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All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard For This Week's Parenthood Ride

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10/04/2013 3:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard For This Week's Parenthood Ride
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

Alright, "Hoodrats", it's Thursday again, which means it's time to see what the crazy Braverman clan has been up to since we left them last week. The episode starts with Jabar walking into Crosby and Jasmine's room in a hurry, because he is late for school. They both realize they didn't set the alarm, so Crosby jumps out of bed in a rush to get him there in time. Julia is late for the parent volunteer sign ups as she drops Sydney and Victor off at school. That's when new character, Ed (David Denman, The Office), and fellow parent at the school realizes he forgot his kids' lunches and asks if she'll watch them for a minute. He hurries back, hands off the brown bags, then hurries past them along with Julia to make sure they get a good slot on the sign up sheet. Let's just say...They don't. We jump over to Kristina, as she works on her campaign; interviewing Heather Hall, who she ends up giving the job as her campaign manager. Ryan and Amber are making out in the car, in front of Zeke and Camille's house, debating on whether or not they should announce their engagement to the family just yet, or whether Amber should tell her mom and brother first. Then, Max walks by because he saw them "wrestling" (making out) and tells them to come inside, because Camille is waiting for everyone to come inside, before she serves them dinner, which Max thinks is "denying his rights as a citizen." He practically drags them out of the car and leads them inside, where the family is anxiously waiting around. Everyone greets Ryan and Zeke welcomes him with a warm hug. Not seconds later, Amber says she has something that she needs to tell everyone and announces that her and Ryan are getting married, with a less than happy face from Sarah in the background as she mouths, "what?" Next, Julia is helping Ed with lunch duty at the school, as they try to help the kids become aware of being a little more environment friendly or "green". Victor is completely embarrassed by it, though Julia is thrilled to see him. Adam comes home to see that Kristina has set up her entire campaign camp and their house is pretty chaotic. There are people tapping away on computers and taking phone calls. He seems to be caught in the middle of it all and doesn't know quite what to think. He also has to get used to being the one to take dinner orders. Max (Max Burkholder) is definitely a scene stealer with his witty lines and quick delivery, especially in his scenes with Hank. He's catching him up on everything that's going on with the family, when he tells Hank that Amber is now engaged. He seems surprised and asks what Sarah thinks about it, which Max replies with, "That's a stupid question-getting married makes people happy." Hank seems to have other ideas based on personal experience, but goes along with Max. Sarah and Amber are alone, and Sarah wants to hear all of the details about the engagement. She's mainly curious to see whether it was all planned or something that just happened because Ryan was caught up in the moment. Amber said she really wasn't sure, but still tries to defend it, though her facial expression seems to show a bit of doubt. Over at Camille and Zeke's house, they have someone come check it out, to decide whether or not they should install an alarm system. However, Zeke just finds the prices ridiculous. Heather has to have a talk with Adam to get the dirt up on his past. He says he has nothing to hide, but slowly brings up the girl who kissed him at the recording studios and some naked pictures that took place in college. The more she asks, the more ridiculous he finds it, as he admits that no one knows Kristina. He adds that Bob Little is a legitimate candidate and someone that people really know. It makes Heather wonder whether he's really supportive of Kristina's decision. He says, "I support her doing this..." But adds, "I just don't know how realistic it is." Amber and Ryan are at Amber's place in bed, talking, when Amber playfully brings up how Ryan decided to pop the question. He tells her that when he saw her standing there, she was the prettiest girl in the world, and that there was no plan; it was spur of the moment. But, he is quick to add, "it was the easiest choice to make," which seemed to put all of her doubts to rest. Kristina and Heather are going over Kristina's speech, when she gets it back to see red marks all over it. She finds it funny, reminding Heather that she used to write speeches for Bob Little and thought they were pretty good. Heather tells her that they need great, and brings up Adam's take on the whole thing. She could tell he wasn't very enthusiastic. Kristina tries to explain that he's been stressed and has had to help out a lot with Crosby's newborn and other events taking place, but Heather immediately lets her know that he has to completely be on board, because it's a 24/7 process and it's not easy, "If your husband doesn't believe in you, then who will?" She encourages Kristina to talk to him about it again. Jabar is watching cartoons and making a lot of noise when Crosby tells him to stop, but he keeps going with it, because he's frustrated that he can never do anything because of the baby. Finally, Crosby raises his voice at Jabar and tells him that he should knock it off, because he's going to wake up his sister. When Croaby hears his side of the story, he decides that they'll have a