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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x06, Lost Souls

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/17/2015 7:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x06, Lost Souls | Lost Souls
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After bringing Constantine over to help bring back Sara’s soul last week, Arrow strikes back to deal with another couple of "Lost Souls". It all begins with a flashback of how Ray caused the whole explosion and managed not to die. In the present, Oliver’s arranging some mayor work and his strategist Alex asks Thea out, but she’s holding back. Felicity is listening to Ray’s message on a loop when Curtis arrives to take over and let her take a break, but Oliver comes in and finds out what’s going on. In a flashback, the guards are looking into the underground room Constantine visited and find some symbols on the wall, with Oliver being sent to dig some place else alongside his nemesis. Present day finds Sara talking with her mum on the phone and realizing she doesn’t remember some stuff. Oliver takes Felicity home and upsets her by insisting that she rests, when she gets a video message from Ray, saying he’s tiny and kept in a small box because some people want his suit’s technology. Felicity will work on some schematics with Curtis and doesn’t take Oliver’s offer to help well. Another flashback finds Oliver giving workers a break, when his partner gives one named Vlad the chance to improve his living by doing something for him. The present finds Curtis telling Felicity they need some piece from Kord industries when Donna Smoak arrives, invited by Oliver. Felicity is showing her anger while the team’s stealing the piece from Kord, where Sara almost kills a guard. At the lair, Ray video-calls again and Damien Darhk is seen as the one holding him. They send Lance to meet with Darhk so they’ll find Ray’s location and Felicity is even more upset due to dinner plans with her mum. A flashback finds Oliver talking with the supposedly dead girl Tatiana about healing souls and dealing with mystical stuff. In the present, Darhk threatens to kill Felicity if Ray doesn’t collaborate. Donna has ruined dinner but she lets the couple talk when tension gets real, so Felicity says she’s lost herself in Oliver and is confused, so he gives her space. John offers Oliver a glass of whiskey as he’s told the whole story, comforts his friend, but goes when Lance informs about his meeting with Darhk. One more flashback finds Vlad trying to drown Oliver when no one’s looking. Lance fakes a Sara-related question to meet an angry Darhk. Donna comforts her daughter, claiming both she and Oliver will find themselves in each other and that’s true love, before she gets a text about Ray’s location. Oliver wants Curtis there to work his tech and Sara wants to join, so as to test her self-control. Oliver is knocked out and tied in front of Darhk, but all’s good since John is dressed as one the guards. John shuts protection systems down for Felicity and Curtis to base-jump their way in, while the Canaries and Speedy keep the security busy. Darhk prepares to take the Green Arrow’s mask off, but Oliver kicks him to the ground and sends a couple of arrows his way. However, this villain just stops them by moving his hands and wants to strangle the vigilante with a chain. While Felicity and Curtis try to get Ray out, Oliver distracts Darhk and runs. Ray weakens the cube and Curtis shoots and turns him back to normal size. Oliver helps the ladies with security but can’t prevent Sara from killing a guy. Felicity takes Ray home and he says his company is hers until he comes back from the dead. The last flashback finds Oliver killing Vlad, but the other guard is there to confront him. Sara tells Laurel she needs to go away and work on her problems, so it gets emotional. Felicity and Oliver make good and the tension is back, only it’s sexual now. Donna and Lance meet at a bar, while Thea asks Alex out. Darhk unveils some kind of map and wants to test elements he got from the ATOM suit on it.  The more we dig into Arrow, the more Legends Of Tomorrow seem to be approaching! "Lost Souls" brought the ATOM back, but there’s more of Darhk to fight next week, so make sure you don’t miss the follow-up.


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