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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x18, Eleven-Fifty-Nine

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

04/08/2016 11:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x18, Eleven-Fifty-Nine | Eleven-Fifty-Nine
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There'll be no cheerful greeting from me this time, Arrowheads. This week's episode of Arrow rocked me to my core and I'm still trying to process what just took place. After months of frustrating anticipation, we finally find out exactly who is in that coffin and the revelation will leave you, along with the rest of Team Arrow, with a thirst for vengeance. So, without further ado, let's just dive right in.

After last week's (not completely) shocking revelation that Andy was working for Darhk, we find him taking a gun from Dig's safe. The surprise actually does come, however, when it's revealed that Andy told his brother about the entire interaction between himself and Malcolm. Now that H.I.V.E. knows where Andy is, he's afraid for his life. He tells Dig that Malcolm asked him to help hijack a missile shipment in order to break Darhk out of Iron Heights. He asks Dig what he should do.

In the Arrow Cave, the team discusses Darhk's plans and Oliver reveals that he first saw Darhk's idol on Lian Yu. No one is exactly surprised that Oliver was keeping yet another secret about his time on the island. Oliver wants to make sure that the bunker is locked down so that Darhk and Malcom can't make a play for the idol. Dig says that they should use Andy as a double agent so that they know Malcolm's plans but Oliver isn't sure that's a good idea. Dig tells him that Andy is a standup guy and they agree to let him try.

Later, Oliver is forced to attend Ruve's acceptance speech. While there, Ollie learns that 48% of voters wrote in his name. Ruve approaches Laurel, Thea, and Oliver to thank him for attending her event. Much to everyone's surprise, she also offers Laurel a job as DA.

Back on Lian Yu, Oliver and Taiana hatch their escape plan. Oliver says that they can't hesitate to kill but Taiana seems apprehensive, stating that the island makes monsters of all of them. She shows Oliver a picture of herself and her brother, saying that it reminds her of their lost innocence. Oliver says he used to have a picture too that reminded him of the person he used to be. But, he says, that person wouldn't have survived and she won't either if she stays focused on the past.

In the present, Dig and Oliver stake out the missile shipment. Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Thea asks Laurel if she plans on taking the DA job while still working with the team. Laurel says she isn't sure but it could be helpful to have eyes on Ruve. This leads to talks about Genesis and Thea's estrangement from Malcolm. Right on cue, Malcolm comes in with a band of assassins, on a mission to take back the idol. Of course, Laurel and Thea aren't giving it up without a fight.

Back with the shipment, the missiles arrive along with a few assassins. Oliver, Dig, and Andy manage to fight them off pretty easily and the missiles are secured. Oliver, however, doesn't seem happy. He thinks things went a little too easy. In the bunker, Thea ends up sparring with Malcolm and when she's unable to kill him, he knocks her out and takes the idol.

After the fight, Thea feels guilty about Malcolm taking the idol but Oliver says that she did everything she could. She decides to go blow off steam while the team continues searching for Malcolm, who seems to have vanished. Dig says that he'll ask Andy if he knows anything but Oliver still clearly doesn't trust him. Dig convinces him to let Andy help, though, and leaves to talk to him. Once he's gone, Oliver tells Laurel that the missile heist seemed like a distraction and wonders if Andy is playing them. Laurel tells him that he needs to be sure before he makes any accusations. 

In another flashback, Taiana and Oliver put their plan in motion. Taiana lures the men out and Oliver shoots them. Once the guards are dead, Taiana frees all of the prisoners. 

Back in Star City, Laurel meets with Captain Lance. Laurel tells her dad that she's thinking of taking the job but he tells her that it'll mean giving up being the Black Canary. He tells her that he's proud of her for being the Black Canary and that taking  the DA job means giving up her mask forever. 

In the bunker, Dig gets a call from Andy, telling him that he's found Malcolm in an old box factory. The team goes there, only to realize that it was a trap. When the team is momentarily separated, Andy ends up taking an arrow for Oliver. Andy tells the team that they need to get to Iron Heights before Malcolm can give the idol to Darhk. 

Meanwhile, Malcolm heads to Iron Heights to do just that. Darhk, however, realizes that the idol is missing a piece and threatens Malcolm, stating that unless he brings him the missing stone, he'll kill Malcolm and Thea when he enacts Genesis. 

