the TAHITI information.  Hunter gets the briefcase to Bobbi but she’s already won the fight and the two manage to put down an inhuman with a couple of regular guards as well. Rosalind calls Banks and he helps the couple make it out of the building, to be picked up by May and Lincoln. Ward finds Malick in the vault and the latter speaks of HYDRA’s history, showing a tiny monolith part that takes to another world. Rosalind says she met him during a NASA mission and Simmons lays down all the information she and Fitz have found. Malick tells Ward the first inhuman born was meant to rule and was sent through the portal to another world, so HYDRA’s always wanted to bring him back and is now creating inhumans for him to rule over. He’ll help Ward revenge SHIELD, but wants to know how they brought someone back from the other planet. Ward pays Andrew a visit and adds some gas to see how Lash is turned on. And finally some of the most important dots have been connected thanks to "Many Heads, One Tale"! Agents Of SHIELD will be coming back for more next week on ABC. 


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