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America's Next Top Model: 22x05, The Guy Who Gets A Hickey

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

09/06/2015 1:43 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
America's Next Top Model: 22x05, The Guy Who Gets A Hickey | America's Next Top Model
Media Courtesy of Baltimore Sun

There's romance in the air, especially since Devin revealed the already-obvious relationships occurring at the Model House which are Mikey x Ashley and Justin x Mamé.  Courtney gets pretty upset that Mikey doesn't have the same feelings for her, so she decides to make a huge deal out of it despite having a boyfriend back at home. On the other hand, he explains that his kind behavior towards her is due to feeling like an over-protective older brother, but that was then; he feels like she's too much to deal with lately.

Prior to the first challenge, the MA out of fashion gang DMA (Devin, Mikey, and Ashley) were apparently making moaning noises that irritated Bello, who needs his eight hours of sleep. Things became heated between the guys, but they didn't physically beat each other up in fear of being eliminated.

The very next day, the models worked on getting their photos retouched as part one of their first challenge. Their Oppo phones have an Ultra HD mode that allows the photographers to take great pictures, even when zoomed in. Even with all the retouching, J Smooth wasn't able to get his hickey erased, and got called out by Yu Tsai as a result. The clear winner was Mikey, but there were other notable photos coming from Lacey and Devin.

For winning the retouched challenge, Mikey could take a significant other on a dinner date. Sadly, he doesn't pick his girl, Ashley, and instead takes his best friend, Devin; he wants his 'secret', or whatever's left of it, on the low. I guess he's not aware that everything's on television, huh? Thankfully, she understood and, once the clique came back from their date, they were DMA again.

Back at the house, DM of DMA a.k.a. "the mean girls" were up to their usual shenanigans- the boys were making remarks on Ava's winning photo from last week. Already agitated, Courtney decides to tattletale to Ava as part of avenging her hurt feelings. No one likes a rat, and that only made her even more isolated than before.

Now Ava's hurt thanks to a certain model, and she wants a sincere apology from both guys. Devin does apologize, but it wasn't exactly sincere. Mikey rants in his confession journal the Courtney was lying even though she wasn't. Once again, hasn't he heard of television?

The models then go on to talk about Courtney, and she's in tears- the usual. It's understandable to be hurt, but perhaps she should see the criticism as constructive. Nyle, the more mature one, goes to comfort her half-naked. Talk about awkward.

As part-two of the challenge, the models will be judged on their unedited photos; this causes some concern amongst a few like Mamé, surprisingly. Once again, favorites like Justin, Devin, Mikey, and Lacey, just to name a few do exceptionally well. However, Justin and Courtney were still on the eh. What's pretty great is that Hadassah is finally starting to change that obnoxious personality of hers. Kudos, girl.

At the panel, Mamé was praised for having that beautiful mane go wild and Lacey who is now the height of Karlie Kloss. Nyle still needs to work on expressing himself, and so does Devin, Mikey, and Hadassah- they need to take risks. Speaking of risks, Devin's risk made him the winner of the best raw photo. Tyra even had a difficult time choosing since he had 30 of them. The bottom two ended up being predictable with Hadassah and Justin. Unfortunately, he was sent home, but he was okay with it; not only does he get to smile whenever he wants, he admittedly had a fun time.

Top 5 best shoots:

5. Bello

4. Mamé

3. Mikey

2. Lacey

  1. Devin


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