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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Agents Of SHIELD' Face New Villains In 'One Of Us'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/19/2015 10:29 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Agents Of SHIELD' Face New Villains In 'One Of Us' | Agents Of SHIELD
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It’s true that Tuesday nights wouldn’t probably be the same without new episodes of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD. The fan-favorite television show came back again this week with “One Of Us”, picking up from Skye’s revealing outbreak that took place last week. So let’s we got! It all starts with Cal Zabo getting a young lady, Carla Fey Gideon, to join his all-new, anti-SHIELD team of gifted, yet not-so-powerful misfits. Meanwhile at the base, Skye is being closely examined and currently added to the index of gifted people, but she’s starting to gain control over her powers and believes that will get her back in action soon. Therapy is required for her though and who could possibly be better than May’s ex-husband Andrew to deal with her? Simmons is having a hard time with adding Skye to the index decently, as she can’t understand her newly altered system. She’s sharing a few thoughts with Bobbi, before Fitz comes in and the ice between the two former science pals becomes clear as day. Bobbi is quick to exit the room and have a private phone call with Mack, who’s holding Hunter prisoner so that he doesn’t expose them. May pays a visit to her ex-husband and the two catch up a little bit, while she also manages to get him on board for SHIELD, despite the hard time he tried to give her. As they get back to the base, Coulson is hit by the news of a break-in at one of SHIELD’s safe facilities for the gifted ones - courtesy Cal and his gang of course. Bobbi is preparing for some field work, the director asks about Hunter’s absence and she manages to cover up for what’s really going on with him. May’s ex-husband is informed about Skye by Simmons, before taken to actually see the hesitant agent. Despite her fears, she’s triggered by the idea of him once being married to May and talking about their wedding eventually gets her to confide in him. Coulson and Bobbi find out that Cal is responsible for the break-in the moment they arrive at the scene and rush to the cells of the gifted ones. The lady does get the one that attacks her down, but apparently Angar the Screamer is now with Skye’s father, who’s left a “fight on” note behind. Everything seems peaceful at the plane, with May looking more chilled-out than ever during a chat with her ex, while Fitz and Simmons get close again by enjoying the former couple’s intimacy. All of a sudden though, the peace is interrupted by some major shaking caused by Skye, who’s just causing another earthquake while sleeping and makes it stop once they wake her up. Bobbi and Coulson find out which gifted ones are on Cal’s team, realising that they’re not really that much of a threat. At the same time, the villains are having dinner and their leader gets them to focus on going after SHIELD, leaving doubts to the side. As Bobbi further lies to her boss about breaking up with Hunter and having Mack looking for him, Coulson realises the message left by Cal is basically sending them at Wisconsin and the agents get ready for action. In the meantime, Skye is further talking with her therapist and shares that she dreamed of pointing at her own self with a rifle. The next thing we know the room starts shaking, but it’s not her - it’s just May and her great timing taking off to Wisconsin. As far as the villains are concerned, Angar the Screamer is set free from his chains and screams for the very first time in a while, killing every human being (and bird) in the area. Meanwhile, Mack finds Hunter trying to escape and lets him now that there’s no intention of killing him, as well as that he will soon find out about his team-up with Bobbi. Over at the plane, Skye insists on getting back to the field and facing her father, despite May and Dr. Garner’s complaints. Coulson is walking straight into Cal’s trap and he’s left to face all of the index misfits unarmed. Thankfully, May is quick to appear, holding Skye and pointing a gun at her. As Angar is ready to unleash his power with a mic in hand, Gordon (remember the eyeless guy?) appears and takes Cal away. The agents of SHIELD get to deal with the rest of the misfits and do pretty well, but the way they treat her kind causes Skye to panic and shake the ground a bit. She gets it together and controls the earthquake in no time, but the feeling eventually causes her to pass out. The moment she wakes up, Simmons informs her that she hasn’t been controlling her powers, as they were taking place and causing damage inside her own body. Similar incidents should be avoided in the near future though, as Skye now has her very own accessories to keep the vibrations down. It all comes to an end with Simmons explaining the two different types of gifted people to Coulson, claiming that while Skye and Raina had it in them, others had to get their powers created in labs. As Dr. Garner exits the plane, he tells May that Skye should leave SHIElD and denies to consult for them, making clear that he’s moved on with his life and is not really supportive of the team’s tactics. Mack decided to let Hunter find out about what he and Bobbi have been hiding, revealing that they’re working for the official SHIELD. In the very last moments, Gordon comes to confront Cal, making perfectly clear that he’s not one of the gifted kind but more of a lab rat instead, sharing that he was taken due to making too much noise. Now what an episode that was! Sure the villains failed to make things too difficult, but both action and humor were perfectly on point. Make sure you tune in next week for another great episode of Agents Of SHIELD.

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