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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Agents Of SHIELD' Are Full Of "Scars" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

05/07/2015 2:37 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Agents Of SHIELD' Are Full Of
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After last week’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron way-paving episode, Agents Of Shield return for even more badass action. Let’s not waste time and find out what they’re up to!

It all begins with a flashback of Koenig meeting with Coulson and taking him to see the new helicarrier, Theta protocol. The present finds Coulson suggesting they form a united SHIELD with him as director and Gonzales as his advisor, with the latter having doubts. Cara is free of brainwashing and Lincoln wakes up worried about SHIELD going after the Afterlife. Raina is using her gift to help her fellow inhumans and shares her vision of a stone with Gordon. That one is Kree and could mean the end of their kind and so Jiaying sends the two after the item. As Cal talks with Jiaying about Raina and how she’s always after something, she and Gordon teleport on SHIELD’s ship and find the object they’re after. They manage to find it after a little struggle, but are forced to go on their way. As the agents talk about the stone, May and Coulson ask Skye about it and find out she’s ignorant. They’re suspicious towards inhumans, but Skye confronts them and mentions May’s Bahrain actions to make a point.

As Bobbi gets the stone guarded, Gonzales reveals they’ve manage to track Gordon’s way back to the Afterlife. Coulson has a peaceful chat with Jiaying in mind and not an attack though. Gordon and Raina meet their boss and Cal, with the latter being angry, but Jiaying suggests they stay united. Coulson tells Skye they need to put the inhumans on their index and she wants to speak with Jiaying first, revealing she’s her mother. Cara’s taken to a cell, while Bobbi talks with Mack about Hunter. Coulson finds the time to speak with May, but she’s mad at herself for not stopping him earlier. As Skye and Lincoln get on their way to Afterlife, Raina tries to manipulate Gordon, claiming she had a vision of SHIELD destroying their home and suggesting she talks to them instead of Jiaying. Once Skye and Lincoln arrive, the former convinces her mother to have a talk with Coulson. However, Gonzales suggests they send him instead and Coulson agrees.

Fitz and Simmons are talking about not killing Ward when they had the chance, while Bobbi and May go on a scanning flight. Mack tells Coulson he wants to quit due to him being the director of SHIELD and the Quinjets are ready to leave for the Afterlife. Cal tells Jiaying he’s not very fond of SHIELD but offers to turn himself in to them as a sign of good faith, while May and Bobbi talk about the idea of life without SHIELD. Meanwhile, Coulson is hearing a lecture from Hunter and Fitz for letting Gonzales go instead of himself. Before the jets land, Weaver hands Gonzales a hidden box. May appears to be pointing a gun at Bobbi and turns out to be Cara. Even though Agent Morse puts her down easily, she’s shot by Ward when she gets off the plane. At the same time, Raina is confronted by Jiaying, Skye and Gordon for manipulation and is kept locked.

Gonzales arrives and meets with Jiaying, who lets Skye hand her father to the other SHIELD agents outside. Skye does have her doubts for letting him in and talks it out with May, but the man ends up having good intentions and hands Jiaying a medallion she always meant to give Skye. She offers a gift in exchange, which was designed by the diviners, but she suddenly throws it down and turns the poor man to stone. She then shoots herself and goes outside bleeding, shouting that SHIELD tried to kill her and declaring war. Now what the hell is going on here?! Ward and Cara tie Bobbi down and it seems that was their plan all along, but they keep her alive, intending to kill her later on.

And that’s it for now! You should make sure not to miss next week’s episode of Agents Of SHIELD to find out how things will roll.

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