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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x17, Beacon of Hope

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

04/01/2016 4:47 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x17, Beacon of Hope | Beacon of Hope
Media Courtesy of FanFest

And we're back, Arrowheads, with another action packed episode of Arrow and this week, we're joined by a familiar face from way back when in Central City. So let's dive in and see what the buzz is all about, shall we? 

So if you haven't guessed after that terrible pun that I'll now apologize for, Brie Larvan (also known as Queen Bee) is back and seemingly up to no good from inside Iron Heights. During her weekly computer time (Yeah, sure. Trust the hacker on the interweb), she's seen moving up her release date by about sixty years (Called it). 

Meanwhile, Team Arrow is training, which roughly translates to Oliver kicking everyone else's ass, as they bide their time until another bad guy shows up in the wake of Damien Darhk's arrest. After the session, Thea finds out that Alex has a job interview with Reve, aka Darhk’s wife, to work on her campaign. Dig asks why Oliver can't just put himself back on the ballot now that Darhk is in jail but Oliver says that voters hate flip-floppers. Laurel suggests that they get Alex a job at Palmer Tech and Oliver says that it's a good idea and that Alex should talk to Felicity. 

Enter flashback number one (following all of that idol madness), where Reiter asks Oliver what happened to all of his men. Oliver says that he wasn't just going to wait around for them to kill him. When Reiter asks about the idol, telling them that he can feel it nearby, Taiana shoots him but it has no effect. He tells them that although he doesn't have the idol, he still has enough left over power to take them both out. 

Back in the present at Palmer Tech, Felicity and Curtis are stressing over the cost of the spinal cord microchip. Apparently the cost per unit is so high that the board at Palmer Tech wants to exploit the chip as a luxury item for very rich patients. Despite his wanting to help, Felicity sends a clearly sick Curtis home just as her mother comes in to take her on a post-breakup girl's day. Felicity tells her that she's fine, but her mother seems unwilling to take no for an answer. Thankfully, Thea comes in to ask Felicity about possibly giving Alex a job. 

Meanwhile, Malcolm goes to visit Darhk and tells him that his men aren't willing to help him break out of jail. Naturally, Darhk isn't too pleased with this news. 

Back in the Arrow Cave, Laurel confronts Oliver about how he's channeling missing Felicity into training. He says that he thought that after everything he's been through, he'd be stronger by now, but she tells him that it’s a different kind of pain and that she's there for him. 

At Palmer Tech, the board is waiting for Felicity to arrive at their meeting when one of the board members collapses on the floor. Before the other members can call 9-1-1, a swarm of bees fly out of his mouth and in walks Queen Bee, armed and dangerous with more bees and a few cringe-worthy bee puns. She tells the board that she wants one of the microchips. The only problem is that there's only one prototype and that just so happens to be implanted in the spinal cord of a certain blonde CEO. 

Upstairs in Felicity's office, Brie hacks into the room’s video feed to tell Felicity exactly what she wants and threatens the board if she doesn't get it. Felicity tells Thea and Donna that Brie is after the chip in her back. Donna says that they need to get Felicity out but before anyone of them can leave, the entire building is surrounded by a swarm of bees. Seeing the situation on the news, a very sick Curtis rushes off to get help. 

In the Arrow Cave, Detective Lance comes in to ask if H.I.V.E. has something to do with the attack. But Oliver recognizes the robot bees as Brie's and he and Laurel head off to help. Meanwhile, Brie is growing impatient and threatens to start killing board members if Felicity doesn't give her the chip. Thea says that they need to get out but with the bees making their way inside, Felicity says that the only way to get away, much to Donna's dismay, is through the air ducts.

Curtis goes to Oliver's campaign office looking for the Green Arrow. Finally he stumbles upon the Arrow Cave and finds all of Team Arrow unmasked before passing out. 

Back in Iron Heights, Darhk isn't having a great time with his fellow inmates. Under instruction from a guy with his lips sewn shut, Darhk is attacked by a group of inmates, looking to establish dominance. 

