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Anime Expo News Roundup- Anime Edition

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

07/11/2015 12:15 am
PopWrapped | Comics
Anime Expo News Roundup- Anime Edition | Anime
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Anime Expo is officially over thus starting the long wait for next year’s Expo. Post con-blues are hitting me harder than expected and I find myself reminiscing over a truly amazing time at this year’s Anime Expo. With stunning cosplays and a massive and welcoming set of people, what’s not to miss? Anime Expo 2015 was made even more memorable by licensing/news announcements made by companies such as Funimation, Sentai, Kodansha and many more. It’s time to do a news round-up but due to the amount of announcements made, I’ll be going through anime related announcements first.

VIZ Media:

Here’s the update on VIZ Media in terms of anime:

  • VIZ has licensed One-Punch Man. One-Punch Man will be streamed on VIZ’s website and Daisuki. One-Punch Man revolves around a powerful and bored protagonist who can defeat any enemy with a single punch; he’s also bald, because he simply trained too hard.

  • Boruto the Movie was also licensed and it revolves around Naruto’s son Boruto, who is not as crazy about his dad as most people are and is determined to surpass him thus he requests to become Sasuke’s apprentice.

  • The most exciting piece of news: VIZ will be releasing Death Note on Blu-ray…finally!! VIZ did not announce an official release date, but fans are finally getting what they’ve been asking for.

  • VIZ has gained the rights to the film K: Missing Kings and K’s second season tilted K: Return of Kings. VIZ streamed the first season of K and released it on Blu-ray and DVD.

  • English dub-cast members were announced for Sailor Moon S which include Lauren Landa as Sailor Neptune, Erica Mendez as Sailor Uranus, Christine Marie Cabanos as Salior Saturn and Keith Silverstein as Professor Tomoe.

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Sentai Filmworks

Sentai announced they have licensed the following summer 2015 anime titles:

Out of all the summer titles Sentai has licensed, I’m perhaps the most excited for Aoharu x Machinegun which centers on Hotaru Tachibana, a high school girl who is disguised as a boy. After a prelude of bizarre circumstances, Hotaru gets involved in a series of survival games by Masamune Matsuoka. The two ultimately end up teaming up with artist Tohru Yukimura and set out to be the best in all of Japan. The art for the series looks spectatcular and I simply can’t wait for the series to begin!

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Sentai also licensed both seasons and the OVA of the hugely popular horror series When They Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

The company also confirmed that Parasyte -the maxim-, an anime they hold the rights to, will be airing this fall on Adult Swim’s Toonami block.


Funimation remained relatively mum licensing news wise. I wonder if they’re saving their announcements for their San Diego Comic-Con panel.  Funimation announced they’ll be streaming the anime series Venus Project: Climax and Chaos Dragon. They also revealed that an anime adaptation of Dimension W is in the works.

The most exciting piece of news provided by Funimation was that they have the rights to the unaired episode of Free! Eternal Summer. The extra episode will be released next year and those who buy the premium edition for Free! Eternal Summer by September 29th will receive a discount on the extra episode when it is released on Blu-ray and DVD. The premium edition, which comes in an exclusive collector’s box, will contain loads of goodies such as an artbook, decals, seven art cards and a towel. Funimation is currently selling the premium edition for $89.98. If you order the premium edition from Funimation, you’ll be placed in a raffle that will give you a chance to win a 1/8-scale figure of Haruka Nanase.

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Aniplex of America

Aniplex announced there will be an English dub of Your Lie in April whose ADR Director will be Patrick Seitz. Open auditions were held for the English dub-cast of Your Lie in April and Aldnoah.Zero by Bang Zoom! Entertainment at Anime Expo.

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Aniplex announced they will be releasing Tsukimonogatari, Fate/Stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and Durarara!!×2 Shō. Tsukimonogatari is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray on September 15th whereas Fate/Stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and Durarara!!×2 Shō will be released on both Blu-ray and DVD. Fate/Stay night: Unlimited Blade Works will be released in a limited edition box-set and first season DVD set on August 25th. Durarara!!×2 Shō will have two separate releases on Blu-ray/DVd. The first release, which is on September 29th, will contain episodes 1-6 and the second half will be released on November 24th and will contain episodes 7 through 12; it will feature the English and Japanese audio.

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Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment

Production company Nozomi Entertainment and retailer/distributor Right Stuf, Inc. revealed they are releasing the following animes in 2016 with Japanese audio and English subtitles:

  • Big Windup! Season 2; Funimation released the first season on DVD, but decided not to license the second season of this sports anime.

  • A Town Where You Live

  • Tamayura – Hitotose

  • Umi Monogatari

  • Pita Ten

Right Stuf had some good news for Mobile Suit Gundam fans. The company along with Sunrise will release the original Gundum series on DVD and Blu-ray this fall. This marks Gundam’s first Blu-ray release in North America.

The next nostalgic hit Right Stuf plans to release is the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena on Blu-ray making it Nozomi Entertainment’s first Blu-ray release and the first Blu-ray release of Utena in North America. Revolutionary Girl Utena is scheduled to be released in 2016.

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That pretty much covers most of the anime annoucemtns made at Anime Expo 2015! A manga edition will be headed your way, but it may have to wait till after Comic-Con!

What titles are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!


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