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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x07, Brotherhood

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/20/2015 5:25 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x07, Brotherhood | Brotherhood
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After recovering Ray and facing Damien Darhk once again, Arrow returns with an episode called "Brotherhood" this week. A couple of Ghosts are following a truck driver who is only saved by the Canary Cry and sent away by Team Arrow. They deal with the Ghosts, but the latter shoot the money the driver was transferring which was a bailout of a bank to federal government. The team discusses the matter and Diggle stays to give Oliver his brother’s file, with the latter giving him the benefit of the doubt. The first flashback finds Oliver learning that the guy he killed and the girl he saved were siblings. The present finds Felicity asking Ray for help with a Ghost’s tooth, which turns out to be fake and filled with poison on purpose. Alex doesn’t like the program Oliver wants to go through, but a call from Felicity takes the team to a the location of the item that faked the tooth. Diggle saves Laurel from a Ghost and unmasks him, to figure out it’s his dead brother who hits him and runs! Diggle considers him dead to him, but Oliver wants to look into it. In a flashback, the boss mystically proves the other guy had Vlad kill Oliver and sends him away. In the present, Darhk summons Lance to threaten him because of suspecting he helped team Arrow; the latter sees an address before leaving. Merlyn comes to Thea and wants her to kill a pedophile to satisfy her bloodlust but she doesn’t. Oliver gives a speech and Lance tells him the address afterwards, while Diggle and Laurel talk about Andy. Darhk asks to speak with Oliver and wants them to work together, starting by stopping the restoration of the Starling Bay with a half-threat. At the lair, Oliver talks with a furious Felicity about collaborating with Darhk to put him down from the inside. In another flashback, Oliver’s given a whip to punish his fellow guard. Thea is on a date with Alex and he excuses himself for a second, only to find her almost killing a guy that hit on her later. Diggle talks with Lyla about his brother, when Oliver comes on the door to say the team will help him find him but he wants just the two of them to do it. Oliver and John watch Darhk giving a speech when the Ghosts spot them and they have to run after a bit of fighting. Diggle seems to have lost hope but Oliver insists on trying to save Andy, so he’s given a lecture about fighting from the inside and having to put an end to Darhk in the light of day. One more flashback finds Oliver telling Taiana about her brother’s death. Present day, Ray tells Felicity he wants to do stuff that counts without coming back from the dead and that he found a connection between the tooth and a psychiatric clinic. Despite Diggle’s complaints, team Arrow will try to rescue Andy. The team find the location busy and can see through the Ghosts’ masks with some tech, so Black Canary and Thea go through them, with the latter getting up close with Andy. She eventually puts him down and Oliver goes to help take him out, so ATOM arrives to help. Darhk finds Speedy in the hallway and notices she fights like Ra’s, so he tries to work his magic on her but it backfires and she runs. Laurel and Ray take Andy out with Oliver facing the ghosts alone, when Diggle arrives for help, claiming that his “green” brother needed help. At the lair, he thanks everyone and Ray says he’s not getting back to work, as he wants to do something else and be ATOM every now and then. Oliver announces they won’t get in bed with Darhk and will defeat him otherwise. The last flashback finds Oliver giving Taiana Constantine’s map and asking her help to use it. Real time, Thea invites her father over and says what happened with Darhk took her bloodlust away, so they should work on making it permanent. Diggle sees his caged brother, who says everything about his criminal activity is true. Oliver launches the restoration of Starling Bay and Thea asks Alex to give her time. Oliver tells the audience they should fight in the light of day and looks at Darhk while at it. And that’s all for this week pals! "Brotherhood" is definitely a strong bond and Arrow knows about all too well. Make sure to tune in next week for more action!


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