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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x10, Maveth

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/10/2015 7:09 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x10, Maveth | Maveth
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With Coulson running after Ward and his gang inside the portal, Agents Of SHIELD return to prove there’s nothing but "Maveth" there. Ward’s team is walking around on the weird planet when Fitz tries to take his gun, but ends up threatened with Simmons’ death. Bobbi and Hunter report to Mack with the former thinking they should attack. They see trucks of inhumans being transfered in HYDRA’s castle and May assumes Andrew’s there, so they plan to go in and save both their own and them. Simmons says they’re not estimating the time the portal will remain open and is doing it for Fitz, but Malick says death’s the only thing coming back. Daisy finds a way inside the castle and Mack tells them the plan. Fitz gets into one of Will’s hideouts and finds him there, introducing him to Ward as their guide. Coulson wakes up in bed, next to Rosalind, who insists on him getting up. He wakes up for real and starts exploring the mysterious planet. Ward wants to kill Will but the Distant Star sign stops him. The latter says he injured his leg when Jemma left and Fitz promises to bring him home.  The team gets inside the castle; Bobbi and Hunter go with Mack, while May, Daisy, Lincoln and Joey look for Simmons. The first half get the lights out to get in, which gives Simmons the chance to escape. Fitz tells Will all about Ward’s team and HYDRA and they agree to lose them, leading them through a canion. Simmons finds herself in a room full of captured inhumans and sees Andrew. Despite her initial hesitation, she lets him out to protect her from HYDRA. Coulson finds Fitz’s coat, while Ward asks Will for information and lets him in on the inhuman situation, as they enter the No Fly Zone. Mack tries to work things out, when Bobbi and Hunter start getting HYDRA agents down and he follows. As Ward’s team is waiting for the storm to pass, Will takes down his guard and Fitz’s as well, so they’re gone. A telepathetic inhuman gets a gun to shoot Daisy inside the castle, but Joey jumps in front of them and they melt. Lincoln gets him down and wants to end him, but Daisy gets them to run.  May finds Simmons and she mentions saving Andrew, but that’s not the mission. Ward gets up to see two of his guards shot, before the other two end up shot along with him. It’s Coulson, who keeps him alive to be his guide. The SHIELD team gathers in the portal room and as they plan to wait for their people’s return, they realize May is gone. May finds out a whole lot of inhumans were killed by Lash. Ward tries to talk Coulson out of revenge, but is shot again and told to keep walking. They’re all wondering about the case with inhumans and the creature, who Simmons says seemed like being responsible for the planet’s lack of living things. May comes in saying Lash killed the inhumans, while Malick decides to get them out. Coulson sees Will and Fitz with a scope, checking the timer and telling Ward to hurry up. HYDRA start making their way to the portal room and Mack sends them all out with an order to bomb it all down if they get in, with Daisy staying.  Fitz sees some sort of civilization and asks Will about it, who seems to know too much. With his leg hurt, Fitz opens the trousers to fix it and sees a bone, with the Simmons’ ex revealing he’s the creature and Will died, with the two fighting. With May preparing to burn the castle down, Coulson shoots the creature before it kills Fitz and Ward finds a chance to attack him. The portal opens and the creature starts walking towards it, with Simmons shooting it down. Coulson manages to get Ward down and Fitz burns the creature with a flare shot. As Daisy passes out unable to keep the portal open any longer, Fitz screams for Coulson but he finishes Ward first. As some snake-ish thing gets out of Will’s dead body, May is ordered to burn the castle and so she does. Thankfully, Mack gets them all out in time and the team reunites. As Malick is being taken to the airport, Ward appears in front of the car with Coulson’s hand - it’s the freaking creature! And what a midseason finale that was! We’ll definitely be impatiently waiting for Agents Of SHIELD’s return after "Maveth", but thank God we’ll have Agent Carter in the meantime.


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