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Music PopWrapped | Music

SakkieFTW Gives Us 'Experiment 1.3.2'

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

06/06/2016 2:04 pm
PopWrapped | Music
SakkieFTW Gives Us 'Experiment 1.3.2' | SakkieFTW
Media Courtesy of Facebook

Bravely playing by their own rules, SakkieFTW is here to give some lessons on how to make a song stay in your head all day long. Hailing from Vancouver BC, Canada, this EDM and Dubstep juggernaut demands that you turn the volume up past ten, and that you get moving. With their new, and instantly catchy EP titled Experiment 1.3.2, SakkieFTW is adding more and more fans to their growing collective each and every day.

Opening with their lead single "Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter)", a track that has an accompanying video as well; this song drips of both sex and venom. With haunting female vocals and a slightly Dust Brothers Fight Club Soundtrack approach to the composition, this track is a great way to introduce the very talented Sakkie FTW to the musically inclined public.

The following song “Experiment 1.3.2", is gritty, fast, and embraces a true jungle beat reminiscent of NIN’s "Perfect Drug". This track is layers upon layers of chaos meets control, and in many ways is simply kind of insane. More of an artistic experiment than a true song, this track will no doubt have a polarizing effect on many listeners. I enjoyed the unique composition, but this was definitely a love hate relationship for me.

“FGWTF” is an absolute killer of a song. From the opening few seconds to the steady rise of this musical journey, this track instantly became my favorite on the blazing EP. One thing that anyone will notice about SakkieFTW and their EP, is that they do not copy and paste each and every track to reflect the one that came before. Every song has its own feeling, its own composition, and in many ways its own genre-box to play in. “FGWTF” is a mean song that is both dark and beautiful, and I found it truly inspiring. It is a brief track, and I would have been happy to hear an extended version that gave me a few more minutes of this awesome track.

The final song on the album is called “In Chains”, and in true juxtaposition, this song feels like it is breaking out of chains. Did I say that “FGWTF” was my favorite track? I have to take it back, because this song is what I love about EDM. “In Chains” feels tribal and beautiful, dark and inspirational, chaotic and controlled, and at its core it is taking its cues from greats like Juno Reactor and Totemic.

Experiment 1.3.2 is a true gem of a find, and it would be a shame for any EDM and Dubstep listener to miss. If this is what the EP sounds like, then I cannot wait for the full length album. Congratulations are in order for this victory in song craftsmanship, from this moment forward, SakkieFTW can consider me a true fan.

SakkieFTW can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and their official site.



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