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Another Shocking "Survivor" First During This Week's Tribal Council In Cagayan

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/21/2014 10:36 am
PopWrapped | Television
Another Shocking
Media Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


Well, this is when Survivor is good. When even the viewer is lost on whats happening at tribal council. I, along with the 5th person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan, was completely blindsided. More about the show’s latest voted out castaway later though. As I predicted a few weeks back, a tribal switch occurred on Day 12. What I got wrong was how it was handled. Originally I thought the Brains would be absorbed between the other two tribes, but instead we got a full on shuffle, which ruins everyones plans and strategies. The Brains managed to all stay together along with Sarah, a lone Brawn, and Alexis, Morgan, and Jeremiah of the Beauties. They formed the new Aparri. All Brawn’s (apart from Sarah) stayed together, and mixed with LJ and Jefra to form the new Solana. They compete in their first challenge straight away, and it’s a physical one. Many would remember its brutal debut in Survivor: Cook Islands. No surprise that Solana, filled with all but one of the former Brawn, take this one out. Back at the camp, while enjoying their reward, Cliff and Lindsey share their displeasure at still being on the same tribe as Trish, while Trish bonds with LJ, which in turn makes them nervous. Over at Aparri, the Brains have found themselves lifted from the bottom to the top, with Alexis and Morgan both trying to be there 4th new alliance member. They could even over look both of them and go with the swing vote Sarah, who has been split from her Cops R’ Us buddy. Life is good now, for the brainless Brain’s tribe. At the immunity challenge, Solana take the early lead, but even with all that strength, they lose to Aparri. With Solana having a 5-2 dynamic in the form of previous tribes, you would think those on the outs would be, well, going out of the game. Not going to be that easy, this week. Trish realizes she was on the bottom of the totem pole, and flips things up getting Tony to join her, LJ and Jefra to vote out future individual immunity threat Cliff, in a blindside that Cliff did not see coming. I was worried that LJ was making a mistake in not playing his idol, but he managed to make another week, AND keep his idol. Also looks like next week is another crazy one, with host Jeff Probst saying after 28 seasons, we have another Survivor first.

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