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American Idol Recap: And Then There Were 3

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

05/10/2015 11:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
American Idol Recap: And Then There Were 3 | American Idol
And then there were 4......that would soon become 3. Tonight's "American Idol" was the last stop before next weeks huge finale, but who would make it there? We lost Tyanna Jones last week, as Rayvon Owen snuck on through once again, but would he be able to do it on the most important show of the season? It was going to be a jam packed night with multiple performances from the remaining contestants, as well as all of the footage of their trips home. Round one would be Scott Borchetta's pick, round 2 would be their home performances, and round 3 would be judges' picks. There would also be no green chairs tonight, as all 4 of them would be performing. We would find out our Final 3 at the end of the show. 1. Rayvon Owen - "Want To Want Me" by Jason DeRulo Uh......anyone else think Scott Borchetta may have REALLY hurt Rayvon with an upbeat track? The judges were seemingly all over this performance, but yours truly was not a fan of this right out the gate. The falsetto was all over the place, and I'm truly stumped as to how the judges loved it. 2. Clark Beckham - "Beautiful Day" by U2 Now, THIS was a solid choice!! Clark took the massive U2 track and really did his thing with it, and now it's time for yours truly to vent. The judges praised Rayvon's off falsetto, but when it came to Clark's powerhouse vocals, they say he wasn't matching the energy of the band? This is going to be an interesting night. 3. Nick Fradiani - "Because the Night" by Bruce Springsteen Hands down.....performance of the night so far!!! Scott picking Springsteen for Nick was absolutely stellar and Nick really owned every single note. If there's anyone in the competition that has truly grown, Nick is that person. Jennifer Lopez was right last week when she said that Nick was peaking, and he continued to rise tonight with his first song. 4. Jax - "My Generation" by The Who Well HELLO SUPERSTAR!!! And I think I spoke too soon with performance of the night. Jax exploded onstage with her Who performance, and from the start until the end, she had the entire audience and viewers at home in the palm of her hand. This was easily the best song Scott picked tonight, and it was CRAZY GOOD. We then got our first hometown visit courtesy of Nick, and as usual it was quite the emotional trip for a usually stoic Fradiani. From his reunion with his friends, and the performance with his Dad, it was GREAT to watch. 1. Nick Fradiani - "Back Home" by Andy Grammer Nick continued his upwards climb with yet another stellar performance and the Andy Grammer song realy fit the groove for him. I loved every second of this performance and will be devastated if he doesn't make the Top 3. It was time for Clark's return home. And......tears. During the usual parade in the hometown, Clark's dad was visibly overcome with emotion and it brought tears to yours truly's eyes. 2. Clark Beckham - "Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding Absolutely perfect song choice!!!! The Tennessee native slowed things down and took us to CHURCH with his Otis Redding classic and it was an incredible song choice for him. More ranting though. Keith Urban sounded off again about wanting more of a "struggle" from Clark during his performances, and does anyone else feel Keith really doesn't want Clark to win? Time for Rayvon's video package back home to Virginia!! A little bit of rain couldn't put a damper on Rayvon's visit home and another tribute performance to his supportive mother. 3. Rayvon Owen - "As" by Stevie Wonder Now, let's look at the positives..... This was better than the first performance. That's all I got. Jax returned home to New Jersey and out of all of the finalists this year, Jax is truly the most humbled. Her reaction to everything seemed so incredibly sincere and that was beautiful to see. 4. Jax - "My Immortal" by Evanescence  Three words: ABSOLUTELY, RIDICULOUSLY PERFECT. There's really nothing else to say because it was gorgeous. I loved every single note. Time for our final round.......and then the elimination. It was time for he Judges' Picks!! 1. Clark Beckham - "Earned It" by The Weeknd TAKE THAT KEITH URBAN!!! Clark destroyed the song selection from Jennifer Lopez and it was an absolute master class in a vocal. It appeared the judges finally didn't have anything bad to say which was very welcomed. 2. Rayvon Owen - "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker THAT was what I've been missing from Rayvon tonight!!!! Rayvon finally delivered a killer vocal and it was really, REALLY good. Excellent job!! 3. Jax - "Misery Business" by Paramore What just happened!? The song choice looked stellar on paper, but the arrangement that Jax pulled out really fell flat. This girl is immensely talented, and it was put to complete waste.

4. Nick Fradiani - "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain

One ALL TIME.....favorite songs!!! And a standing ovation from Keith Urban!! Nick had one HELL of a night and he capped it all off with a perfect rendition of the Edwin track. It was a great song choice to end the night, but we now had the unfortunate task of finding out who WOULDN'T be making it to next week's finale...... The first person next weeks finale is..... Nick Fradiani!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was followed by Clark Beckham!!!! And we are down to Rayvon and Jax. It was the end of the road for..... Rayvon Owen. Next week, Clark, Jax and Nick will meet on the Tuesday night.....before we find out which two move on to he GRAND FINALE on Wednesday!! Who's YOUR pick to win it all?    

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