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"All That's Left Is The Hugging" In The Parenthood Fall Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/14/2013 8:51 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

Before anything else, congratulations are certainly in order for the always lovely and incredibly talented, Monica Potter. Mrs. Potter received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series for the Golden Globes coming up in January. It might not be about the awards or acknowledgments for her, but for her fans (myself included) it is extremely gratifying to see that she is getting the recognition for a job well done; sharing stories on screen and pouring her heart into every single one of them. We are all so proud of you, Monica! Alright, moving right along to Thursday night’s episode of Parenthood. It was entitled, "All That's Left is the Hugging," which is always appropriate, because usually by the end of this show, you either need a hug or a good cry. Kristina was starting to move forward and taking time to adjust to the fact that she didn't win the election (BOO Bob Little)! Kristina and Adam are eating cake and he starts asking her how she feels. She tells him she's fine and it's okay, but Adam is definitely not okay with it. However, leave it to Kristina to find a silver lining, "That's the good thing about losing...More cake for us." When Heather comes over to clean up and take her stuff, she explains that she's lost a few campaigns before, but this is one that has stung the most, because she knows Kristina would've made a great mayor and Kristina finally agrees. "I would've made a damn good mayor!" And I'm speaking for everyone when I say, she most definitely would have. She had the passion and heart, none of which Bob Little had. Now that Kristina has more time on her hands, she gets to spend quality time with Adam and Nora. They're at the park, just enjoying the day, when a lady recognizes Kristina as running for mayor. She starts explaining that there's a problem with the slide on the playground and it would be great if she took a look at it. Kristina explains that the election was two days ago, so there's not really anything she can do now. Adam says that there was a lack of concerned citizens. Later on, Kristina has a talk with her friend, Gwen, and she keeps asking her about the election. Kristina doesn't want to talk about it, but finds herself admitting that she lost on a count of 947 people not voting for her. She gives her a bit of a hard time about it, and says that it's because she's dying that she has a reason to be blunt. Kristina tells her she had a few regrets with not going negative against Bob Little, and that it does haunt her. Her friend tells her that next time she can do whatever she wants, she's just sad that she won't be around to see it. At the end, Adam and Kristina are finally getting their lives back and are able to start having date nights again. Adam ends up surprising Kristina, by stopping at a sign of Bob Little with eggs to throw at him, because it's her chance to go negative. Kristina starts talking to the sign and feels great, until they hit a car and the alarm goes off, so they run. After the fight Ryan got into with the guys from Ashes of Rome, it left all of us on the edge of our seats, wondering what that meant for him and Amber. Amber goes into the studio and runs into Zach, who Ryan had punched repeatedly at the bar. His face is bruised pretty badly, which Amber feels very bad about, and apologizes over and over again. Adam and Crosby have a talk with her about the situation and say that it's just a good thing the band didn't press charges over it (which just goes to show what kind of guys they are). For the time being, Ryan is not welcome at The Luncheonette. Ryan and Amber also end up having a talk about what happened, and she explains that she had to pick up the pieces from the mess he had made. Zach can't play the drums because of his hand and The Luncheonette has been losing money. She also brings up the fact that he didn't even trust her enough to tell her the truth about the pills she found in his drawer, and she's just really unsure of what to do and what the future holds for them. Ryan has a talk with Zeke, and explains how he's glad the band isn't pressing charges, but he just felt like they were badgering him or pushing it in his face that their music is so important and what they do is so great. He's still having a hard time adjusting to being back after experiencing everything in Afghanistan, and Zeke tells him it's tough, but he's going to have to find which one he wants to stay in. Amber has a talk with Sarah, and tells her all about the fight Ryan was in and how she had been too scared to tell her, and she asks for her advice as a "stranger" and as her mom. She tells her that she's brave and she can handle so much, but as her mom she tells her, "just because you're tough enough to handle it, doesn't mean that's what I want for you." Amber gets home and talks to Ryan, and she explains how different they are and there are