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America's Next Top Model: 22x08, The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

09/26/2015 6:41 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
America's Next Top Model: 22x08, The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up | America's Next Top Model
Media Courtesy of BuddyTV

At this point, there's usually a few standout models who are most likely to win America's Next Top Model, and, this time, that winner looks like Lacey. After keeping her modeling game strong for several episodes, she continues to bring her A game.

However, there's also lots of character development, too. Mikey and Hadassah decide to turn a new leaf for the better, while Bello focuses more on how to bring the contestants down. Courtney tries to be more outgoing(?) to be a part of DMA -- or what's left of it, that is -- but it backfires.


For their first challenge, the models had to create a six second Vine showing the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with the guidance of Vine star, Brittney Furlan. In addition, they'll also be judged by young girls instead of the guest star and Miss J. They were then placed into three groups consisting of three models which had to focus on three different aspects: money, respect, and power.

Both Team Money (Nyle, Justin, and Lacey) and Team Respect (Hadassah, Mamé, and Mikey) made exceptional Vines, but Team Power (Bello, Devin, and Courtney) were definitely losing their power, so to speak. Not only did Bello accidentally deleted their video, Courtney's acting was lackluster...again. There can be one winner, though, and it was none other than Team Respect. Not only did they create an empowering video, it was also funny at the same time.

Later on, Nyle decides to hold a surprise birthday for Devin, who happens to be turning 22. Things go well until the birthday boy 'borrows' Nyle's phone for too long, leaving the deaf contestant frustrated and isolated once more.

For the next challenge, the models had the opportunity to catch a brief glimpse of Tyra working a living doll photoshoot before heading off to do the same thing. Hadassah becomes extremely excited because she knows how dolls work, and undoubtedly, that experience helped bring the inner beauty she had all this time. Lacey and Nyle continue to do their best, with Justin tagging behind this time. Surprisingly, both Mamé and Mikey aren't doing that great, even though they scream model status. No offense to Bello, Devin, and Courtney, but they continue to struggle, making it pretty obvious as to who would leave the show.

Sometimes, it can be predictable as to who would win or lose -- the latter being Lacey, and, as a surprise, two contestants would be eliminated. If you guessed right, it's the usual trio: Devin, Bello, and Courtney. The first to leave was Courtney (no surprise there), and following her was Bello (no surprise there).

Top 5 Shoots:

5. Mamé

4. Mikey

3. Hadassah/Justin

2. Nyle

  1. Lacey


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