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America's Next Top Model: 22x03 'The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out'

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

08/22/2015 10:10 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
America's Next Top Model: 22x03 'The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out' | America's Next Top Model
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Continuing on from last week's episode, the elimination process consists of those metal crates you might have seen before, a runway atop said crates, harnesses, and a safety wire. Each contestant is required to walk even while being carried across in hopes to pursue their dream of becoming America's next top model.

The majority of those who 'dropped' didn't have much screen time, but among those who did were the swimsuit model and the shortest girl.

But hey, at least the girls who left probably kept Miss J's shoes.

Mamé continues to slay the competition as she won the runway challenge, but that can change in a blink of an eye. Also, the Devin vs. Bello thing intensifies with even fewer contestants.

Once again, the models will be participating in an 'entangled' raunchy photoshoot, making it a couple-shoot. Prior to that, Tyra stopped by to teach them how to use their necks ft. the animal kingdom. From giraffes to turtles, she explained how to avoid the 'no-neck monster' that every model, including herself, have been criticized for.

One contestant in particular decides to do her own thing, feeling like she's knows better than the legendary Tyra. *gasp*

Just exactly how do you, Hadassah, know better? Right, your pageant experience is equivalent to modelling experience.

Her experience, or lack thereof, was continuously shown through the photoshoot since Yu Tsai and Tyra had to tell her what to do often, making it difficult to find a decent picture of both her and her partner, Devin.

A pairing consisting of Mikey and Courtney was proving to be quite stressful causing him to lash out after the photoshoot, leaving her in tears.

At panel, their relationship hasn't quite recovered, but they both made it primarily thanks to her partner. Despite Hadassah's thick skull, she made it, too.

Devin's attained some major bragging rights; he won this week's best photo. With that in mind, that probably left his opponent fuming even more. However, the lowest scores belonged to Stefano, who claimed he had more experience than Ana, and Delanie, the girl who couldn't model with her lower body. The person who got eliminated was Delanie.

Top 5 best couple-shoots:

5. Stefano and Ana

4. Bello and Lacey

3. Devin and Ashley

2. Mikey and Courtney

  1. Justin and Mamé


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