some things that she just won't be able to understand, but that's part of what makes them work, and she wants to marry him, she doesn't care about the difficult things. He tells her he has re-enlisted, and will be going back to Afghanistan. Amber shows up at Sarah's in tears and completely distraught. I might not be totally on board with them being together, but the scenes between them last night were so raw that my heart couldn't help but break into a million little pieces for them. Just when we start thinking there might be hope for Joel and Julia, or things could possibly get better, they turn even worse in the blink of an eye. At the beginning of the episode, Joel is on the couch and Julia tells him they're going to need to talk about things, so that the kids don't think something is up. She apologizes for barging in on his appointment, and says that she wants to fix things between them; he says he'll try. When Julia and the kids come home later on, Joel is already home. It seems that he left work early, so they could make pizza together and do something as a family. I absolutely loved this scene, because it showed that he was in it and willing to take that extra step if that's what it took. Joel and Julia are tucking Sydney in when she asks if they can get a pool, because her friend Charlotte is (whose dad just happens to be Ed) and says that her parents are separating, so now she'll have two houses. Ed is a bit of a sore subject for Joel and Julia obviously, and once in the hall, Julia tells Joel that she didn't know anything about the separation, though I could've sworn Ed had told her when they started working on the committee at school together, but I could be wrong. Julia keeps getting texts from Ed, asking where she's been, and decides to stop by at his house to tell him that things are getting inappropriate between them. That's when they both continue to get a little too personal between them. Julia asks if she's the reason that him and his wife are getting a divorce, and he says no, but the more he starts to pour his feelings out, Julia feels for him and gives him a hug, when he swoops in for a kiss. She finally pulls away and runs out. Later that same night, Joel and Julia are going out for a date night, and Julia is completely out of it as Joel wonders when the last time they went out for dinner, just the two of them was. I hope Julia tells him the truth very soon and doesn't drag the whole thing out, when it seemed that they could have started making progress. Things are pretty slow for Sarah this week. She has to fix the heat when it goes out in the apartment building and Carl saves her from the couple that is complaining in the hallway. He asks her to have wine, and though she tries to get out of it, decides to stay so she won't have to deal with the angry people in the apartment. It seems that sparks are flying between them, and she ends up spending the night. Sarah and Carl have a bit of an awkward run in later on, and from that she decides to tell him that they can't sleep together again, since she's older and needs to be focusing on work, etc. I'm personally not a big fan of what seems to be happening between them, but I guess only time will tell if he's to be another "love interest" for her. Drew's roommate starts asking what Natalie is to him, and whether they're serious, because he caught her kissing someone else at a frat party. He explains that they're really just friends with benefits, but starts wanting to reevaluate that possibly. He ends up asking Natalie about it, and she says that he's welcome to "hook up with other girls" if he wants to, because they aren't committed to one another; they're just "having fun." She tells him that sweet gets boring after awhile, so she wants something new. Drew has a talk with Crosby and tells him, "you're a one woman guy. Drew starts wondering why he has a problem with it, and Crosby just tells him to enjoy his freedom and youth. Drew tells Natalie that he will do the "booty call" thing, but needs to set some rules for himself and designates that each of them will have a zone, where they can go, but Natalie starts thinking that maybe they should just be friends. He doesn't want that, and he doesn't think she does either, but it looks like things are getting very complicated for them. Just when we thought it couldn't get any messier, the episode leaves us with Amy, Drew's ex-girlfriend, showing up at his door. Moments to Remember: The conversations Amber and Ryan had were not only really emotional scenes, but some really great acting from Mae Whitman. Ryan: What does that mean for us? Amber: I can't keep overlooking things that are happening in the real world just because I love you. Ed (telling Julia): Pretending you're happy is almost worse than being miserable. Now's your chance to catch up on season five of Parenthood, while they take a break for the holidays. It looks like we'll all have to continue waiting on the edges of our seats until the new year. The NBC series will return Thurs., Jan. 2, 2014.


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