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America's Next Top Model: 22x02, The Girl Who Walks Away

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

08/20/2015 10:47 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
America's Next Top Model: 22x02, The Girl Who Walks Away | The Girl Who Walks Away
Media Courtesy of Credit: CW

Remember how I said that it was good for Tyra to "break down more walls"? Well, she's still got the knack to break people down, too.

On this episode of America's Next Top Model, the lucky 22 got to see the beautiful model house designed by "Property Brothers" Jonathan and Drew Scott. Heck, they even look like they're a part of the competition with their amazing taste in clothes and, you know, they look like actual models.

While the home looks fantastic, Tyra pulls her typical 'not-enough-beds' card, forcing them once again to either share beds or sleep elsewhere. Like the floor.


Although, I'm pretty sure I know why she uses this 'subtle' trick, but it's getting old.

The guest stars immediately introduced their first challenge: posing. And no, it's not your typical stone-faced poses you see on models nowadays; it includes embarrassing yet funny ones, too. Miss Diplomat's daughter, Mamé, won the round, and she chose India to accompany her inside the Tyra Suite. We all know you would have picked Justin, though.

Drama continues to ensue when Bello is once again offended by Devin's loud personality, even going as far as to dub him 'the frat boy.' Not only that, Alexa began to crack even further since she couldn't handle the pressure of being around roommates, and that she was one of the ones who ended up sleeping on the floor.

If anyone out there is annoyed by Hadassah's presence, thank goodness. Who calls a house meeting to explain to everyone what SHE doesn't like and vice versa? It's not HER house. No one could blame Lacey for her disapproval, either.

Meanwhile, there's always gotta be a flirt somewhere, right? This season, it's none other than Mikey. He's seen flirting with every female, trying to get at least one of them to sleep with him in his bed. He eventually managed to convince Courtney, even though she had a boyfriend back at home. It's not too surprising to find out that she has a crush on him--it's pretty obvious.

The next day, the models were going to have their pictures taken by well-known photographers Erik Asla and Massimo or their group photo. However, Alexa's had enough, and no one could stop her from leaving, including Yu Tsai. Speaking of the judge, he constantly criticized Devin's appearance and, as a result, Devin cried. To make things worse, Bello was constantly making faces at him during the photoshoot, which makes me wonder how old he is. 

Later that night, Bello lashes out on Devin for his crying 'stunt' earlier, causing people to dislike him. Who wouldn't?

Thankfully, there were no eliminations...for now. On the other hand, there were previews of how that will pan out, and that includes walking on a catwalk that's above the ground and being dropped.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we'll get to see who leaves, possibly more Bello vs. Devin, and so much more!

This week's best models (based on the group photoshoot):

5. Courtney: She looks absolutely stunning here.

4. Bello: I guess you can tell that I'm not fond of him, but he did well, I'll give him that.

3. Mamé: Dat glare. Nuff' said.

2. Ashley: I'm loving that pose! Atta girl! Kudos to stepping from #3 from my list last week.

1. Delanie: While she hasn't gotten enough screen-time yet, she brings sex to sexy with her fierce pose. Rawr.


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