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America Chooses The Winner as The Voice Ends: Who is the Champion?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/20/2013 12:49 am
America Chooses The Winner as The Voice Ends: Who is the Champion?

Bec Heim

Tarra Matthews

, &

 Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Welcome to the season four finale of The Voice! The Unholy Trinity of PopWrapped is super sad to say goodbye to all you lovely readers and fellow fanatics of this show but all good things must come to an end. Let’s see who America chose as their Voice for this season!

Bec’s Take:

Aw this is bittersweet. Why? It’s the end of a season and Danielle Bradbery is going to win.

In the long run, this is probably good for Michelle. Those contracts are usually super restrictive.

“Feel This Moment” sung by Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera: What the hell is Christina wearing? Okay. I can tell you something right now. The song? It sucks. It sucks really bad. The only good part is the hook that Christina sings. I just don’t like Pitbull. And seeing Christina onstage makes me wish she was hear all season to give bitchiness to some contestants that I will not name because its mean. But ugh. Can we just keep Shakira?

See! Shakira thinks the best part is her fellow coaches and the family. She baked a cake for Blake!

“Start Tonight” sung by The Swon Brothers, Holly Tucker, Justin Rivers and Amber Carrington: Who is Justin Rivers? Seriously. I don’t remember him. Oh great Holly is back. Sigh. Wait AMBER!!!! AMBER I MISS YOU!!!! Actually they all sound pretty good. If you want me to be honesty. I mean it doesn’t sound horrible. There are some nice harmonies going on right now. It doesn’t sound amazing. But it’s good.

Adam and Blake’s bromance is given the True Hollywood Story treatment. There is a crisis in bromantic paradise. Usher is the other woman. This is hilarious. Adam is like WTF at the end of it. But I’m dying.

“Counting Stars” sung by Michelle Chamuel and One Republic: Awww Michelle looks like she is having a moment of excitement on the inside. This sounds really good. This is actually really cool. Michelle and the lead singer of One Republic look like they’re having fun. They also sound really good together. They really give each other a lot of energy. I love them chasing each other around the stage. This was so so so cool. I am so buying this song. And figuring out how to rip the audio off of YouTube.


Blake tries to take credit for Usher’s coaching techniques by being a bit silly. Not true. Usher came up with those himself. Because Usher is awesome. The birthday video was cute.

“Cruise” sung by Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly: …I hate this song. Mute button is going on now. Okay question. What is it with this show and fire? Awww Usher hugging Nelly. 

“Ain’t To Proud” sung by Garrett Gardner, Vedo, Josiah Hawley and Kris Thomas: OHMYGOD THIS IS SO SEXY!!! Can we make them a boy band? I love this! This is really cute and awesome! It definitely feels like retro and awesome at the same time. I love this performance! Holly on sax! This whole performance is a production. Why can’t this stuff be in Motown: The Musical? This is my favorite performance so far!

 “All American Girl” sung by Amber Carrington, Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser: Oh Danielle. You’re surrounding yourself with people who can connect better emotionally than you with music. It’s really nice to see Caroline again!!! Amber you are getting a lot of use tonight! Go girl! They do have a very girl group vibe going on. Danielle’s dress looks very…girlish. I mean she’s sixteen but she looks really really sixteen in that dress. Yeah everyone is kind of blowing Danielle out of the water emotion wise. I really wish Amber was in the finale.

The last The Voice confessional! Adam has pretty hands. Usher gets in everyone’s face. MICHELLE USHER SOCK PUPPET DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! IT WINS ALL!!!!! Michelle pretending to be Blake is adorable. OhmyGod the Swons in drag!!!! Usher always splits his pants. Shakira tries to steal Cee-Lo’s Lady.

“Treasure” sung by Bruno Mars: Well after singing four of his songs this season, they needed to have him on. I like the song and the 70’s vibe here. Plus I can’t be too mean since the guy just lost his Mom. I wouldn’t though! I really like this song a lot! Anything that has a disco ball is cool.

“Night Moves” sung by Bob Seger and the Swon Brothers: This makes a lot of sense. I just love them all in a line and playing their guitar. Hey Colton got a long note! Bob Seger just makes everything great. It’s clear the Swon Brothers are giving it their all here.  They should have been doing this al season. The Swons are just adorable and excited!

