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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Agents Of SHIELD' Look For 'Love In The Time Of HYDRA' This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/01/2015 4:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Agents Of SHIELD' Look For 'Love In The Time Of HYDRA' This Week | Agents Of SHIELD
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After facing the not-so-dangerous gang of villains and finding out the devastating truth about Skye’s condition last week, Agents Of SHIELD are back for even more action. This time around, they’re out searching for “Love In The Time Of HYDRA”, as the episode’s title suggests, so let’s break it all down. It all kicks off with Ward and Agent 33 grabbing dinner, when they suddenly get their guns out and leave the place with the guy who’s supposed to fix the latter’s face. Over at HQ, Simmons is seen arguing with Fitz over making use of Skye’s catastrophic powers, while there’s a conflict between May and Coulson about dropping her from SHIELD. At the same time, Agent 33 is getting her mask fixed and can now look like other people again, only she can store up to three faces at a time. Mack takes Hunter to the real SHIELD’s base, who apparently work with more clarity, unlike Coulson’s Fury-like approach. Even though Lance sticks with his team, Bobbi’s entrance hushes him and a lecture about his boss’ responsibility for everything bad that’s happened follows. It’s also revealed that Bobbi and Mack have been collecting inside information, before they talk things out with Coulson himself. Meanwhile at HQ, Simmons handa Coulson some documents and he goes straight to take Skye out on a trip. Agents 33 thanks Ward for taking care of her and his true colors show he’s got something in mind to ask in return. As Skye and Coulson are up in the air, the two share a couple of personal words before arriving at their destination. Soon as Ward returns to his hotel room and finds 33 looking like Skye, trying to satisfy him. He doesn’t play along though and reveals he could be with the real her, not Skye or May, which infuriates her as her is no longer an option. Over at the real SHIELD’s base, the boss talks with Bobbi about her distracting relationship with Hunter, but she assures him that she’s focused on the mission and he goes on to reveal that he’ll have to stay with them. Back with Ward and Agent 33, the latter is given a file about Bakshi which is supposed to give her closure, and so she takes the form of Talbot’s wife and gets in the air force base, where the man is kept. In the meantime, Skye’s taken to a safe house and Coulson reveals that she’s off duty, handing her a pair of gloves that can hold her powers back. Agent 33 gets to shut down the security cameras by turning into a Major, before Talbot’s wife calls her husband to let him know she’s stuck in traffic. Realising it’s the mask, he orders a base lockdown. He gets someone to call Coulson and gathers the ladies in a room, meaning to find the intruder. Back at HQ, Mack lies to May about keeping an eye out for Hunter and insists he’s no threat for SHIELD, also telling that he didn’t see Bobbi. Meanwhile, Talbot’s questioning the ladies but can’t find Agent 33, ‘cause she’s taken a guy’s form and goes after Bakshi with Ward. As the General is giving his actual wife a hard time, the two of them get away with the villain. Hunter talks with Bobbi about her shady business and their history and he asks her to get out of it. As she refuses, he manages to put the guards down and get the hell out by flying one of the base’s planes. Fitz is worried for Skye and since Coulson doesn’t give him answers, so he confronts Simmons about it. Talbot lets Coulson and May in on the situation and the two promise to get to it. The two agents then have few personal words, before they chat about Mack being up to something, as he calls the real SHIELD to report some activity with Skye. Over at the real SHIELD’s base, Hunter’s sweet escape and Skye’s disappearance are discussed. Bobbi is blamed for the former incident, but insists on going after him and back to HQ. It all ends with Agent 33 turning off her mask and revealing her real face to Grant for the very first time, as the two are into brainwashing Bakshi. And that’s it for now folks! With the season finale coming closer, make sure you don’t miss Agents Of SHIELD next week for another great episode.

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