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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Agents Of SHIELD' Explore The 'Afterlife' On This Week's Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/09/2015 8:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Agents Of SHIELD' Explore The 'Afterlife' On This Week's Episode | Agents Of SHIELD
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Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD don’t keep us waiting and return with another episode this week to explore the “Afterlife”. With the real SHIELD taking over the one we’re familiar with, Coulson gone and Skye with Gordon, let’s see what we got this time around. The action kicks off with Coulson looking to buy a car, before Hunter arrives with a stolen vehicle and they’re on their way. Skye wakes up to find she’s tied on a table, with Gordon and her transitioner, Lincoln, explaining they’re helping her body adjust to change, but all she wants to do is go help her pals. Gonzales confronts Bobbi over not taking extreme measures with Skye, while he thinks Coulson knows how dangerous she is and lets her be. When the two try to approach Fitz and Simmons to get the content of the toolbox, the two scientists are not really warm towards them and the former ends up packing his things. Coulson and Hunter visit Skye’s safe house and find out what went down, while the girl herself is done healing, but finds out no one in the place she is know exactly where they are, so they just call it “afterlife”. Skye further chats with Lincoln and finds out that most of the others haven’t yet turned, especially in the way that she did. Gonzales tries to question a silent May, who only speaks in defense of Coulson, with Mack and Bobbi discussing the events. The real SHIELD’s head hints at putting down Skye and Coulson, but May claims Phil can’t be put down and will find him instead. Coulson questions himself in a chat with Hunter and claims there are no good options left, with the agent suggesting the bad ones. Bobbi informs Simmons that Fitz is ready to go and she gets her to believe things will get back to normal once the toolbox is open, so she reveals the solution is a lab one. At the same time, Lincoln shows Skye her room and reveals that she’s no longer human and can’t ger rid of her powers. Hunter wakes up by a loud noise and Coulson reveals he invited the other SHIELD, with a plan to steal their quinjet. Gonzales tells Bobbi what’s going on at the cabin and she says Coulson is too smart to accidentally call them. Lincoln further shows Skye around and challenges her to make use of her powers, by showing off his. Mack finds Fitz packing his things and tries to get him to stay, but the scientist is more concerned about Simmons helping and seems to have a clue of what she’s up to. With the other SHIELD entering the cabin, Coulson and Hunter manage to trick them with holograms of themselves and get them iced. Over at the afterlife, Gordon tells Skye the Elders will most likely not give permission to tell her friends she’s safe, while he doesn’t give information about Raina or her father either. Gordon pays a visit to Skye’s father and Cal has obviously gone mad over his daughter, but apparently his actions have sealed his fate and hers as well. Coulson and Hunter try to get to the quinjet dressed as soldiers, but they end up surrounded. Fitz confronts Simmons over helping the other SHIELD with the toolbox and claims she wants him gone, something she doesn’t deny. Just when all hope is gone for Coulson and Hunter, Deathlok appears as back-up and saves them, getting a jet on the ground and getting them in the air with another. Gonzales is aware of the situation and tells Bobbi to bring the bus, so he can use May as his last bargaining chip. Meanwhile, Skye finds out Raina is around and makes use of her powers to clear the way and find her. The two argue and Skye shakes the hell out of her, before her mother Jiaying shows up to make it stop. Skye wants to go away if Raina is to stay, but Jiaying says they’re not so different and asks her daughter to stay, meaning to be her guide. Gordon then takes her mother to Cal and she shares her happiness over their daughter, but refuses to let him see her. As Fitz is seen leaving the HQ, Gonzales gives May a gun and asks her to kill him if she thinks he’s a traitor, offering her a place on their board instead to defend both Coulson and SHIELD. While in the air, Coulson reveals Deathlok has been after Doctor List and even though they think he knows stuff, Grant Ward is who they need to get to Skye. Finally, Simmons is seen explaining that she can’t open the toolbox, while Fitz is heading to the airport with the actual toolbox in hand - having left a replica behind! And that’s all for now folks! Make sure you tune in next week for another episode of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD.

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