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All We Need Is "Love, Love, Love" On This Week's Glee

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/27/2013 12:26 am
PopWrapped | Television
All We Need Is
Media Courtesy of FOX

Bec Heim

Managing Editor

Hello my Gleeks! Welcome back to PopWrapped’s Glee-caps! Guys, it has been such a long and brutal summer. Our fandom and our beloved cast had to suffer the sudden, tragic loss of the beloved Cory Monteith. Three months later, we are slowly moving on. The Glee cast is also trying to do the same in a show of strength and family (with Lea especially). Cory, however, would want us to move on and enjoy the show. It was something he loved, where people he loved surrounded him. I think that we need to smile when we watch Glee again. Even if it hurts during the moments we are smiling. So this season, I’m going to try to take a more positive outlook on the show. Unless it does something very stupid then I reserve the right to call it out. I love Glee despite its annoyances, character inconsistencies, plot inconsistencies, and generally candy coated insanity. I also have some booze next to my person and sarcasm in my heart. Mel Brooks always said that you gotta love what you poke fun. With that in mind, it’s the BEATLES!!!!! OhmyGOD I am so excited by this. I have been waiting forever. Like season one forever. Like when I found out that they can do tribute episodes a la “The Power Of Madonna” forever. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!!!!! Let’s recap this sucker!!! Plots: Rachel Is Still Unsure About Funny Girl: Okay. I have brought up so many points about Rachel not getting the part. Just so many points that frankly I’m tired talking about it. This episode, though, addresses these points. Thank you, God. Director Guy and Carlisle Cullen do not think that Rachel is too young and too green for the part. They concede that she is talented. They’re just not sure that she’s not good for it right now. Rachel is really sad about that fact. Before her “chemistry read,” though, she seemed to ask Santana to get her a job at the Starlight Diner (which is a tribute to the Stardust Diner - if you’re ever in New York you should check it out because your tips go to their acting/dancing/vocal lessons it’s a fun way to spend a meal). Rachel’s reasons were that she wanted to “pay her dues” and not have her Dads pay all of her expenses forever. She wants to live on her own two feet. I like this Rachel vastly more in comparison to Season Four Rachel. Then the director and Carlisle Cullen come into the Starlight Diner. Rachel kind of bitches them out a little bit and then sings to prove that she isn’t green. Which honestly? I’m not trying to be a bummer. I like Rachel so far this season. It’s kind of a juvenile thing to do and proves their point. Anyway, Rachel gets a text from Blaine. She and Santana leave the diner. Honestly? Director Guy and Carlisle Cullen did not look impressed. It’s up in the air. I’m still on Team Rachel Not Getting The Part, though. Beatles Mania: It’s Beatles week in Glee club! Two whole weeks on the oeuvre of the great band of all time. Let’s start this up. Principal Sue’s Silver Hammer: Sue Sylvester is back! Woo-hoo. She has been given post as principal after getting Figgins fired. Becky is currently serving a suspension for the incident in “Shooting Star”. She just basically put anything that you would not want to see in your principal’s office, in his office. He has been hired back as a janitor where he vows revenge. Sue, however, does not want to destroy the glee club (for once). Her plan is simple. She wants the Cheerios (under Roz say hi to Nene Leakes) and New Directions to win at their respective Nationals. The person who does not win is going to get fired. (Part of me thinks that goes against some sort of union code or something.) Nice to see you, Sue. I hope you don’t regain your irrational hatred of New Directions. She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah (Really Artie): Kitty and Artie have become a kind of couple? I’m still not entirely sold. I’m sorry but the way Artie acted during “Lights Out” and what Kitty revealed during the episode just well…it’s not doing it for me. The episode, however, does try really really really hard to win me over. Artie seems more mature than normal. He convinces her to go out to a carnival where they get all cuddly together. There we meet Bree who is Kitty’s nemesis in the Cheerios. Bree is one of those super fake nice girls who will stab you in the back the first chance she gets. I spent six years in an all girls school. I’m an expert in the nuances of that kind of girl. Kitty decides to keep them on the down low right now. Artie and Kitty have several clandestine meetings in the Astronomy room. Kitty also goes through a lot of trouble to leave adorable little notes. Tina sniffs out the relationship. For reasons that are either helpful, misguided, or born out this bitchy attitude she’s developed Tina reveals the