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YouTube PopWrapped | YouTube

An Introduction To The Popular YouTube Series 'Doctor Puppet'

Amanda Dominguez-Chio | PopWrapped Author

Amanda Dominguez-Chio

04/22/2017 12:07 pm
PopWrapped | YouTube
An Introduction To The Popular YouTube Series 'Doctor Puppet' | Doctor Puppet

Fans of Doctor Who will appreciate the beloved YouTube series Doctor Puppet. The series features miniature versions of the Doctor, TARDIS, and sonic screwdriver, among other things. Created by Alisa Stern, the stop-motion animated series charms fans of the Doctor Who universe. The series has grown in popularity since its humble beginnings on Stern’s Tumblr account. Originally, Stern would post photos of the 11th Doctor puppet on her account. Once the blog became popular among fans, Stern decided to create “The Doctor Puppet Christmas Special,” with the video going viral and leading Stern to partner up with the Nerdist. 

The first episode aired on YouTube on March 29, 2013. “The Red X” begins with the 11th Doctor finding a mysterious letter on the TARDIS. Opening the letter, the Doctor finds a large red X and a message urging him to “Run!” As the Doctor attempts to uncover the mystery behind the message, he meets his earlier incarnations, such as the beloved 10th doctor, each one disappearing before he can receive any answers to the mystery. The most recent episodes follow the 12th doctor and his adventures.

The most recent episode premiered four months ago, “The 12 Puppets of Christmas.” According to Stern’s Instagram, she is currently preparing her next episode featuring the 12th Doctor’s latest companion, Bill. The YouTube series pays homage to the BBC series, creating a story that is separate to the original storyline while simultaneously alluding to the hit show.

A lot of work goes into making an episode, including the storyline, sets, and music. Stern's YouTube channel includes videos that allow fans to take a look behind the scenes. Watching the series makes one appreciate the work and dedication that goes into making an episode of The Doctor Puppet. While the episodes are short, they are also addictive. Several of the episodes are no longer than 5 minutes and often end in a cliff-hanger, making one susceptible to watch them all. 

Check out the first episode below!


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