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AGT continues auditions in Chicago and San Antonio

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/03/2013 3:46 pm
AGT continues auditions in Chicago and San Antonio

Jacob Elyachar

Staff Writer

America’s Got Talent’s Season Eight auditions are almost over!

For the past couple of weeks, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel have been searching the country for the best in undiscovered talent.

Tonight, their search nearly concludes as hopefuls have one more chance to audition for the quartet.   Want to know who to look out for this season? Read on to find out….

The first half of the show returned to the Windy City.  Dog act Kelsey and Bailey charmed the judges and the audience when they danced to “We Go Together” from Grease.   Howard stated that he enjoyed watching them dance, while Heidi added that Bailey did not mess up once.  All four judges voted them to Vegas.

AGT has not had a high-caliber juggler since Charles Peachock; hoping to get the same kind of reaction is 19-year-old David Ferman.  He got into juggling when he saw a comedy juggler on a cruise ship.  David hoped to get his own show as he perfectly combined juggling and danger acts together as he successfully balanced a Molotov cocktail on a stick.   Howard loved the combination of danger and juggling, while Mel B stated that she wanted to see more danger.  Howie added that his routine was “Flawless.”  He will be joining the quartet in Vegas for the next phase of the competition.

One act that had the moves to become frontrunners this season was the Chicago Boyz.  Founded by former Barnum & Bailey Circus performer Tim Shaw, this group of young men put on a terrific routine that saw human jump ropes, incredible tumbling skills and outstanding showmanship that received the first four-judge standing ovation of the night!   Heidi stated that she loved their vibe and energy, while Howard stated that he wanted to see them on the Radio City Music Hall stage.  All four of them received the third unanimous “Yes” of the night.

The Chicago children acts stepped up to the plate.  One standout group was 2Unique. The Hip-hop DJ/Rapper had only been together for three months but they developed a solid routine.   As DJ Young 1 spun the records, Miss Lela Brown dropped some incredible beats that rocked the house.   Mel B said that they were very talented and loved both of their swagger and attitude.   The King of All Media declared that the duo might be “The Next Best Thing.”  The girls received their tickets to the Vegas Rounds.

18-year-old college dropout Sully Dunn closed out the 8:00 hour with the most awkward audition we have seen all season.   While he performed his original song about college, he polarized the audience and did not impress Howard Stern, who told him to go back to school.   Meanwhile, Howie, Mel B and Heidi liked him and gave him another chance in Vegas.   After, Sully left the stage, Howard began to argue with Howie and Heidi on why Sully should not have been sent through to the next round.

34-year-old Chicago native Brenden James battled his nerves in order to get to the America’s Got Talent stage.  Despite growing up in a conservative family, the openly gay singer agreed to disagree with his family members (especially his parents) and was able to follow his dream.  He gave a haunting and moving cover of “Nessun Dorma” that put Brenden vocally in the Chris Mann-Adam Lambert operatic range.  His performance received the second four judge-standing ovation of the evening.  Heidi stated that Brenden gave her goose bumps and Howie told Brenden’s mom that his son was a gem.  

Unfortunately, the streak of excellent auditions came to a crashing halt!  However, after four unsuccessful auditions, Enrique from Mexico lead the audience in a Samba lesson that turned into a massive Samba party as the judges, host Nick Cannon and several audience members joined in the fun.   It is unknown if Enrique was sent to Vegas.

The last 40 minutes of the show transported viewers back to San Antonio.  

Up first was Texas singer-songwriter Dave Fenley.   For 10 years, Fenley honed his musicianship by performing in bars and clubs around the state.   But with a family on his mind, Dave wanted to change his life.   His cover of Alex Clare’s “Too Close” was very bluesy and filled with soul.  Heidi stated that he had a very powerful voice and Howie was proud that they discovered him on the AGT stage.  He joined the countless singers in Las Vegas.

17-year-old Dylan Wilson taught himself to dance by watching dozens of YouTube videos.   Dylan stated that dancing was a way to express who he really is.  His style of Animation dancing showed off his flexibility and smooth moves that mesmerized Howard and received a “WOWZA” from Mel B.   Howie stated that Dylan was a “diamond in the rough that is going to shine on stage.”   Dylan received four “Yeses” from the judges.

One of San Antonio’s most lively auditions belonged to Lil Mike and Funny Bone. The pair of 52 inches brothers’ “Rain Dance” made the audience laugh and entertained the judges.   Howard stated that they were “really good” and Howie said that he loved the song.    The brothers defied the odds and received an invitation to join the show in Vegas.

The last audition of the night belonged to the American Hitmen.  This group of four former Marines met during the Iraq War.  They had an incredible sound and impressive stage presence that received the third and final four-judge standing ovation of the evening.   Howard stated that he is the band that he had been waiting for two seasons for!  Mel B added that they are the musicians that this show needs.


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