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Loudinni Puts American Sniper Through The Ringer

loudinni | PopWrapped Author


03/20/2015 3:15 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Loudinni Puts American Sniper Through The Ringer | American Sniper
Media Courtesy of IMDB
American Sniper really pissed me off. It’s another self-righteous, expertly made, patriotic snuff film from Clint Eastwood. Once again, Clint can’t decide whether war is the worst or the coolest thing ever as he continues to explore/celebrate all things romance-machismo about killing for your countrymen. Per usual for an Eastwood film, this one rolls along like a beautifully shot Hallmark Card commercial with flying flesh in slow-motion. For over two hours, it tsk tsks about the plight of our military men and women while, simultaneously, making them look, act, and talk like action heroes. Replete with every cliche (Don’t these guys know you NEVER talk about the ring you bought for your gal back home just before battle?) expected from a John Wayne movie. The acting is great, as is the rest of the production, which only adds to the smug insidiousness of the proceedings. Many audience members will feel they’ve done our people in uniform a service by enduring the angst played out by people pretending to shoot children for a just cause. Clint is a great, cinematic manipulator when it comes to glorifying battle. There is nothing covered in this story that hasn’t been depicted elsewhere in a less masturbatory fashion. I’d like to suggest that if Mr Eastwood would really like to help American troops, he’ll stop producing jingoistic porn like this and end palling around with his hawkish friends who tend to love to send kids to die as gun fodder. Beautifully made crap. Loudinni specializes in movie reviews you can read in under a minute.

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