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Television PopWrapped | Television

All Of The Glamor And All Of The Fame: An Interview With RDR Hopeful Adriana Le Glam

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/15/2014 8:01 pm
PopWrapped | Television
All Of The Glamor And All Of The Fame: An Interview With RDR Hopeful Adriana Le Glam
Media Courtesy of Zap2it

Boxxa Vine

Staff Writer


Welcome to another installment of The Search for Season 7 with Boxxa Vine. Come on season 7, let’s get…sevening? We’re here to see the who's who of the possible cast choices for next season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Today I’m taking a moment with Adriana Le Glam who made it on several unofficial cast lists for season 6. Lets get right into it.

Boxxa Vine: How did you come up with your drag name?

Adriana Le Glam: I came up with my drag name the moment I fell in love with the French Culture and the Supermodel Adriana Lima I blended the two together and came up with Adriana Le Glam.

BV: How long have you been doing drag?

ALG: I’ve been doing drag for about 8 years now.

BV: What are your home bars and/or venues?

ALG: I’ve been a returning host to Griffin Sundays for almost 4 years here in NYC. I’ve also hosted SPF Sundays, Hudson terrace and many venues in NJ like Feathers & More. I also got to work last years SANDBLAST event.

BV: How frequently do you perform?

ALG: I used to perform so much more but now its probably twice a month.

BV: How does your drag personality differ from your out of drag self?

ALG: I’m a completely different person out of drag, I’m a very well accomplished makeup artist and I work with tons of celebrities and on set for TV, a specific TV SHOW. I also really embrace how masculine I am.

BV:Who are your drag influences?

ALG: I don’t think anyone really influences my drag, it’s the reason why I’m so unique, and I’m constantly changing looks.

BV: What is your favorite song to lip sync too?

ALG: I love this question - I can basically lip sync to anyone but one of my favorite songs to do would be Jennifer Lopez “Lets Get Loud” or SELENA “Como La FLOR”!

BV: Lets get into some more RDR influenced questions now, the question I have to start with is of course: Can you sew?

ALG: My parents were Supervisors of CHAMPION the sportswear company for many years. I grew up sewing I can even make a BRA from scratch!

BV: How many times have you applied to RDR? And have you submitted for this year yet?

ALG: I’ve never thought of applying for the show and I have never auditioned for the show till the recent rumors of me being on. Its really encourage me to continue drag and hopefully one day audition. I’m not sure if right now it’s the right time for me to do so since my personal career its at its peak and I’m very thankful for it. For season 7 I’ve really thought about it but I still have huge doubts on it. I’m very thankful to have a fan base and people who continue to support what I do. Maybe Season 10 is in the works for or you never know season 7 might just have the most talented queen yet!

BV: What past challenge could you see yourself excelling in?

ALG: I could really see myself exceeding in the acting and sewing challenges. I’m really good at both and I’m also a great model so anything Supermodel related I could totally slay the kids at.  For some reason I can also see myself READING FOR FILTH. I’m a NYC girl its natural for me to read, lol.

BV: Snatch game time, who are you impersonating?

ALG: If I were to do snatch game i would do........... Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Kim, or Shangela!

BV: Shangela or Sofia. I would die! It's Season Six now, are you keeping up with the season so far? What would you have killed so far, and who are you favoring to win?

ALG: I’m not in love with the current season...Mostly because the rumors were really true so I built so many expectations on the girls on and some of them have let me down. -I would’ve totally have killed the RUPAUL look main challenge! I’ve given RuPaul so many times before it would’ve been an easy one for me. I also think I would have done really good at the RUSICAL - I love musical theatre, I know I would’ve done great at that challenge. -I really want BIANCA DEL RIO to win. She’s an all time favorite gal from NYC and I’ve been to so many of her shows I think she’s one deserving queen.

BV:So Milk as Ru on the runway, love it or leave it?

ALG: I respect all types of drag but like MOTHER RUPAUL SAID, “This is the OLYMPICS of drag”. If that were Courtney act or Bianca Del Rio coming out in a bald cap and terribly blended makeup skills their asses would’ve been read to filth. I *respect MILK’s drag but so far there is nothing impressive or Superstar about her look.  I really hope she turns it out in the upcoming episodes cause I really feel as if GIA GUNN deserved to stay and MILK sent home packing. I hope RU Paul has some twisted idea and brings her back.

BV: I always say "drag and let drag", its been great getting to hear from you and here's hoping to seeing you on the boob tube soon!

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