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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Agents Of SHIELD' Discover 'The Frenemy Of My Enemy' This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/23/2015 11:12 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Agents Of SHIELD' Discover 'The Frenemy Of My Enemy' This Week | Agents Of SHIELD
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After last week’s Melinda-centric episode, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD return this week and bring back the action for good. Let’s see what we got.

It all begins with Fitz running away from the guys following him, being picked up by Coulson and Hunter, only to find out the former’s plans of teaming up with Ward. At the same time, Hydra’s Dr. List is seen examining Ethan’s body for quantum. Jiaying and Cal talk about dinner with Skye and make future plans, with the former promising to send Gordon bring some of the latter’s things. Skye knows the truth though and Lincoln soon talks with her about Cal being sent away for good. Bobbi and Mack are training, while discussing about being too focused on Coulson that they’ve forgot about Hydra. With new materials coming in to open the toolbox, Simmons tells May everything about giving the real one to Fitz. Meanwhile in Mexico, Coulson manages to get Agent 33, so he can get Ward to come in.

Coulson asks Ward to get him inside Hydra and after List, in exchange for a clean slate and memory, only he can’t really walk out of it. May tells Bobbi about the replaced toolbox, only says it was Fitz’s plan, and the two ask Simmons to get inside Deathlok’s system, so as to track Coulson. Fitz doesn’t seem happy about working with Ward, but Hunter manages to make his second thoughts go away. As Jiaying and Gordon talk about Raina’s potential gift, Skye enters and tries to talk her out of sending Cal away, but her mother insists that she has to do so. With no trust between Coulson and Ward, Bakshi ends up joining this team-up, willing to help. Over at Afterlife, Skye pays Cal a chat, the former asks to join her father in his little trip. She then tells Jiaying about her plan and despite her negativity, Skye wants to help her dad cope with the idea of his leaving.

While on the jet, Ward manages to get Fitz angry and he expresses his distrust towards Bakshi. However, the latter’s not entering Hydra alone, as Deathlok will be with him. Simmons confronts May over blaming Fitz for her actions and expresses her support of Coulson, but Melinda is eager to get the truth out. Gordon takes Cal and Skye out and the lady gets to see the place form the eyes of her father, with some stories about the past with her mother being told. In the meantime, Bakshi and Deathlok are on List’s plane and the latter is soon offered as a gift, which causes panic between Coulson, Ward and the others. However, they get things rolling and Deathlong plays along, as he’s the only way to get to Strucker. The plane they’re on soon takes off though, but not without a companion following.

When Cal goes in a store to buy ice-cream, Skye calls May from a cell-phone she stole, asking for Coulson and to be picked up. It turns out that Lincoln has been watching their every move though. Gordon tells Jiaying that Lincoln hasn’t ringed yet, but he can’t find Ethan either and his boss wonders who could be after him. On List’s plane, they’re making a stop before visiting Strucker in Europe, as they’ve been tracking Gordon in order to get hold of Skye. At the same time, Cal shows Skye his old office and she realises he’s stuck to the past, telling him to move on. Lincoln appears as he watches after Skye and Cal realises he’s only being left out, attacking him. Hydra soon interrupts though and he offers to stop them, as long as Skye gets out.

Coulson’s gang jumps in and they try to get Skye as well, but Simmons’ hack gets to Deathlok and they find out about Ward’s involvement. Hunter gets shot and Bakshi sells them out, putting Deathlok and Lincoln down, but Skye eventually meets with Coulson and Ward. Right before they get together, Gordon appears and takes her away, with Cal jumping in and joining them. As Ward starts to show signs of loyalty, Bobbi and Mack get on location pretty late and find out Coulson is still there, asking to be taken to their leader. 

What the hell is the former director of SHIELD thinking and what’s next for him? Make sure you tune in next week to find out what’s going on with Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD.

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