Time for Shakira! English is not her first language but she is poetic. I love that she knows so many words like that! And watching all the other coaches just FAIL at spelling and vocab is hilarious. You guys do know that Shakira was recently declared a MENSA member right?

“My Lovin’ You’re Never Gonna Get It” sung by Cathia, Judith Hill, Karina Iglesias and Sasha Hill: They sound really, really, really good. Plus I’ve missed Sasha. Karina is kind of the weakest voice on there. But they sound so good that I don’t care. They totally kill it. More fire! I just loved. They should form a girl group seriously.

THEY GAVE THEM NEW CARS?!?! And that’s Danielle’s first car!!!! Ugh I hate that right now. SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A LICENSE!?!?!

“I Want Crazy” sung by Danielle Bradbery and Hunter Hayes: Oh great two bland emotionless country artist singing together. This is my nightmare in hell. Mute button is on. I don’t even care if I’m a bad person.

“We Can Work It Out” sung by Michelle Chamuel, Josiah Hawley, Cathia and Vedo: Team Usher baby! This is just so sweet. Michelle is just such a sweet and lovely person. They look like they’re having fun. It’s nice to see Team Usher together again. Usher looks so happy. Let’s just consider the awesome here. We have a Stevie Wonder cover of a Beatles song sung by Team Usher. This is the pinnacle of AWESOME right here! OhmyGod this is just so much awesome and happiness! Usher smiling and grooving along to it is also just so awesome. They’re all wearing red shoes!!! Usher is smiling so much!!!

The final Confessional time! No one has thought about winning yet. Michelle and Usher continue to be sweet. This is all really nice. They want to win this for their family, coaches and everyone who helped them. I get teared up.

“Woman’s World” sung by Cher: It’s Cher! In her first television appearance in ten years! What the…What the hell is on Cher’s head? This is actually pretty good. Cher is here to show the young’uns how iti s done. I’m just curious as to how The Voice snagged her. But dude it’s Cher! You got appreciate it. It’s Cher in all her Cher-ness. I could not even try to be funny here. This is just someone who knows artisty doing it. Plus this is insanely catchy.

OhmyGod just tell us that Danielle won already so I can get on mourning. Then Usher can sign Michelle and I can get excited.

Now it’s time to actually learn who the voice is! Goddammit I hate it when shows do this!


In 3rd place: The Swon Brothers

(no big surprise there)

In 2nd place:

 Michelle Chamuel


Danielle Bradbery

Yeah no surprise.

I’m just going to believe that Usher will take care of Michelle and give her a record contract like Adam did with Tony Lucca.

Tarra’s Take:

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! Wow guys I can’t believe our time together is going to be over after you finish reading this post *sniffle* I hope I don’t miss you all too badly.

The judges all look great tonight but I STILL want to break his stupid finger.

Christina & Pitbull “Feel This Moment”

Ugh why won’t this song just go die in a Miami club somewhere? On the plus side, Christina looks super cute and brings some talent to this stage. And then the streamers poped out and just showered the stage. P.S. was it just me or did Shakira not look too impressed?

Happy Birthday Blakey-Poo, will you get to the next season or will that ‘special latte’ get to ya ;)

The SWON Brothers “Stars Tonight” w/Justin, Holly & Amber

I can totally see this group in some community shindig just vibing out. This was a feel good performance that was just so much fun.

One Republic & Michelle Chamuel “Counting Stars”

OMG CAN I PERFORM WITH RYAN TEDDER?!? Or just BE NEAR RYAN TEDDER!?!? This performance is blowing me mind dudes. Downloading the original track and listening to it on repeat forever.

Florida Georgia Line & Nelly “Cruise”

This song has already become MY SONG OF THE SUMMER! This song is new country at its FINEST. I was literally Usher watching this performance. And if this is the introduction to a Nelly comeback I’m totally down!

Garret, Josiah, Kris & Vedo “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

Can this group be a thing? Yes? Yes! Good, let’s get on it. The vibe of the performance was sauve and cool and all of the guys & their choreography were spot on. And then you throw in Holly and her Sax which was super cute. These guys can sing at any and all events in my future.

Danielle Bradbery “All American Girl” w/Amber, Caroline & Sarah

Who did Amber bribe to get into two performances? The girls all look super cute but kind looks like Danielle is trying to one up them, which is his prerogative I suppose. Overall, meh.

