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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x09, Closure

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/03/2015 6:18 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x09, Closure | Closure
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With a whole lot of dots finally being connected, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD are back in action this week and looking for "Closure". Coulson and Rosalind are having burgers for dinner and discuss how HYDRA has been behind the ATCU, so she wants to stay undercover, when a bullet gets straight to her neck and Ward’s the one who pulled the trigger. He then call Coulson to boast about his revenge and how he’s send people to kill him, with an extraction message sent. The SHIELD boss is outnumbered but manages to outsmart them to get out and be extracted by Mack. At the base, everyone’s worried but let him go, as he’s told Mack to prepare the interrogation room and he’s obviously devastated. He’s out for Ward and wants everyone to tell him what they remember of him with details, interrogating everyone. Mack brings Mack to meet the science team, while Daisy shares that she has a better understanding of Ward, as he kills because of feeling too much. Banks reveals the project Distant Star wasn’t NASA-funded, but Malick was behind it. Ward reports to Malick and gets judged for almost killing Coulson. Coulson sticks Hunter on the wall for not killing Ward, but comes to his senses and asks him and Bobbi to join him in going after the bastard. He says some lines need to be crossed and leaves Mack as running director of SHIELD, without revealing too much. Fitz and Simmons are taken to the Distant Star location, when Banks is made to kill the guards and shoot himself and the two are taken by HYDRA. As Hunter and Coulson plan some kind of bank robbery, FitzSimmons are taken to Malick and Ward and hold their act, before they’re split. Daisy wants to send a team to get them back but Mack hesitates and calls Coulson, who’s angry that Ward tricked him by mentioning the portal. At the bank, Coulson knocks someone down at the back room. Ward has Simmons tied but won’t hurt her, leaving that to the inhuman who can move metal objects and trying to get Fitz to talk by hearing her scream.  It turns out the guy Coulson knocked out was kidnapped and is Ward’s brother Thomas and calls Ward to show him being pointed with a gun by Hunter. Once he hungs up, he says they’ll use him as bait and Thomas asks them to put him down for good this time. Ward calls back and his brother lets all of their family issues out on him long enough so they can trace the call, which he notices and gets pissed, taking it out on Simmons to get details while Fitz can hear. They let Thomas go with a promise to look after him, while Mack asks May for Andrew’s weird report on Lincoln. He lets her know about the complex situation, but she believes he has to decide himself and knows what to do. Simmons is brought to the openning of the portal and there’s no chance she’ll help them, but Fitz will so that they will no longer torture her. Mack gets a team ready to save them, with Lincoln and Joey on board with May, Daisy and the rest. As Coulson, Hunter and Bobbi approach HYDRA’s airspace, the latter tells her boss he shouldn’t let his emotions take over, but he thinks he’s been keeping them in control for too long. Ward’s preparing for their arrival, but Malick says they’re not getting anywhere near them and wants him to lead the soldiers on the other planet. Even though he wants his chance for revenge at first, he eventually agrees to get on board. Simmons tries to talk Fitz out of it and the two’s loving confessions are emotional as ever. The portal opens and soldiers start getting through, with a plan to open it again in 12 hours. Coulson’s watching and prepares to get there after seeing Ward jumping. Hunter rushes to follow him but their plane is being shot, so only  Coulson gets to dive straight into the portal before it’s closed. On the other side, HYDRA is looking around when they hear a noise. However, they don’t see Coulson as he rolls down a cliff and gets his head hit on a rock. And that’s for the week! If anything, Agents Of SHIELD definitey didn’t find the "Closure" they were looking for.


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