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Television / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

'AHS: Freak Show' Finale Left Questions In Its Bloody Wake

Susan Booth | PopWrapped Author

Susan Booth

03/20/2015 12:08 am
PopWrapped | Television
'AHS: Freak Show' Finale Left Questions In Its Bloody Wake | Freak Show
Media Courtesy of VH1

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven’t seen the season finale, please stop reading now.

With every season of AHS, the fans have gotten into each new story and rooted for new characters played by the same stars, no matter what the storyline has been. That aside, there was something about Freak Show that isn’t sitting well with me. Ryan Murphy, creator of the series as well as Glee and Nip/Tuck has a knack for not only keeping things fresh, but also completing each story. While Freak Show got off to a insanely good (and creepy) start, it was towards the middle and end that I began to see things go downhill. All I can think about is where did it all go wrong? Murphy is always so inventive, but he left a few things with a big gaping hole full of NOTHING. I love his work and that will never change. However, there are a couple of things I, as well as some fellow fans, are speculating about because Murphy actually didn’t tie up each story this time around. Remember Chester? He went ape-s**t and killed his wife and her lover, blamed that stupid doll and then cut Maggie in half. He went to the station to report the murder of his doll while being covered in Maggie’s blood. What the hell happened to him?! Was he arrested or sent to the loony bin? Why did you bother introducing Chester as a character if you’re intention was to have him buy the show only to kill Maggie and the doll, report a murder and disappear? It makes no sense! What the f**k happened to him?! Lastly: I’m glad Dandy is dead! He had that coming since he showed up on our screens and I am pleased to see him gone. That aside, Dandy stayed rich after he killed mommy dearest, and then bought the show from Elsa, even though she sold it to Chester. Did Elsa buy it back and then decided to re-sell it to Dandy? Also, with Dandy marrying the twins, did they inherit his money even after they killed him? Why are these questions left with no answers? Was this done on purpose, or was this just minor plot details being overlooked? Murphy has been known to leave Easter eggs at the end of each season to give the fans a clue into what we might see next year. If there were ANY clues in there, then I somehow managed to miss them, even after re-watching the episode again. Did you find any Easter eggs in there? If that’s the case, can you tell us what they are? All in all, these are questions that I firmly believe need to be addressed and answered. Sure, it’s fun to speculate. But, I find myself completely dissatisfied and disappointed with how this particular season of AHS ended. Each season had me feeling scared and creeped out to the point of me having nightmares, except for Coven; that was the ONLY season to make me laugh and cheer on the witches, with the story ending just right. I’m bringing this to you fans. How do you feel about the season finale? Was it worth it or was it a giant letdown? Are you curious to know what happened with Dandy’s money and Chester’s fate? I know that I certainly want to know, and if you’re reading this, I hope you’re just as curious! Give us folks here at PopWrapped your two cents!

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