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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents Of SHIELD Come Back To Face The 'Aftershocks'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 12:30 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents Of SHIELD Come Back To Face The 'Aftershocks' | Agents of SHIELD
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It's been quite a while since we last heard of Agents Of SHIELD and even though we were more than happy to be introduced to Agent Carter during their absence, they've been missed. With Bobbi keeping her secrets, Trip and Whitehall dead and Skye facing her new, inhuman nature, it'll sure be an interesting comeback. It all kicks off with Skye's mother training an eyeless inhuman to control his specialties, before we see Skye in quarantine, discussing the current events with Coulson. She gets informed about Mack getting out of quarantine clean, Simmons exploring the tunnels before drowning the place and Raina still missing. Even though she believes SHIELD failed because of her, her boss is confident that they still have a couple of cards to play. HYDRA's heads meet and they feel defeated themselves, looking for their new boss before SHIELD goes after them. With Simmons ready to bury the tunnels under water, a deadly creature starts killing scientists and it turns out to be an evolved Raina, with her skin filled with thorns.  Meanwhile, Bobbi tries to cheer up Skye and Mack isn't helping Fitz get through his already tough time, as the latter tries to analyze Skye's blood. As Simmons is called back at H.Q., May gathers everyone for a meeting and they argue over going after HYDRA. That causes Skye to show the first signs of Quake, but she manages to control herself. The mission begins with their prisoner Bakshi promised to the government, but they're interrupted on the way and with both May and Coulson shot, the bad guy is taken away. Hunter proves to be the one helping him escape, but we soon find out it's all part of the plan, so that he leads them to Bloom and the other HYDRA members - everyone's alive and Bobbi's following Hunter. Simmons arrives at H.Q. right when Fitz needs her, but she's freaked out over Raina and the epidemic she could cause, preparing to check Skye as well. Hunter prepares to kill Bakshi once he contacts Bloom, but the latter promises money and he drives him there - all part of the plan. In the meantime, Skye's father turns out to be alive and he meets with the new, thorn-filled Raina. The flower girl is pissed at his daughter for taking "her" gift, but the man is rather pleased with the outcome and leaves her to her misery. Soon as Hunter takes Bakshi to Bloom and waits outside, Bobbi jumps in the car and he gives her a hard time over a secret she and Mack share. Even though he's right, she makes sure to keep him calm by telling they're in a support group. As Coulson and May prepare for their part of the plan, Simmons claims that killing Raina might not be that bad after all. With the flower girl preparing to commit suicide and Bakshi sending people after Hunter, Fitz confronts Skye and shares his thoughts that she caused the attack. Her systems once again go crazy and she lets it out this time around, causing quite a fuss. At the same time, Coulson pays a visit to Trip's family and HYDRA's heads take each other out, in order to be the new boss of the organisation. Hunter and Bobbi take out the armed men sent to kill them and make it inside the building, killing Bloom and taking Bakshi with them again. May almost catches Skye, but she covers up the mess and Fitz jumps in to save the day, saying her blood results compared to her old ones are perfectly normal, taking her out of the quarantine. Even though she knows something's wrong with her, her pal tries to cheer her up by saying she's just different and that's perfectly fine, as long as they keep it a secret for a while. Raina is now almost captured by SHIELD, before  Gordon, the eyeless guy from earlier, teleports and takes her away, promising to show her the way. The gang of SHIELD is now gathered, with Bobbi and Mack secretly discussing about Fury's toolbox being in Coulson's office and preparing for their mission. The others cluelessly joke around and remember their good ol' friend Trip. And that's it for this week folks! There is no denying that Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD has returned as a quite different show, but that doesn't really come as a surprise after the winter finale. I guess we'll only have to wait and see where we're taken from here, so make sure you tune in next week, as we figure out the show's new directions together.

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