relationship to the glee club. Kitty admits that it’s true. She wanted to be really certain that she liked Artie before she went public, risking her social status in the school. She and Artie officially become the couple even though Kitty admits there is a chance of them breaking up after he graduates. Tina In The Sky With Diamonds: No regrets using next week’s title here. Apparently Tina has been more bitchy and bitter than usual. All of the guys in the glee club notice. Blaine says its because she has been really lonely, so they do a special performance in order to help break her out of her funk. She can ask any of the four guys to prom (minus Jake because he’s with Marley). Tina chooses Sam as her date because she wants to try something new. All You Need Is Love (And A Cultural Statement): Kurt and Blaine get back together. Kurt reveals that he and Adam had fun but they didn’t have a real “spark” between them. Blaine promises to never, ever, ever cheat on him again. The reason for cheating was, apparently, Blaine thought Kurt was done with him. I am admitting now that while a Klaine fan in season two the couple has slowly lost its shine to me over the years. I would have, however, been fine with Klaine getting back together in lieu of recent events. They’re just too young to get married or even engaged. Okay, so Blaine announces his plans to the glee club. Sam appears to be the only one excited by the prospect. Blaine doesn’t want it to be just a proposal though he wants it be a “cultural statement.” Uh no. Just make it a proposal. Modern Family just did this and they did it a lot better. Maybe it's just preferences, but I like quiet low-key proposals instead of these big, grand ones. It seems that way there would be less pressure on the person being proposed to to say yes. Also, I just think it’s a really bad plot that was used in season three with Finchel, which was also regarded as being stupid. With A Little Help From My Friends (And Enemies): Anyway, Blaine gathers up Haverbrook, the Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline, along with past and present members of New Directions, at Dalton to propose to Kurt. Burt drives Kurt to Dalton but Kurt admits that he already knows. He does ask his Dad for some advice because he’s unsure. He loves Blaine but he admits that they are too young for that big of a commitment. Burt, because he is awesome, tells Kurt that marriage is hard and not to be entered lightly. He and Kurt’s mom were married at twenty-two and it was difficult. He would not, however, trade back a second of it because the time was precious to him. (This had me crying at this point because it was lovely and because I was thinking of Cory a little bit.) So Kurt goes in and is walked through the elaborate musical number. Blaine gives a speech and asks Kurt to marry him. Kurt says yes. Fine. Okay. Just make it a long engagement? They don’t have to married at nineteen. If they are still engaged by season six then I will not bitch about anymore. Random Thoughts/Favorite Moments Alrigh,t first shot is Rachel at yet another Funny Girl. Then there is the Barbara. Cullen sighting. Oh the cringe-inducing fangirling. Now it’s…oh dear. Yes. I agree she is just too young and does need life experience. “Yesterday” dammit now I’m tearing up. And she is walking the Finn/Rachel date path. I’m getting so many feels. BEATLES MONTAGE!!!!! I love the freaking out. Also hi Ryder didn’t you quit? Hello Kitty/Artie. I am unsure of you. CARNIVAL!!!!! This is much nicer than the carnivals I get here. Choreographed bumper cars. Seriously only in this show. There’s Bree. Within five minutes I want to punch you. Welcome to girl world Artie Abrams. It’s cruel, backstabbing, and utterly vicious. It’s like Lord Of The Flies with more lipstick, bras and chocolate. I am really liking Rachel! Thank you writers! Hello Klaine. Ugh I’ll be nice, Klainers. I don’t hate this them getting back together. I just am dreading what is coming. Chris Colfer was made to sing the Beatles. It’s utter bullshit that he doesn’t get a solo. Hello Sue. How long it will be until threatening the glee club yet again? Wow Sue. That is just really…thorough. And a little psychotic. Adorable clandestine romance. Wow Kitty you’re a secret romantic. Silence is the appropriate reaction guys. It’s a bad idea. Also “Cultural Statement”? You shouldn’t get engaged with a cultural statement? It should be something real and vulnerable. Wow people remember Haverbrook existed? No Jane Adams? I don’t get the sound filter here. Wow! Breaking and entering? Is there a new Vocal Adrenaline coach? Seriously? This is happening. Okay. I can accept this. I need my wine to but I can. Random Haverbrook guy I love you: “Oh God It’s those McKinely nerds.” Hi Dominic M. Barnes! And Grant Gustin! Tina don’t demand shit from Artie. Artie is channeling Santana. No. Please don’t yell at them, Rachel. You just need to accept it. Be an adult here about it. Okay seriously guys at least let her be a chorus girl? She is