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Music PopWrapped | Music

Taking It To The Next Level, Armonite Releases 'The Sun Is New Each Day'

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

06/13/2016 3:07 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Taking It To The Next Level, Armonite Releases 'The Sun Is New Each Day' | Armonite
Media Courtesy of Armonite

Bravely creating eclectic music from both a raw and honest space, ARMONITE (from Pavia, Italy) have offered up something truly unique with their exceptional new album The Sun Is New Each Day. A beautiful musical synergy exists between both Paolo Fosso (composer) and Jacopi Bigi (violinist); there is no denying that these two musicians truly connect on the same level when it comes to their inspired music.

A difficult task for anyone would be to try and place this band into a specific genre box (and keep them in it). ARMONITE is a true act of musical freedom, and one that swims in progressive rock meets post-rock meets something completely their own. Independent bands take notice, because ARMONITE is giving a music lesson in how to make a great album without sacrificing their artistic vision.

Opening with the albums lead single “Suitcase War," this song wastes no time when introducing listeners to the, at times, manic and very creative sound of ARMONITE. With no lyrics or vocals to gather meaning from, listeners are asked to choose the songs potential meaning for themselves, and in doing so, this song is a shining example of what makes ARMONITE such a treat to listen to. What I can only describe as a potential soundtrack to an anime or videogame, “Suitcase War” is a complicated composition of layers of sound that might have spun out into chaos, if not for the masterful skills of ARMONITE.

The instantly incredible track titled “Connect Four” reminds me of Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack, and trust me, that is a great compliment in my books. It dives straight into one extremely catchy and dark beat, made aggressive with the grand piano hits. But after a few moments, it becomes crystal clear that these guys are true gamers. The song is a bit of classical meets Mega Man meets Phish. It's truly brilliant and no doubt will garner some polarizing opinions.

The final track on this instrumental juggernaut of an album is titled “Insert Coin," and although it carries the same amount of skill that the other tracks have, it does travel a bit too far into gaming realm to be taken seriously as a song. Choices to use Super Mario Brothers sound effects, among others, simply make this track too much of a gimmick for me. As the song itself progresses, it does gather some momentum in the later half with some great synths and interesting layers, but it is simply not enough to save this track from mediocrity.

The album as a whole is impressive and well thought out, and the sheer song writing talent found within should be more than enough to please most listeners. But no matter what, when it comes to something this unique, it will end up being a love or hate relationship for many. If you are looking for something truly unique and inspired, then look no further than ARMONITE’s, The Sun Is New Each Day.

ARMONITE can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their official site.


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