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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Agents Of SHIELD' Send Out An "S.O.S." On Season Finale

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

05/14/2015 12:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Agents Of SHIELD' Send Out An
Media Courtesy of Agents Of SHIELD Facebook

After last week’s shocking events, Agents Of SHIELD strike back and call an “S.O.S.”, with a double episode serving as the season finale. Let’s go find out how things rolled, shall we?

As Jiaying claims she was shot by Gonzales, Coulson wants to find him and get SHIELD out of the Afterlife, while Gordon takes over one of SHIELD’s jets and fires, making the good guys seem like the enemies. Skye fights with May over it and even though her ass is kicked at first, she uses her powers to win. Mack hears the alarm going wild before he’s gone, while the major SHIELD agents argue over whether Gonzales fired or not. Jiaying is getting her wounds taken care of and her act is perfectly on point, with Lincoln confronting Skye for bringing SHIELD over. As Fitz and Hunter look for Bobbi, Raina tells Skye she’s her protector and that she’s destined to lead the inhumans, while her mother is misleading them. Gordon and Jiaying make further plans of war and the latter sucks the life out of a SHIELD agent to heal herself.

Cal’s brought to SHIELD’s facility and is thought to be a trojan horse, while Fitz and Hunter realise Agent 33 was with Bobbi. Ward and Cara prepare to torture Bobbi until she confesses her guilt for what HYDRA did to Agent 33. Jiaying tells Skye it’s time to attack SHIELD and she needs to be by her side. Coulson declares the Afterlife events as Jiaying’s staged performance and is informed about Bobbi, so Hunter and May are sent out to get her. Bobbi admits what happened to Cara was terrible, but claims she would still sacrifice one for many, making her position much harder. SHIELD wants to attack, but Coulson agrees with Mack to try and get it settled otherwise. Coulson chats with an all-messed-up Cal in his cell and Simmons tells him he’s taken some super-strength drugs that should have him killed.

Bobbi’s tries to convince Cara that Ward is using her and fails. Raina confronts Jiaying and claims she will make inhumans see her true colors, so the leader kills her, but not without Skye seeing everything. Even though she does admit everything to her daughter, Skye is eventually knocked out to be held away until the war is over. Coulson is interrogating Cal and tells him about his wife’s actions, but he states that he took the drugs himself and is there to kill as many SHIELD agents as he can. Ward tires to further interogate Bobbi, but she’s managed to set herself free and kicks his ass hard. Cara joins him and even though Morse handles them both, she ends up on the ground. Agent 33 doesn’t feel like shooting her though, but Ward says he knows what to do.

Inumans arrive at SHIELD, while Coulson has cornered Cal to convince him Jiaying is the real monster. The latter’s heart goes out though and he’s a real beast once they recover him, one that can’t be put down! Mack notices a bunch of inhumans carrying Skye inside SHIELD’s base. May and Hunter track Bobbi and consider it might be a trap, while Ward and Cara have chained her on a chair, with a gun set to kill the person that tries to help her. Gordon takes over the room with the alien statue and most SHIELD agents are held hostage. At the same time, Cal’s trapped by being pulled into a wall and Jiaying enters the ship with a whole lot of diviner-crafted crystals.

Coulson talks with Cal about protecting Skye from her own mother and the latter eventually agrees to help him. Mack sets Skye free and even though she can’t use her powers, he wants her to hack into SHIELD. Jiaying wants every SHIELD agent on the ship and wants the signal sent for Coulson expanded, so she kills some agents to get Weaver to do so. Mack and Skye want to shut it down though and need to get to the other side of the ship to do so. Cal’s on board and Coulson realises what’s going on with the beacon. May and Hunter have taken their team to find Bobbi and are trapped by Ward and Cara. They manage to tick Agent 33 into transforming into May, so Ward kills her though. At the same time, Bobbi has managed to get the gun to shoot her instead, so Hunter finds her bleeding and they get her out immediately.

Gordon is trying to put Lincoln’s second thoughts to rest, while Skye and Mack get to the other side of the ship to stop this whole thing. Fitz tells Coulson he found away to prevent Gordon from teleporting, when May and Hunter bring a barely alive Bobbi in for treatment. Lincoln confronts Skye but he’s soon convinced that she’s telling the truth, right before Mack knocks him out. Hunter watches Bobbi resting and Melinda intimately calls Andrew Simmons finds Fitz getting ready for mission and tells him they never talked about his feelings, hinting that there might be some romance ready to take place between them, but Coulson takes him away and ruins the moment. Skye takes back the signal and informs SHIELD it’s a trap, so Coulson commands the other jets to fall back so they can go inside and finish this alone.

Jiaying prepares the crystals to go wild since SHIELD’s not coming, so Cal asks Coulson to take care of that and he’ll go after Jiaying. Gordon fights with Mack in the room with the crystals, while Skye tries to go after her mother but the inhumans won’t let her. Even though Cal tries to stop his wife too, he ends up locked up. Coulson and Fitz join Mack and they get the room ready to trap Gordon, while May meets with Lincoln and the two help Sky complete her task and stop her mother. With Gordon caught like a bird in a cage, Skye tries to talk to Jiaying, but the latter starts absorbing her beloved daughter’s life. Thankfully, Skye gets her powers in place and sends the ship with the crystals to sink in the ocean.

Coulson and the others eventually manage to put Gordon down and a crystal almost falls to the ground before he’s gone. Coulson grabs it at the very last minute and as his hand starts turning into stone, Mack cuts it off with his axe. Jiaying further tries to suck the life out of Skye and the latter gets her vibrations on point to stop her, but Cal appears and offers to kill his wife instead so his daughter won’t have to live with that pain. Coulson is talking about the whole situation with Andrew; Bobbi’s alive and probably wants out, Mack won’t quit and is in charge of alien technology, May took some time off, Fitz and Simmons are working on new vehicles and Skye’s ready to join SHIELD again. Cal and Skye share a final emotional moment of a loving goodbye.

Ward gathers name of former HYDRA agents and is probably looking to run it this time around. SHIELD has assisted Cal into starting a new life and Skye pays a visit, but he doesn’t remember her. Coulson has put Skye in charge of powered people and she insists they should remain anonymous, with him easily agreeing. At the bottom of the sea, the crystals let their substance out and it’s absorbed by fish, which are later turned into fish oil for everyone to consume. Simmons is taking care of the alien statue, when Fitz asks her on a date and goes outside to wait for her. Before she’s gone, she notices something’s wrong with the chamber and opens it, with the statue eating her alive before it goes back to its normal form.

And that’s it for now pals! It’s been a highly entertaining season and there’s no denying Agents Of SHIELD came back better than ever this year. Even though Marvel’s not moving forward with the Bobbi and Hunter-based spin-off, both Agents Of SHIELD and Agent Carter will be returning next year for more, so you better stay tuned!

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