really good. Wow that has to be a health code violation. Rubbing up against tables? It…yeah… Roz you’re hilarious. Nice to see McKinley still has high teaching standards. Kitty vulnerability is making me cheer for her. Oh Sam. Well thank you Blaine! At least they’re addressing it. Also I want one of those cakes. “My Beck-retary” I love that. Okay this is pretty sweet. Also I love the clothes. Marley is just like “what Jake”? And there we go! Will we get another Tina who is sassy but kind from this? I would like that. Kurt knows. I love Kurt because he is stating what I’ve been thinking. Oh Burt. Now I’m tearing up. Okay Klainers. I will shut up so you can have your moment. Just don’t marry them before season six. Have them grow up a bit more. Long engagement isn’t too much to ask. Songs “Yesterday” sung by Rachel Berry: This was just so utterly sad. It was also so utterly beautiful. I think this was one of Lea’s best covers ever. Even if we weren’t factoring in recent events, I still would have loved it. There is a great vulnerability at the fact that all of Rachel’s dreams aren’t immediately coming true. It was lovely. It was understated. It was emotional. Plus it seemed like a tribute to Cory in its own way as Rachel walks the path she and Finn took on their date in season two. Easily the best song of the episode. A+ “Drive My Car” sung by Kitty and Artie with New Directions: I like this song. It has a fun beat. Plus I think I hear cowbell? Choreographed bumper cars are also a big plus. There are a few quibbles. Kevin’s voice is just totally drowning out Becca’s. Like I can kind of hear her but not? It’s colorful flashy and fun but I don’t like that Becca is drowned out. C+ “Got To Get You Into My Life” sung by Kurt and Blaine: I will give you one thing. I will admit it. Chris Colfer and Darren Criss (outside of “Just Can’t Get Enough” which was godawful) have excellent vocal chemistry together. I think the reason I liked Klaine for as long as I did was because of it. The vocal chemistry is in full force for this song. Plus marching bands. I love marching bands. The song is insanely catchy as well. Chris Colfer shines here though. The boy was meant to sing the Beatles. B+ “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” sung by Kitty and Artie: Okay this is much better. I can hear Becca’s pretty voice now. I like how well the song matches up with Artie and Kitty’s situation. Plus there are some really cute scenes intercut with the song. I’m still on the fence on Kitty/Artie but it was cute. They both sound really good here. It’s only much better than the version that is on the album. Which is surprising-ish? I guess they did some better mixing in post. B+ “Help!” sung by Blaine and Sam with New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline, Haverbrook and the Warblers: The sound filter here baffles me. Why do they sound like a record here? It doesn’t make that much sense. Now if the shot in it the style of like a Beatles movie or something? I would see the homage. But you need to tone the colors and make it look like it was set in the sixties or something. I like the song itself but the performance confuses me. I think it’s because I’m applying too much logic to Glee. B- “A Hard Day’s Night” sung by Rachel and Santana with Starlight Diner Employees: I don’t like the context of Rachel showing up the Director Guy and Carlisle Cullen. It just seems really unprofessional. This does, however, have two things working for it a) this is my favorite Beatles song and b) Naya and Lea kill it. Give me more Santana/Rachel duets for they give me life! It’s a fun song. The dancing looks amazing. It just has such a great atmosphere and vibe. I really hope we can spend more time here. A- “I Saw Her Standing There” sung by New Directions Boys (except Artie): They dressed up as the Beatles and sang to Tina to make her feel better. It’s a sweet gesture. Plus seeing them all in their suits and the hair makes me giggle like hell. Someone went near Darren Criss with the flat iron I see. The best part was the girls fangirling all dressed up. I loved Marley and Unique’s glasses. Plus sixties fashion is just really cute. B “All You Need Is Love” sung by Blaine with New Directions, Haverbrook, Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline: This was just so entirely over the top that I just groaned and reached for my sangria. Look I’m not going to bash it. I will admit that it sounds really good. The dancing was also super awesome. I just wish that it wasn’t so much? Again I don’t like grand proposals or proposals that are “cultural statements.” It’s just my preferences. Chris’s faces during the song were very adorable. I think they didn’t let him see any rehearsals because they were really genuine. It just seemed a bit too much? B+ That’s it. Join us next week for week two of the Beatles. It’s Prom time. Plus will we finally learn the outcome of the Funny Girl plot? AND SANTANA MEETS DANI!!!!!!!


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