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Alex Brody Takes Over Buffering Series And Shares Insight

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/12/2013 3:31 pm
Alex Brody Takes Over Buffering Series And Shares Insight

Sarah Goddard

Staff Writer

International Action Star, Alex Brody, currently stars on the hit TV show Latter Day Saints, a crime drama quite unlike any other. After the release of a special behind the scenes video package, I was lucky enough to sit down for this exclusive one on one with the man himself.

It should be noted that while his name may be unfamiliar to some, rest assured, by the time you’re done reading, it’s a name you won’t soon forget.

Thank You Alex for taking the time out of your, no doubt, hectic schedule to answer a few questions for your legions of fans worldwide.

Yeah I’m all over the place these days. But I’m all about my millions of fans across the globe. That being said, be grateful for Brody time.

Firstly, I have to ask, do you prefer to be called Alex, Brody, or is there something else you’d rather go by?

My friends call me Alex. Most people are not worthy of calling me Brody. Most of the women I’ve slept with are free to call me that though. I’m kind of liking the idea of people calling me Golden God.

You are known around the world for your role as LT Detective Brother Bringham Burton, on Latter Day Saints. How has this meteoric rise to fame affected you?

I mean I wake up and piss excellence every morning. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on to that, and it didn’t take long. How has fame affected me? One word: Brodyfire.

What do you say to people who criticise Latter Day Saints, by claiming it’s not a “Hit TV Show”?

LDS is a hit pure and simple. The ratings were sky high and they will stay that way. I’ve dealt with jealous people my whole life. They look at me and wish that could be them. So you could say I’m used to dealing with it. But a word to my haters, you come after me and you will lose. Brodyfire is all balls, and no quit.

You’ve mentioned ‘Brodyfire’ a couple of times now; a word that has become synonymous with the Alex Brody name. Is it possible to explain the concept of just what ‘Brodyfire’ is?

The concept goes back to the beginning of man. There has always been a way of explaining just how amazing a person can be and all the great things they were born to do – nothing can stop them. Being the biggest badass on the block. That’s basically Brodyfire. Many can aspire to be on that level and I hope they do. But there can only be one of us.

I watched the Latter Day Saints, Behind the Scenes video earlier, and I have to say, you fired a lot of people that day. Is it hard to find good extras to work with, ones that will follow the rules?

I mean, finding good people is always hard. I don’t know where that show would be without Nigel, Kristin, and myself. Extras come and go. They aren’t names. I mean as far rules go; 1. Don’t look at Brody in the eye, 2. Stay away from my crafty table, and 3. Look sexy.

You mentioned in the BTS video, that the article about you being naked on the porch was inaccurate, and that the current Amanda Bynes phenomenon is bringing out the worst in the media. Do you think you’ve become a media target due to your enormous popularity?

I mean I’ve always been a target. When you look like I do the media circus is bound to want pics of you naked. As far as Amanda is concerned, she is a dear friend of mine. We slept together a few times and I recommend – she’s a master. I think she’s on the right track and the haters need to stop. I do however know who taught her how to set driveways on fire, and I’m also currently sleeping with that person who shall not be named. Cindy Kyle. Cindy if you read this article, read it naked.

Again in the BTS video, you allude to an Alex Brody stand up routine. I must say I more than a little curious what that would be like. Any chances you could give us some insight?

Basically what I said. Alex Brody. Stand up. Coming soon. That’s all I can tell you. And that I’ll be doing some stand up on Twitter.

Still with the BTS video for a moment, you referred to a previous episode where you were shot, and saved five children from a burning building. Do you actively participate in your own stunts or do you have a body double for such occasions?

Brody does all of his own stunts.  They weren’t able to find a body double that had my level of athleticism and sexiness and honestly they really didn’t need one. Our stunt coordinator told me I was a combination of every action star that ever lived. I think he undersold it some, but it was pretty accurate.

What does an average day in the life of Alex Brody look like?

Wake up, look sexy. Try to remember the name of whatever hot model is sleeping next to me. Ask her to make me coffee and grab me breakfast. Go in and talk to my best buddy Ben Little. Usually I have to tell him to change whatever he’s wearing and I recommend something cooler. Workout. Eat some tacos. Go to set. Kill it. Continue looking sexy. Maybe have a quickie with whatever hot extra is on set that day. Have a taco. Hit up my local diner called Brite Spot for veggie nachos. Usually after that I hit up a club. Grab a taco. Text Ben to meet up with me. Then head back to the crib with whatever hot chick that was lucky enough to go home with me. Rinse and repeat.

Oh and if it’s a Saturday Tim Larkin and I have our bro-date which varies between 20-30 beautiful ladies, golf, Crystal, clubs, the Playboy mansion, dinner at Beso, more ladies, mini-golf, bowling, a different club, then a night cap at the Chateau Marmont. And usually I hook up with Lohan on Saturdays.

Many look up to you as a role model. What advice would you give to somebody who may want to break into the industry themselves?

Do everything the way you think Brody would do it. Can’t miss.

Is there anything you’d like your fans to know about Alex Brody: The man, that we may not already know?

I’m an open book. In fact I’m sure there are several books being written about me right this second. But I think it needs to be put out there that at some point I will be going on tour with an album featuring Big White Van.

And finally, Alex: when the day comes and you find yourself being awarded an Oscar, who will you thank in your acceptance speech?

Kanye West. Bill Clinton. Ray Lewis. Lebron James. Josh Hartnett. Michael Bay. Cindy Kyle. And probably a big shout out to my bro Ben Little. And lastly maybe a thank you to Jodie Foster for that night at the Emmy’s. She’ll know what I’m talking about. We boned. It was amazing.

On behalf of all your fans worldwide, I’d just like to thank you again for taking the time to give us a small peek inside the world of Alex Brody.


Authors Note:

The preceding interview was, as you may have probably guessed, a complete work of fiction. Alex Brody is not a real person, but rather is a character on the digital series, Buffering, and he is portrayed by Eric Carroll.

After watching the ‘Latter Day Saints’ behind the scenes video that Buffering released, I really wanted to write up a quick summary for PopWrapped. I tried and tried again to come up with something that did justice to the hilarity of it, but every time I wrote something it just seemed to fall short of capturing just what us Buffering fans had waited so long to see.

So instead I came up with this crazy idea to interview Eric in character as Alex Brody and let him tell us what it’s like being, well, Alex Brody.

None of this would have been possible were it not for Eric’s willingness to take part, and allowing me to interview his ‘Alex’, and for that I owe him an enormous amount of gratitude and thanks.

Catch up on all the Buffering episodes, Ben Diaries, Behind the Directors Chair and of course the Latter Day Saints, behind the scenes video on the Buffering YouTube channel.


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