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American Idol's Top 10 Take On Hits From The Billboard Charts

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/20/2014 11:57 am
PopWrapped | Television
American Idol's Top 10 Take On Hits From The Billboard Charts
Media Courtesy of Fox

Shane Avery

Senior Staff Writer


Ah, the coveted Top 10. Everyone must be resting a tad easier now that they know they've made the Idol summer tour, while also inching closer towards the title of "AMERICAN IDOL." Who arose to the occasion tonight? And who fell flat? Well, let me tell you all!! The theme for tonight were songs from the Billboard chart (from 2011 until now), which would really give each Idol hopeful the ability to pick a song that would be comfortable with.

1. MK Nobilette - "Perfect" by Pink

This was a pretty smart song choice for MK, as her vocal really fit the song. However, and Keith picked up on it immediately, she missed her place with the band near the middle. I felt this really threw her off and she never really recovered from it. It wasn't a terrible vocal (really nice though), but unfortunately this performance is going to hurt her.  She's definitely in trouble this week.

2. Dexter Roberts - "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line

Country boy tackled the biggest selling country single in years and he managed to start off well. While I LOVED the slowed down intro, he never picked up his energy when the song picked up. I felt it was a tad boring because he didn't really get behind it. I think Harry was a tad harsh with his criticism, but like MK, this was definitely not Dexter's strongest performance. Only 2 out of 10 in, and yours truly was REALLY hoping the night was going to improve......

3. Jena Irene - "Clarity" by Zedd

Maybe I'm grumpy, because I can't find many positive things to find tonight. While it was easily the best performance of the night, the vocal was lacking. She definitely still made the song her own, but I have to disagree with the judges about her voice. I got the impression she was struggling with some of the higher notes. Still, it put MK and Dexter's performances to shame. I'm really going to need the show to pick up though.

4. Alex Preston - "Story of My Life" by One Direction

Alex has to be very afraid of the Directioners, because they would be out for blood if Alex screwed this up. THANKFULLY that didn't happen because his performance was great!! Making it completely his own, Alex could release that as a single TOMORROW and it would be a #1 record. His runs were simple, but it worked for the song. The crowd was very much into it, and I agreed with the judges completely. Best performance of the night so far.

5. Malaya Watson - "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars

Remember, last years Idol winner Candice Glover covered this song effortlessly, so Malaya had big shoes to fill. And boy, did she fill those fabulous shoes! Malaya delivered her best vocal to date tonight, with her Bruno Mars cover and I can't rave about this enough. She was on point, the emotion was there and she what I loved the most was the control. Malaya had previously really pushed her vocals to the point where it gets away from her, but tonight was so controlled. She went up, but didn't push it. Absolutely, fantastic!!

6. Caleb Johnson - "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga

Leave it to our resident rocker to really give us another powerhouse vocal. Vocally, there was nothing wrong with the performance, but the judges once again really hit home their critiques: It felt a tad lackluster with the production. The pacing of the track didn't fit Caleb and I think it hut him. Do I think he's in trouble? Not a chance.

7. CJ Harris - "Invisible" by Hunter Hayes

Last week, CJ stole the show with his performance, so I was expecting big things from him. With his cover of Hunter Hayes' recent single "Invisible", I seem to be on different pages than the judges. Keith called it very shaky, Jennifer echoed that sentiment, and Harry called out his pitch problems. I must have been listening to something else, because I thought he sounded great. Unfortunately, I'm no judge. What did you guys think?

8. Jessica Meuse - "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People

I've found my biggest issue with Jessica: Every week, she seems to tackle a different style of music and it's really starting to confuse me. While I don't think it was an AWFUL performance, it's still not my favorite. I just didn't get it.

9. Majesty Rose - "Wake Me Up" by Avicii

Very different twist on the Avicii hit, and I really loved it. The song felt very fresh, and it could have easily been her own hit. And as an added bonus, Harry actually liked it a lot! However, Keith was not a fan. Can't with 'em all!!

10. Sam Woolf - "We Are Young" by Fun

The song choices tonight were very interesting, and this was yet another. Closing out the show with a massive #1 hit, Sam's only goal needed to be to show that he could be comfortable on that stage and loosen up. The judges have been on him week after week, and after landing in the bottom 3 last week, did he change things up? I feel like he definitely stepped up his game, but Harry still wasn't convinced. He's still wanting Sam to come out of his shell. That's it though. Tomorrow night, we've got results and Miss Jennifer Lopez performing her new single "I Luh Ya Papi". Who's going home though? My prediction for the bottom 3 are: MK Dexter Jessica

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