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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

An Undercover Investigation Takes An Unexpected Turn On This Week's "Castle"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/04/2014 11:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
An Undercover Investigation Takes An Unexpected Turn On This Week's
Media Courtesy of IMDB
Courtesy of IMDB Courtesy of IMDB

David Green Staff Writer

@DJSoundBite Remember how last week’s recap the story was predictable and I was worried that there might not be any life left in the series? Well, I take it all back! This week’s episode of Castle was not only action packed, but I did not see the ending coming. The story is thus: Becket is asked by Narcotics to pose as a member in the secret drug organization that is responsible for a string of brutal murders. They only have one name to go on: Lazarus. The woman she is posing as is Elaine (a supposed drug courier) and her job is just to meet with them and the Narcotic team will swoop in and arrest them. However, things don’t go according to plan (when do they ever?) when she is kidnapped by the organization. While all this is happening, Castle is waiting for Becket. Having rung and text, he thinks something is not right. They were planning a romantic dinner and she didn’t come home. It turns out Elaina was not a drug runner, but in fact a hired assassin, and with Becket having no way to contact the team, she is in a lot of danger. She manages to alert Esposito and Ryan about the situation. but the call is untraceable and all other communication is limited. Still under the guise of Elaina, Becket says she wants to meet Lazarus. The organizer, Mr Jones, agrees, but only if she kills a new target. Hartner (Jones' hired gun) takes her to the target's house; Becket pushes for information, under the guise that she needs the info for reckon. Becket sneaks in behind the target in his home, he gets up, and two shots are heard. She runs back, and Hartner puts a gun in her face and says to show him the body. There is blood on the wall and the body is on the floor. Later, however, the target comes to the police and says she staged the whole thing by using ketchup and beetroot and telling him to lay still. The target tells the police all what she told him about the compound. He is a lawyer, mainly doing corporate, and nobody can work out why anyone would want him dead. Becket is brought back, and Mr Jones says Lazarus wants to see her. She is brought down stairs, deep underground. All the women are counting the money and she see a name: ‘Future Forward’. A man is screaming on the other side of the door. Lazarus takes a look at Becket and says, "You are not Elaina”. He says he knows she is Detective Becket. Jones has the gun on her before she can pull hers out. Lazarus is Vulcan Simons--the person she accused of murdering her mother. They start torturing her to find out what her mission was. Beforehand, Becket was able to send a text message to the precinct, but it was incomplete--meaning they still don’t know where she is. Simons says to take Becket into the woods to kill her. Hartner is to do the job. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, out of nowhere Elaine comes up and kills him. Becket asks if she is going to kill her, and Elaina says she was sent because ‘Lazarus’ wanted her to live. And she walks away. Becket is getting debriefed after having made it back to the precinct. Simons was picked up but the compound was empty and he has an alibi. She writes down the name “Future Foward”. They are trying to work out who Lazarus is. Future Forward is a political superpower which all the money was laundered through, but it was done ‘legally’, so it can’t be traced. The lawyer who was Becket’s target set up some of the accounts. The episode ends with Lazarus suspected to be Senator Bracken (the man who ordered the hit on Becket’s mother), who announced his running for U.S. president. Castle asks why didn’t he just let her die. Becket said when she stopped the assassination last year he owed her a favor; now they are even. My final thoughts: *Fist Pump* YES! This series is back to what I fell in love with. I did not see any of it coming. Reintroducing one of the real threats to Becket makes me really root for them to win. This is what the series has been missing--the overall story arches which give our heroes something to strive towards. The only other villain who has done this is the serial killer 3XK and since he was introduced again at the beginning of this series, I once again have interesting stories to look forward to. What I love about this episode is that, technically, they didn’t win. Becket was scared and was about to die. The team did not get there in time, and nobody was arrested for the murders. The ‘desu ex machina’ of Elaina coming in at the last minute on behalf of Lazarus was a little farfetched, but it is a small price to pay for a solid 4.5/5 episode. I hope we see more episodes of this quality in the coming weeks!

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