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Alliances Are Formed And Relationships End On This Week's The Vampire Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/07/2014 11:31 am
PopWrapped | Television
Alliances Are Formed And Relationships End On This Week's The Vampire Diaries
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer


Caroline’s ability to kill someone in order to save a loved one was put to the test on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.  New alliances were formed between Liv and the Mystic Falls gang, and Elena finally put an end to her tumultuous relationship with Damon—or did she?  We also got to meet Stefan’s doppelganger, Tom, and the end of the hour introduced us to a new big bad.  Let’s break it down and see what else this episode had in store. It’s the morning after what I believe was probably a long night of sex between Elena and Damon.  She tries to make a quiet escape but he’d been awake for a few hours already, so it fails.  They basically agree that even though they’re broke up they can keep repeating the previous night’s “mistake.”  Meanwhile, Caroline and Enzo are in Atlanta having coffee and breakfast when he receives a call from Sloan.  She tells them the name of Stefan’s doppelganger, Tom, and reminds Caroline she’ll fry Stefan’s brain if she fails to kill him. Back at the Mystic Grill, Damon drinks off his worries as Matt and Tyler poke fun at him.  As he’s leaving, he notices Jeremy is meeting up with Liv at the bar.  At Whitmore, Bonnie receives a call from Elena and becomes suspicious of Jeremy’s whereabouts—Bonnie, your jealousy is showing.  Elena is at Mystic Falls High School attending a parent-teacher meeting but finds out Damon is listed as Jeremy’s guardian.  Later, they have a hot encounter against some lockers and Elena daydreams about sexing him up on a desk. We head back to Atlanta, where Enzo keeps trying to charm Caroline but she’s not having any of it.  They’re making this situation way too similar to Klaus, she even tells him he’s unable to take a hint.  Sound familiar?  Enzo tells her she reminds him of Maggie—the girl who was helping Dr. Whitmore when he was at Augustine.  A doctor comes by to tell them that Tom disappeared a few months ago.  Sloan digs deeper into Stefan’s brain and find out Tom’s met a girl named Hazel and gets an address.  Caroline and Enzo arrive at the house but find Hazel in a witchy trans.  Enzo ends up killing her in order to gain entrance. At Whitmore, Bonnie sees Luke at the library and approaches him after he keeps looking at her.  Hazel appears to her and tells her to deliver a message to him.  Bonnie questions Luke and asks why a witch knows who he is.  Back at the Mystic Grill, Liv tells Jeremy that he’s the only person who she can trust and informs him that the travelers are coming for Elena.  She receives a text from Luke about Hazel being dead and drops her plan with Jeremy.  She heads to the high school and tries to kill Elena in order to rid herself of the responsibility.  Damon comes to the rescue and interrogates Liv.  She tells him that when there’s only one of each doppelganger left, the travelers will come after Elena.  Jeremy shows up at the school and asks to deal with Liv himself.  Damon lets her go free after Elena intervenes.  Later, Jeremy agrees to help Luke and Liv but only if they also accept the help of Tyler and Matt. Enzo questions Caroline’s determination to kill Tom even if it’s to save Stefan.  She insists she can do it but when they find him, she breaks Enzo’s neck instead and tries to rush Tom to safety.  Caroline can’t bring herself to actually kill him and compels him to travel far away.  As they’re making their way to the train station, Enzo catches up to them and he ends up breaking Tom’s neck.  He reveals that he did it because the travelers can help him find Maggie. Back at the Salvatore home, Jeremy packs his stuff and moves out.  Elena and Damon try to talk him out of it but he insists it’s something he should’ve done a long time ago.  Caroline returns to Mystic Falls and finds Stefan resting on the back seat of a car.  She lies next to him and tells him that Enzo killed Tom.  While she tries to come up with a new plan, Stefan suggest they sleep instead, and Caroline snuggles up to him.  We head back to the Salvatore home where now it’s Elena who’s packing her things.  She tells Damon that she’s moving back to Whitmore because she can’t continue whatever it is that they have.  He kisses her forehead and lets her go. Meanwhile, Caroline and Stefan wake up to the travelers doing another one of their rituals and drinking his and Elena’s blood.  Sloan sets fire to all of them and as they begin to die, each of them pass through Bonnie.  The episode ends with Bonnie falling to the floor unconscious as a shadowy figures comes out of her—the leader of the travelers. Bonnie gave birth to the shadow monster, you guys!  Didn’t see that coming.  I just hope this new villain is a badass one because the last one—Silas—really disappointed me.  Any predictions of what’s to come for the final episodes of Vampire Diaries?  Drop us your theories below.

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