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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD: 03x03, A Wanted (Inhu)man

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/17/2015 7:01 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD: 03x03, A Wanted (Inhu)man | A Wanted (Inhu)man
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After bringing Simmons back last week, Agents Of SHIELD strike back and have "A Wanted (Inhu)man to deal with.

Lincoln is running from the ATCU and eventually manages to run away, using his powers. Simmons is having a hard time getting used to Earth again, while the others discuss her current state and Coulson wants to call Andrew so he can look after her mental health. Diasy tells Coulson that Lincoln needs their help and despite Mack’s objection, he agrees to take him in and despite her ignorance, they know how to find him. Daisy calls him to offer help since they’ve put his photo out, but he breaks the phone down and burns a tracer put on him by Mack. Hunter gets drunk with a pal and May gets them to talk business, as they’re send to some contact but they’ll have to fight their way in. Lincoln is all over the news and an army guy on the bus recognises him, but he once again uses his powers and manages to get away. Daisy talks with Coulson about the way things went and the Secret Warriors, while Simmons makes her return to the lab but has yet to cope with Earth’s gravity, so she goes back to her room immediately. Hunter lies to Bobbi about his mission going on slowly, before talking it out with May and revealing he’s bet on her having left Andrew; she’s worried about him fighting and wants to fight instead, while also saying he won’t be winning that bet. A friend of Lincoln’s, John, picks him up and believes him about having done nothing wrong, even agreeing to sell his car to him, all before seeing him being called an alien terrorist on the news. Rosalind gets a call from the White House, which ends up being Coulson and wants to know why she’s making such a fuss without calling him first. She has a location on Lincoln and agrees to meet Coulson. Daisy visits Simmons bringing some daisies, and the latter wants to hear the Terrigen story. John acts all anxious and has called the hotline for Lincoln, but the latter tries to escape and has to use his powers, which gives his friend some sort of heart attack. Lincoln tries to save him with no result, but the ATCU arrives and he calls Daisy for help. Coulson prepares to meet Rosalind, as Mack and she are going to save Lincoln. Bobbi tells Fitz to be patient with Simmons and give her something to anticipate. Coulson meets with Rosalind, telling her the big fuss she’s made isn’t helping anyone. May and Hunter are at some HYDRA fight club and he eventually goes in with another guy, and it seems that he’s getting his ass kicked. Another guy offers May a drink and she refuses, but three others escort her in another room and she puts them down with little to no effort. Hunter is seriously damaged, but gets some metallic knuckles out and beats his opponent to death. Coulson argues with Rosalind over getting hold of Lincoln and sends Daisy to take him, but the ATCU head has a photo of Daisy and knows all about her, so he know wants to do anything to keep it down. Daisy finds Lincoln and he tells her he killed John, but she tries to pick up his spirit and they kiss, with him agreeing to follow her. The ATCU and Mack walk in the room, with the former wanting to take Lincoln and the latter claiming it’s Coulson’s orders. However, he uses his power and runs, with the soldiers wanting to take Daisy instead. She’s pretty cocky about using her powers and escaping, but Mack gets his gun out as well, before Coulson eventually gets Rosalind to order them to leave her alone. Fitz takes Simmons to an empty restaurant with a reservation he’s been keeping for months, and she thanks him for saving her but soon bursts into tears. Daisy gives Coulson a hard time for his orders and he has to explain himself, saying he’ll work with the ATCU so he can keep her safe, but she leaves with some obvious bad blood between them. He picks up his phone and it’s Rosalind, who’s only checking if he gave her the right number. Daisy finds Mack playing video games and thanks him for not spilling the Lincoln-related beans to Coulson, before she joins him. Hunter looks like a blooded mess but he’s taken to meet Kebo. Bobbi’s exercising to get her leg back in shape, and finds Simmons working on monolith remains in the lab. Thinking she’s afraid, Bobbi says the portal won’t open again, but Simmons says it has to ‘cause she needs to go back. Alright, "A Wanted (Inhu)man" pretty much created more questions instead of answering already existing ones. Let’s tune in next week to find out what’s going on!


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