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Al Coronel Talks Logan And TV Roles: PopWrapped At Sundance

D. S. Bradford | PopWrapped Author

D. S. Bradford

CTO • Brand Manager • Editor
02/16/2017 6:27 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Al Coronel Talks Logan And TV Roles: PopWrapped At Sundance | al coronel
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped Entertainment Group (YouTube)

Al Coronel is as hard-working as they come in the entertainment industry. With credits in such hit television series as Jane the Virgin, NCIS: Los Angeles, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Last Ship, and countless others, there’s no sign of slowing for this talented actor. Coronel was always surrounded by the entertainment industry; however, he didn’t become involved in acting until he was in his early thirties. The film that sent the salsa dancer on his successful trajectory was Blow, starring Johnny Depp.

PopWrapped’s Arthur Marroquin caught up with Al Coronel at Sundance Film Festival to discuss all of the many projects the actor has in play right now, the most exciting of which is his role in the upcoming Logan, which stars Hugh Jackman, due on March 3. Check out the exclusive interview from the IndieLounge.

PopWrapped: So let’s start off with Logan.

Al Coronel: Yeah, I’m really excited about Logan. They’re going to world premiere it at the Berlin Film Festival next month in February. I believe it’s going to go from Berlin to London to New York to Los Angeles, with the worldwide release on March 3.

PW: All of the places!

AC: Right! Exactly! I had an opportunity to work with Hugh Jackman, who is by far one of the nicest, most humble megastars I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I got to work with Boyd Holbrook. For any of you who watch Narcos, he’s also in Logan. And Stephen Merchant. So, it was a really exciting experience. [Logan] was directed by James Mangold, who directed 3:10 to Yuma, and he directed Walk the Line, which made total sense to me why he used the song “Hurt,” Johnny Cash’s remake of the Nine Inch Nails song, in the trailer. I actually made both trailers for the movie, so I’m really excited about it.

PW: Awesome! We wish you luck on Logan! So, let’s talk about Training Day and Colony.

AC: Training Day is a series about to premiere in February on CBS. It’s based off the movie Training Day with Denzel Washington. It takes place about eight or nine years after Denzel Washington’s character’s demise. Bill Paxton is the lead. It’s a question of is he the same kind of detective that Denzel’s character was? So, it’s left to your discretion as to whether or not he's good or bad. I play a rogue CIA agent. Obviously, I can’t give up too much, but I had the opportunity to work with Bill Paxton and many, many amazing writers and creators of the show.

PW: We can’t wait to see you in that! We had one of your co-stars from Colony, Jacob Buster, yesterday. Tell us about your role in Colony.

AC: If you follow the series, the aliens have come in and have segregated many sections of the world into little colonies. I play one of the junior lieutenants who is kind of the bad guy who is sent out to gather people. I’m responsible for the disappearance of quite a few people on the show. So, that’s pretty much all I can give away, unfortunately. There’s so much to the plot that I don’t want to ruin for fans of the show, but definitely catch me on this coming season -- Season 2 -- on Colony.

Even though Al Coronel has definitely proven that his ethic and humble demeanor can lead to great success, his involvement in his many projects has turned him into a very valuable and versatile asset in Hollywood. We at PopWrapped look forward to the many projects that lie ahead for Al Coronel. Catch Colony on USA, Training Day on CBS, and see Logan in theaters on March 3. Be sure to follow Al Coronel on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Watch the trailer for Logan below:


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