In the air ducts at Palmer Tech, Felicity is none too pleased about being dragged back into all of the Team Arrow drama. However, before she can finish her whining, Donna hears the swarm of bees approaching and the three women make a run for it. 

Once Curtis wakes up in the Arrow Cave, Oliver interrupts his fangirling to ask why he came. Curtis tells him that he came to get help for Felicity and proceeds to use her computers to dig up information on Brie. He tells them that with Felicity trapped inside, they'll need his help to hack the bees and stop the attack. Oliver agrees, much to Curtis' delight, and the rest of the team heads off to Palmer Tech.

Onward to flashback number two, Reiter tells Oliver about the effects of the idol. Oliver realizes that Reiter is killing people to gain power and Reiter promises him that if they tell him where the idol is, he'll kill them both quickly (Somehow, I don't think that was a persuasive as he’d hoped it'd be). Oliver refuses and Reiter tosses Taiana across the room in frustration. 

Back at Palmer Tech, Felicity, Thea, and Donna hide out in a supply closet, while Curtis, in the Arrow Cave, prepares to hack the bees. Thea prepares for a fight when one of the bees makes it in, but thankfully, this bee is under Curtis' control. Now that Curtis has immobilized the bees, the women can escape. Curtis tells them that Team Arrow is on the way to help and tells them where to meet them. Before the two groups can meet, however, the bees go back online and combine to form a super, bee-shooting soldier who stings Oliver and forces the women back inside. 

In the Arrow Cave, Oliver appears to be having an adverse reaction to the bee sting and Curtis realizes that the bee is still inside him. Oliver tells him to cut it out but Curtis tells him that the bee is replicating itself inside of Oliver. 

Back in the supply closet, Thea and Felicity reassure Donna that the Green Arrow will be back to help despite the bee sting. Brie sends Felicity another message from her office telling her that she's almost out of time and that she has five minutes to turn herself in before Brie starts killing board members. Felicity, however, realizes that if Brie is in her office, she's no longer with the board members which gives her an idea. 

Meanwhile, Curtis is still trying to figure out how to stop the bees that are rapidly forming a swarm inside Oliver. Lance asks if Curtis can somehow lure the bees out of Oliver and Curtis realizes that if the bees are modeled after real bees they can use a high pitched frequency to disrupt the swarm. Thank heavens for the Canary Cry! Curtis rewires the Cry's frequency and they're able to disable the bees. 

Back in the past with Reiter, Oliver fights a futile battle in defense of Taiana. Down on the ground, Oliver tells Reiter that if he keeps killing people, he'll gain power but become a monster but Reiter says that he'll become a god. When he tries to demonstrate, though, his power wears off and he's left jonesing for more. While he's distracted, Oliver punches him in the face.

In the present, Felicity is ready to put her plan in motion by getting the board members out of the building through the secret exit in the old lair. After being chased onto the elevator by the fast approaching swarm of bees, Felicity rewires the elevator to stop on the conference room floor. Unfortunately this entrance is blocked by a wall of concrete. Thankfully, they use some old explosives and manage to break into the conference room to free the board members. When Brie shows up, Felicity sends Donna down to the old lair with the board members and she and Thea prepare to defend themselves. 

At gun point, Brie leads Thea and Felicity into her office. Once there, Thea and Felicity question Brie about her motives and she reveals that she has an inoperable tumor on her spine, the removal of which will leave Brie paralyzed. Felicity tells Brie where to find the specs for the microchip and she leaves to retrieve them. 

Meanwhile in the Arrow Cave, Lance tells the team that Donna made it out but Felicity and Thea are still inside with Brie. Laurel says that at least they know how to hurt the bees now but Curtis tells her that the bees would have adapted by now. He's still excited about their minor win, however, but Oliver shuts that down pretty quickly and tells Curtis that he needs to take this seriously or people will die. Not exactly the tone most people would take with the guy who just saved their lives but, hey, this is Oliver Queen. 

Laurel pulls Oliver to the side to tell him to stop taking his anger out on Curtis. Oliver says that he just wants Curtis to see that the vigilante life isn't a good one and that it will consume you with darkness. But Laurel tells him that Felicity dumped him because of his choices as Oliver, not the Green Arrow, and that life's not fair. She tells him that he can still save the city and that he represents a beacon of hope for the people. 

