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Ali Tells All In The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Finale, "A is For Answers"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/19/2014 7:58 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Ali Tells All In The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Finale,
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer


  Hey Liars! Last night was the night we have all been waiting for. For 4 seasons, we've never heard a word from Ali other than everyone else's accounts of her and we've only really seen a manipulative young girl. Tonight, she sat down with the other liars to explain what happened and we saw a vulnerable side to the blonde as she recounts her meeting with several suspects on her list of bullies. The episode takes place right where the last episode left off. ICYMI, the girls went to meet Alison in Philadelphia, but that's not who greets them at the address she sent them – it's Noel Khan! He's been working for Ali and ends up taking the girls to her true location. The first question of the night emerges. Why would Ali trust Noel Kahn? According to Ali, he has secrets too. What are these secrets Ali speaks about? We'll find that out next season. Alison appears to the girls and it's quite a tearful reunion, full of hugs and sighs of relief. Ali is finally ready to tell them everything, but if they can't figure out who's A, she's gonna have to disappear; “This time it'll be for good.” Back in Rosewood, we see the return of several other characters. The first to make a return is Cece Drake. After being on the run following Wilden's murder, Detective Hollbrook is seen questioning her about it. Cece tries to give Hollbrook a little bit more info about Alison's supposed death. “I know who killed that girl...the same person who's still trying to hurt my friend,” she says opening up another can of worms and leading the police closer to Ali. Alison finally begins her side of the story.  We get a flashback to Melissa and Ian with Ali hiding in Ian's bedroom. Melissa, of course, is pissed off that Ian is seeing Alison. To calm the older Hasting sister down, he tells her Alison means nothing. Ali hears this and gets all the videos off of Ian's computer before leaving. Ali is then seen visiting Jenna, thinking Jenna and Garrett were “A”. After a  threat to the blind girl, she gets an A text: “Bitch can't see you, but I do. Tonight's the night I kill you -A” Clearly, Jenna is off her “A” hitlist. Continuing her story, Alison describes what happened before and during the infamous sleepover. Mrs. DiLaurentis is worried for her daughter's life, she's seen being very evasive on a phone call. Mrs. D thinks the Hastings have to do with the threats to Ali, but Ali tries to reassure her mother that she has it under control.“You can never turn your back on a Hastings,” Mrs. D says. What dirt does she have on the Hastings? With many suspects on Alison's “A” list, she tries crossing her four best friends off. During the sleepover, she slips a sedative into their drinks. While they're knocked out, she makes her rounds to the other suspects. But before that, two pretty little boys pay her a visit. Toby meets her to thank her for the whole thing with Jenna and in case you've forgotten, she's the reason Toby was “free at last”. The other boy that Alison meets on the night she “disappeared” was Ezra. The two first met at a pub in Hollis, while Cece was off flirting. Ezra was enchanted by Alison believing all the lies she told. While Ali's friends were knocked out in the cabin, Ezra visited her to tell her whatever they had was over. But from the look on her face, Ali didn't seem to think Ezra would completely let her go. In the present, Alison reassures Aria about Ezra. “It's not about the book now. It's about you,” she says. My Ezria heart broke a little bit more. After the supposed goodbyes, she went to the kissing rock to see Ian. Ali makes threats with the videos of the NAT club; Ian runs off scared and Ali thinks she has won. But back at the barn, Spencer is fully awake and waiting for her. Spencer doesn't look her best but remember, she's on something.They have an argument, but Spencer fails at knocking out Alison with a shovel. Alison actually finds about Spencer's drug problems and makes her promise to never take the pills. In a creepy fashion, Spencer walks away dragging the shovel along with her. Officer Hollbrook questions all of the Hastings on the whereabouts of Spencer and the rest of the girls. Hollbrook asks Mr. Hastings about the past P.I. he hired during that summer and Mr. Hastings gets extremely defensive, saying he's going to call his lawyer. Melissa, who returned from London because she heard the news from Toby, sees her dad and the look of grief on his face. “They know,” he tells her. But what exactly do they know? The last person Ali paid a visit to was Byron Montgomery. He wasn't on her “A” list, but she wanted Mr. Montgomery to be aware of the fact she knew about his little affair. Nothing really comes out of that conversation and Alison heads back to the barn to find all the girls, including Spencer, were still knocked out. “A” had stopped texting her and again she thought her work was done. But as she roamed outside her house a bit more, someone came up behind her with a rock, knocking her out. Mrs. D saw who committed the crime and in a fit of hysteria, Mrs. D ended up burying her daughter alive, ignoring the cries and pleas. “I could hear her talking to someone,” Ali recalls in tears. More questions emerge: Who is Mrs. D protecting and did she purposely bury her daughter alive? Ali reminds the liars that Mrs. Grunwald pulled her out and took her to the hospital. We then learn that Mona found her afterwards, taking her to the Lost Woods Resort to take care of her. During this scene, Mona was being extra creepy and we see the return of Mona's lair. “Let 'A' think your dead. You disappear,” she tells Alison. Who would've thought it was all Mona's idea?  While Ali sleeps,  Mona is seen in her lair dedicated to Alison DiLaurentis. She's known Alison was alive this whole time and knew what game she was playing all along. “Mona played me like a fool.” Back to the Hastings grilling in Rosewood, Melissa tells her dad that Spencer didn't kill that girl, then whispers something the viewers cannot hear. He has a look of disbelief on his face. I'm thinking either Melissa killed the girl in Ali's grave or she knows exactly who did it. One thing we learned tonight was that Alison was always there to save the girls from their tormentor. While she finishes her story, the Philly police find Spencer's car, but the girls are nowhere to be found since Noel took them to Ali. However, someone else ends up finding them and it looks like “A” finally has all of them in the palm of his/her hands. The hooded figure, armed with a gun, corners the girls on the rooftop of the building. Ezra shows up, in a redeeming effort to save the girls from the mystery person. “I know who you are and the police is on their way,” he says before risking his life. The gun slips from “A”'s hand and Hanna manages to get a hold of it. The scene is intense as the girls yell for the person to take off the mask. Instead of granting their request, the masked person runs and gets away. Ezra then turns around after looking at the skyline and we all learn that he was actually shot in the crossfire. He falls to the ground and both Aria and Alison cry out for him. Does Ezra make it? That's a question saved for season 5. The final scene shows Mrs. DiLaurentis being dragged away unconscious and just like she did to Ali, she ends up being buried. Now is she alive or dead? What goes around comes around; Karma is a bitch. Like a true PLL finale we were given answers, but left with more questions! The cast of Pretty Little Liars begin filming next week and I'm sure we'll be getting a bunch of behind the scenes photos and spoilers along the road to the Season 5 premiere, but can it be June 10th already? Kisses, A  

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