Bruno Mars “Treasure”

Another of my ‘Songs of Summer!’ LOVE the throwback element to this performance, always a big fan of upbeat Bruno instead of deep and depressing Bruno. Only downside to this performance? I’m pretty sure all the twinkly light temporarily have blinded me ;)

Bob Segar & The SWON Brothers “Night Moves”

What a LEGEND Bob Segar is! The Bros look so in awe to be performing with him. Great job guys!

Cathia, Judith, Karina & Sasha  ”(My Lovin’) You’re Never Gonna Get It”

What a funky awesome song for these ladies, totally approve! It’s also nice to hear them all gelling together with stand out moments and not just YELL SINGING at us the whole time.

Hunter Hayes & Danielle Bradbery “I Want Crazy”

So how long until the rumours are flying these two are dating? Fun fact: Hunter & I share a birthday! This performance is just all about the cute and catchy song. I wish he could have gotten her to loosen up a bit on stage but then I saw her shoes and yeah, I wouldn’t move either.

Michelle Chamuel “We Can Work It Out” w/Josiah, Vedo & Cathia

Yay for Team Usher reunion!! This team may have the best chemistry out there because Usher made this more than an individual competition. These four prove that there can be family too. Usher just looked like a Proud Papa the whole time too. Great performance by these 4!

Cher “Woman’s World”

Who did they blackmail to get this ICON of music on the show?!? This performance is staged amazingly and goes to show that some talent is timeless. Now I’ve only heard this song like a million times thanks to my boss but I still love it. Cher makes performing seem so effortless it’s crazy.

IT IS TIME CHILDREN!! Grab your mothers/brothers/fathers/girlfriends/boyfriends and hang on for the most emotional 5 minutes EVER. First we have the contestants tugging at our heart strings thanking their coaches. Not a dry eye in the house!

3rd Place: The SWON Brothers

2nd Place: Michelle Chamuel

WINNER: Danielle Bradbery

Not surprised AT ALL. Why vote for an original when you can have TSwizzle 2.0?!? You messed it up ‘MURRICA but Michelle will get ya back on the sales charts later, She’s got Usher on her side!

Erika’s Take:

Instead of my usual critiquing of the performances, I’m going to take this moment to reflect on this past season and summarize my overall thoughts on tonight. Yes, we are going to find out who ‘Murica has decided as the winner tonight but first we get some filler performances and confessionals before that point of the show comes.

It was really lovely to see Christina again but I will say this: ENOUGH WITH THIS SONG!!! However, she looked great, and I’m looking forward to her realness next season. It was severely missing this season, no offense to the other coaches. You all missed out on ALOT of opportunities to tell some of these contestants that they bombed.

Michelle and One Republic kicked ass in their number. I really have enjoyed watching Michelle grow as an artist and performer this season, and her relationship with Usher has been the season’s top highlight for me. 

I have also enjoyed the mini bromance of Blake and Usher as they didn’t take jabs at one another like Adam and Blake do now. That is starting to get old for me, or at least it was by the end of this season.

Blake and his pointy finger need to go next season if he plans to endear himself to me. His team did really well in their performances this evening and did go out with a bang.

Adam’s Angels were lovely to see yet bittersweet as one of these ladies deserved to be in the finale….sigh….

Cher….what can be said about her? Hadn’t heard this song yet but it’s quite catchy. Don’t know how they got her to be in this finale but it’s nice to see that she’s got it!

Bruno Mars…Just love him…and this song is EVERYTHING.

Some of the filler performance escape me as I have been too nervous waiting on the results, even though, in my heart of hearts, I know it’s going to be Danielle Bradbery.

Five minutes until the show ends and we have our results….

Third place: Swon Bros

Second place: Michelle Chamuel :(

First place and this season’s VOICE: Danielle Bradbery

Congrats to Danielle and Team Blake…

Michelle, I know you’re going to be HUGE soon as I have FAITH in USHER and know that he will take care of you.

Finale Fantasy Team results:

TEAM ERIKA: 47 points and the WINNER!!!

TEAM TARRA: 38 points

TEAM BEC: 37 points

Signing off on this season and until the fall,

-The Unholy Trinity of PopWrapped-


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