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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x02, The Candidate

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/17/2015 6:59 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x02, The Candidate | The Candidate
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After last week's amazing season premiere, Arrow returns with "The Candidate".

The Arrow team is out kicking some Ghosts’ butts and manage to stop a bomb from exploding. Back at the lair, Oliver gives Thea a lecture about going wild on the field and almost killing. Felicity is excited to be the boss of Ray’s company and Oliver makes sure to spoil her with a couple of gifts. The first flashback finds him on Lian Yu, getting the guards down and being told to infiltrate something. Oliver and Thea have lunch with one of their mother’s friends Jessica Danforth and daughter Madison, and it turns out she wants to run for mayor. Ray’s company has seen better days and Felicity is given some bad numbers, when a non-board member Curtis brings a plan to fire some.

Oliver and Thea have attended Jessica’s mayoral announcement, when shooting begins. Thea finds out it’s just a distraction, and Oliver manages to save his mother’s friend from the bad guy pretending to be her guard. Even though he goes after him, Ollie is eventually hit by a car and loses him. The team is worried about Jessica and look into some piece of evidence, before Oliver visits Lance and talks to him about keeping the potential mayor safe, only for the latter to question his intentions. In another flashback, Oliver sees a bunch of armed people forcing others to work and realises there’s a landmine all around. The present finds Felicity giving Curtis a hard time and then firing someone in the worst way. Diggle talks with Laurel and she has to be persistent, but he eventually tells her about HIVE and his brother.

Damien Darhk gives his bad guy Machin a lecture for doing sloppy work with the candidate,while Felicity is checking the guy’s fingerprints. Oliver and Thea go out to ask some questions about him, but Thea breaks a guy’s arm and he brother demands that they return home. At the lair, Felicity has worked her magic and got some fingerprints, but Oliver is trying to give Thea a lesson. However, she goes MAD and the others get in the middle. Oliver then reveals Malcolm’s warnings about potential side effects of the Lazarus Pit. One more flashback finds Oliver getting caught and sent to the gang’s leader. In the present, Felicity walks in and prepares to fire some people, but Curtis is on the list and he handles it perfectly.

Oliver visits Jessica to convince her to drop out, but it turns out Madison was kidnapped, and she releases a television statement. A flashback shows Oliver meeting the group’s boss and being offered a chance to work for him instead of being killed. Laurel makes Thea talk about what went down at Nanda Parbat with the Lazarus Pit, which obviously puts thoughts in her head. Lance visits Damien Darhk and demands that he doesn’t harm Madison, only for our big bad to threaten Laurel and get him to deal with it. As Oliver and Felicity stress about being back, Lance calls and sends them after Madison’s location. Team Arrow stops him form doing further harm, but he has some sort of flamethrower that helps him get away. 

Oliver and Thea look for him in the building and he electrifies the latter early in, taking her down, with the Green Arrow to follow. However, Thea’s madness comes back and she manages to set the guy on fire, with Oliver putting it down at the very last minure. Jessica is extremely happy to have Madison back, and even has decided to stop running for president. Another flashback finds Oliver having joined some kind of armed guards and torturing people. At Ray’s company, Felicity hires everyone she fired back, and also claim Curtis has this awsome invention that will give them enough money. Oliver comforts his sister and is sorry he didn’t tell her about the Lazarus Pit earlier. Laurel offers to take her out of town for a few days and they agree, only Laurel has a trip to Nanda Parbat scheduled. 

Before we’re done, Machin kills a couple of paramedics and leaves an Anarchy symbol behind. Oliver talks with Felicity about her struggle with work, but she seems fine now. He says everybody is right about his vigilante persona being unable doing things right and in the light, and has decided to run for mayor. At the same time, Thea and Laurel visit Sara’s grave, with the latter getting down to her dead body.

That’s all for this week - If you want more crazy action on Arrow, make sure to watch the follow-up to "The Candidate" next week!


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