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'Always' Ad Flips Our Perspective: "Like A Girl" Should Not Be An Insult

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/29/2014 4:51 pm
PopWrapped | YouTube
'Always' Ad Flips Our Perspective:
Media Courtesy of Always/ P&G/

Roxanne Powell

Senior Content Editor


All right, fellow females, line up and be heard! When was the last time someone told you "You hit like a girl"? How about "You run like a girl"? Words aside, when was the last time someone tried to do something for you because you are female? If your answer is "recently," then you need to watch this Always ad from P&G. Lauren Greenfield directs this amazing, inspiring piece, asking first adults and then younger kids what it means to run, throw, hit, and fight "like a girl." At first, all of the older folks do it in a degrading and comical fashion. Then the younger kids take the stage, and we see just how different our perception of "like a girl" can change during puberty. The kids don't think of it as an insult. They run, fight, and throw like themselves. They give it their all, and make no excuses for their best efforts. The Queen of Versailles director gives this message power through the age gap represented in this ad. We shouldn't need to make new "girl" versions of toys so we can say "thanks, I do play like a girl." That shouldn't be how we change the viewpoint of an entire people. Greenfield asks us to look at how we treat young girls during puberty. By telling her she "throws or hits like a girl" in an insulting way, you're telling her she isn't good enough. You're also telling young boys it's okay to use that insult to boost their own self esteem. Being a girl is not insulting. Being a girl, hitting like a girl, fighting like a girl, and running like a girl is beautiful. Being a girl is powerful.
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