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Television PopWrapped | Television

'Agents Of SHIELD' Discover Skye's True Nature In "Who You Really Are"

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/16/2015 4:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Agents Of SHIELD' Discover Skye's True Nature In
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After coming back from a winter hiatus last week, Agents Of SHIELD now come back for another episode. “Who You Really Are” finds Skye officially out of quarantine, but is she able to control her true nature? Let’s find out. It all kicks off in Portugal, where a gang of friends is having fun by the beach. All of a sudden, Lady Sif comes out of the water looking for “Kava”, and not remembering a thing about her true identity. Meanwhile, Skye’s training with May and she’s challenged to stop holding back. Despite Fitz’s suggestion to give her a break, Agent May doesn’t seem willing to let her rest. Hunter and Bobbi are having an intimate talk after sex, and he reveals Coulson asked him to permanently stay with SHIELD. She does have her doubts, but he believes it’s a good thing for the two of them. Soon as the team finds out about the events in Portugal, they make their way there and find Lady Sif. Coulson quickly discovers she’s got amnesia and reminds her of their previous work together. As he offers to help, Skye finds a video of hers fighting with a super-powerful guy who managed to throw her in the sea. That dude is then seen going into a hospital and getting fuel, but not without leaving a nurse with amnesia behind. The agents realise he’s wearing something mechanic that got hit by Sif and go after him, with technologically updated yet more dangerous icers in hand. Back in the location of Lady Sif’s fight, Hunter manages to find a clue of a liquid that came out of the mysterious guy’s chest. Coulson finds out he got helium and valves from a seller’s balloons, before Simmons calls to inform them that the liquid from his body was not blood, but liquid nitrogen. He’s probably carrying it on him and his storage got damaged by Sif’s hit, so he’s looking to repair it. At the same time, Skye and Bobbi are asking questions at the local hospital, finding out the nurse with amnesia and letting the team know that their guy has to be there. The two of them find him in action and he manages to put Bobbi down, but when Skye grabs her gun, she causes an earthquake and unwillingly helps him escape. However, they do realise that the “Kava” Sif has been looking for actually means keys. It turns out the guy SHIELD is looking for has been using the nitrogen to stay pink, as he’s blue in his true, Kree nature. Back at their base, Skye informs Fitz about the earthquake she caused and wants to tell Coulson about it, but he insists that she shouldn’t. Meanwhile, Bobbi talks to Mack about Hunter’s permanent involvement with SHIELD and wants her boyfriend in on their secret. However, her pal is dead serious about not telling him a thing, as it could not only ruin their relationship, but also make him turn on them. During their little chat, we find out their work has nothing to do with HYDRA. Eventually, Mack suggests that she makes Hunter walk away, before they unleash what they’ve been working on. As the team is looking for those keys, they find out that a city called Chaves in Portugal actually means keys, and is where the obelisk was originally found. As they prepare to go there, Skye asks to stay behind in fear of her powers. They come back with their guy from Kree, who claims that he means no harm and wants his weapon to prove it. Back to base and as Hunter realises something is wrong with Bobbi yet again, the mysterious dude brings Sif’s memory back as a sign of good faith. According to him, his people turned humans into weapons for their own war and it has all sparkled again, so he came down to find the diviners and those who transformed. Even though the diviners are meant to be in a crate they’ve got, it turns out to be empty - does HYDRA have them? Fitz further manages to hide Skye’s true identity from Simmons but when her presence during Raina’s transformation is revealed, she causes an earthquake and eventually admits it’s coming from her. Even though both the Kree guy and Lady Sif want to take her down, her fellow agents help her make it out. Bobbi manages to get the guy from Kree down and with amnesia this time around, but Lady Sif finds May and Skye in the cell they were hiding. As the latter is unable to control her feelings, she shoots herself with a sedative gun to save the situation. Coulson suggests that Skye will learn to control her nature and get better if she stays with them, and so Lady Sif takes the Kree guy home and herself back to Asgard. She doesn’t leave without warning that they might not be able to deal with those earthquakes though and May kind of agrees. In the meantime, the other agents are arguing with Fitz about Skye being a threat and she overhears, which causes her to lock herself up in a cell. It all ends up with Hunter confronting Mack about his and Bobbi’s secret, threatening to tell Coulson about it. However, he doesn’t get the answers he wants but ends up passing out on the ground. And another action-packed episode of Agents Of SHIELD is done. Make sure you catch up with it in case you haven’t already and don’t miss the coming one next week.

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