special night that focuses just on Jabar and he can choose the place. As Crosby lies down on the couch to take a nap, Jabar comments with, "I thought babies were supposed to be fun," while Crosby adds, "Yeah, they're not." Julia and Ed are talking as the finish up lunch duty and separate items to recycle. He tells her that he lost his job, but she doesn't say anything, other than that she works from home and makes her own hours. Later, Hank shows up at Sarah's place and even brings her a candle. She mentions that she heard Max stopped by his studio and it looks like he has a new protégé, and he agrees that Max could have a real talent for photography. Hank then brings up Amber's engagement and asks how Sarah is doing with that. She pretends to be happy and grits through her teeth, "We're very excited," but she seems to be saying otherwise. She starts admitting that she doesn't understand why they have to rush into it and tells him her concerns. Hank simply asks, "Why don't you tell her?" Sarah thinks he's crazy, saying that Amber doesn't want to hear her opinions, when Hank brings up the fact that they were both in bad marriages and he would have wanted someone giving him advice before he went through with it, "So what if you piss her off?" That seems to put things into perspective with Sarah. Kristina practices her speech on Adam and things take an ugly turn very fast. She asks him what he thinks and he tells her it has some great themes. "Great themes? You sound like my teacher.." Adam gets defensive and the truth starts coming out. Kristina brings up his being resistant and he ends up flat out asking her, "Why are you doing this? Why are you running?" Kristina defends her reasons, one of them being that she wants to help people. Adam tells her that he doesn't think she's thought it through. He brings up what the doctors have said and how she needs to be taking it easy; eating right, exercising and keeping her stress level down. "I don't want to see you relapse--You almost died!" He raises his voice and that one stops her in her tracks. "You are 100% right. I almost died. That's exactly why I'm doing this." Over with Crosby, Jasmine, Jabar and the baby at the restaurant, things are getting a little loud and out of hand. While Jasmine is breastfeeding at the table, Jabar says, "The baby's being loud, it's really embarrassing." Pretty soon, a manager from the restaurant asks them to leave, which Crosby finds ridiculous. He asks who the person that was complaining was and added, "Everyone can just man up and handle it." Finally, he throws down 40 dollars, though he thinks the meal was only worth about six, and storms out. Sarah visits Adam at the recording studio, saying she's always in the neighborhood now that she's moved. She's straight out, "What's up with your kid and Hank being friends?" And Adam says he wondered how she would feel about that. She also adds that Hank stopped by her place and brought her a candle, "What does that mean?" She asks. Then, she gets down to business and talks about Amber and Ryan's engagement. She brings up the fact that he has had a lot of issues and has gone through a lot, and compares it to what she and Seth had. Sarah doesn't want her to go through what she went through. Adam, being the voice of reason, says, "Don't do anything that's gonna drive Amber away. If they're gonna get married, they're gonna get married." Zeke and Camille's house is falling apart and Zeke is still trying to fix everything. Camille joins him on the back porch and asks him, "Ever thought about downsizing maybe?" She suggests moving to a condo and what city life would be like. Zeke says he doesn't care much for the city, and Camille knows that he loves the house too. "This house is a part of us," adding that's where they raised their babies and have great memories. But, she still presses about getting out there and doing something, "Don't you ever want more?" He isn't too sure exactly where she's going with that and she says, "This is the start of our act three, I just don't want to let it slip away." Zeke asks, "So, you think we should sell the house?" She says that she thinks they should at least talk about it. Julia and Ed run into each other again at the school and she admits to him that she doesn't work. She says she doesn't know why she didn't just tell him the truth, and he seems to get it. "You were puffing yourself up a little, people do it all the time." He jokes that they can't speak anymore, then comes right back to tell her that they're fine, adding, "Go green team," for their lunch duties. Jabar and Crosby are having father/son bonding time at The Luncheonette, talking about how different life is with the baby. Crosby says, "We're not at home right now and we don't have to be quiet," and then proceed to play the loudest instruments around. Sarah stops by Amber's place to talk about her engagement and whether she's rushing into things. "Is Ryan the man for you?" And Amber is quick to say, "Without a doubt in my heart, one hundred percent! I love him!" That puts Sarah at ease, "Then, that's all I need to know." She tells her about the day her and Seth got married at City Hall, and that while she was happy, it wasn't the day she had always pictured. She tells Amber that she wants to help give her the day she's always pictured, pulling out a stack of magazines. They start officially planning the wedding. The episode closes with Adam telling Kristina that he does support her. He holds Nora and Max joins alongside to listen to Kristina give her campaign speech in front of City Hall! We're all rooting for you, Kristina! Quote to Remember: "The Bravermans like to hug." ~Max


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