Inside Iron Heights, Darhk is confronted again by the inmates, but this time, the man with his lips sewn shut is on Darhk's side and he turns on the other two inmates, stabbing them both in the gut. Apparently Darhk blackmailed the man by threatening to kill his grandmother. 

In Felicity's office, Thea tells Felicity that she shouldn't have given Brie the specs. Felicity says that she at least bought the team some time. Thea tells Felicity that Oliver is going to be fine and Felicity says that she's just sick of all of the violence and worry. Thea says that she is two but that they have to keep going in order to be a beacon of hope for the city. Felicity says that the team can be the beacon of hope but she's just not meant for that life and that she's not coming back. 

Back in the Cave, Curtis creates a virus that will be uploaded into the bees so that the next time they adapt, they'll be rendered useless. All Oliver has to do is shoot the virus-carrying arrow near one of the bees and the swarm will be infected. 

At Palmer Tech, Felicity manages to hack into the building's system to see that Donna and the board members are okay. Before she can shut down the bees outside, Brie brings the swarm inside, now armed with the knowledge that Felicity was the hacker that sent her to prison.

Outside, Laurel and Dig battle the bee monster again while Oliver goes inside to stop Brie from killing Felicity. Meanwhile, once Oliver shoots the arrow near the bees, Curtis is able to spread the virus throughout the swarm, although not before the monster tosses Thea across the room, knocking her out. Now infected, the bee monster falters and he and Oliver battle. Back in the Cave, Curtis and Lance run from the robot bee that seems to have come back to life. Things look pretty grim until Felicity breaks a lamp and electrocutes the monster. In the same beat, Lance crushes the single bee with a teapot. 

Felicity thanks Oliver for saving her life and he tells her that she never has to thank him. Before she can respond, Brie comes in and shoots Oliver, telling Felicity that if she can't walk, Felicity can't live. Thankfully, Curtis regains control of the bees and makes them attack Brie, knocking her unconscious. Cue a hint of classic Felicity with the line: "Lay down, bee-otch!" 

Safely back in the Arrow Cave, Oliver tells Curtis that he did good and apologizes for yelling at him. Curtis asks what will happen to Brie and they tell him that she's currently in a coma as a result of the bee venom. Oliver tells Curtis that he's always welcome on the team and Laurel compliments him on his apology. Oliver says that he's taking her advice and trying to be a beacon of hope, and he's saving a little of that hope for himself. 

In the final flashback of the episode, Oliver goes to check on Taiana, who is still knocked out. Thankfully she's still alive but she wakes up to see that Reiter is gone. She says that they can't let him find the idol and Oliver says that they need to use this distraction to free her friends from the prisons but they'll have to kill Reiter's men first. 

After a day of fighting crime, Curtis makes it home to a very disgruntled boyfriend. He tells his boyfriend that he had a long and scary day and realized that his normal life was where he belonged.

Back at Felicity's office, Thea asks Felicity if she misses the thrill of the action. Felicity says that she was never in it for the thrills, she just wanted to make a difference and says that she's found another way to do that. She wants to rework Palmer Tech to help people and make it... wait for it... a beacon of hope (Seriously, this has to break some record for most episode title name drops or something). 

In the final scene, we find Malcolm talking to a mysterious person about H.I.V.E.'s abandonment of Darhk and how the mystery guy is supposed to help Dahrk's situation. In a sad, although not unexpected final moment, this person is revealed to be none other than Andy Diggle.

Ugh! This episode was two parts frustrating and one part hilarious. Although Felicity's plans are admirable, I still think she's being ridiculous about the whole Oliver situation and even more so about quitting the team that relies so heavily upon her expertise! Hopefully, the drama will end and everyone will see sense soon. In the meantime, I wouldn't mind if Curtis picked up the Felicity slack on Team Arrow! Seeing him work (and babble) was like watching the old Felicity work and I could do with another dose of that!

Until next week, Arrowheads. And as always, tell us what you thought in the comments!



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