Back in the box factory, Dig stitches up Andy. Now that Darhk knows that Andy is working with Team Arrow, Andy is afraid that Darhk's men will come for him and his family, especially now that he has the idol back. Dig tells him about the missing piece and that the idol won't work without it. He says that there's no chance Malcolm will find it since he hid it himself. Elsewhere, Oliver seems more on edge than ever. He tells Dig that he shouldn't have told Andy about the missing piece but Dig says he trusts Andy. He doesn't understand why Oliver doesn't. Oliver sends the team on various missions and says that he has one of his own. 

On the island, Oliver and Taiana continue fighting off guards. Oliver sends the prisoners to the surface while Taiana wonders about his plans. She says that if Reiter still has the idol, Oliver won't be able to stop him. But Oliver, spotting some C-4, decides to trap him instead. 

At Iron Height, Laurel has the police search Darhk's cell, and all of his friends', for the idol but they come up with nothing. Darhk comments on Laurel's father, threatening him, but Laurel doesn't bite. 

At Dig's apartment, Oliver sneaks up on Andy who is searching for something. He claims that he's searching for surveillance but Oliver doesn't buy it. He tells Andy that he thinks he's been working with Darhk and that he's searching for the missing piece. Andy says that he's on their side but Oliver presses his arrow wound and asks him what Darhk is planning. Dig comes in and pulls a gun on Oliver, telling him to let Andy go. Oliver tells Dig that he can't trust Andy but Dig just tells him to get out. 

Back in the Arrow Cave, Dig is angry with Oliver for interrogating Andy. Oliver says that he thinks Andy has been playing them the entire time and that he's only refusing to see it because it's his brother. Dig says that he trusts Andy and believes that he can come back from the darkness like Oliver did but Oliver says that he never actually did. Dig says that some people change and says that Oliver being stuck in his self-pity is why Felicity left him. He says that his brother is business and leaves. Later, Laurel tells Oliver that she's not taking the DA job but Oliver tells her that she's worked her whole life for this job and that she should take it. He tells her that the city has enough masked heroes and now it needs one without. 

Meanwhile, in Iron Heights, Creepy Stitched Lips is passing out books which hold the pieces of the idol. Once the pieces are distributed, the prisoner's riot, with Darhk in the middle of the action. The team readies to go save the guards, who are now being held hostage, and Laurel suits up for her final night as the Black Canary. 

Outside Iron Heights, Detective Lance attempts to enter the jail but is refused because of his suspension. He demands to speak to Lieutenant Pike, eventually punching him in the face, causing just enough of a distraction for the team to slip inside. Once inside, Oliver is upset that Dig brought Andy but puts his anger aside in order to fight. While Laurel and Thea battle prisoners in the cell block, Dig and Andy head another direction. Thea runs into Malcolm and the two prepare to spar again. Meanwhile, Darhk, now with his idol reassembled, is prepared to kill the guards when the team comes in to stop him.

Thea and Malcolm continue to fight and it's clear that Malcolm is winning. Malcolm says that she's lost her bloodlust which is why she'll never beat him. Back with the team, a prisoner grabs Andy and Darhk holds a gun to his head, threatening to shoot him unless they all drop their weapons. When thye do, Darhk asks Andy if he brought what he asked for and Andy gives him the missing stone. Turns out Oliver was right and he's been working with Darhk all along.  He tells Dig that he'd been tracking him and as soon as Dig said that he was the one to hide the stone, Andy knew where to look. 

Darhk says that it's all over just before Thea comes in and shoots him. The team breaks free and begins to fight while Darhk uses his blood as a sacrifice to the now completed idol. Andy kills two inmates to give Darhk more power and his magic is restored. With the team now under his control, Darhk reveals that he knows all of their secret identities. Malcolm tells Darhk that they need to leave but he says that he has one more thing to do. Darhk tells Laurel that he made her dad a promise about what he'd do to her if Lance crossed him and then stabs her in the stomach with an arrow. Oliver rushes Laurel to the hospital and a trauma team prepares to operate on her. 

Back on the island, Taiana asks Oliver how he plans to bury a man alive, telling him that the island changed him. She asks him if he still looks at his picture and he gives it to her. It's a picture of Laurel. Taiana tells Oliver that if she dies, he has to go to Russia and tell her parents what happened to her and her brother and if he dies, she'll go find Laurel and tell her that Oliver saved them all. He says its a deal and they shake on it before blowing the C-4. Down in the tunnels, Reiter's men ask how their getting out but he shoots them both, making himself more powerful so that he can live. 

At the police station, Lance, who is in custody after punching Pike, asks an officer about what happened at the prison. She tells him that the inmates escaped and that Darhk hurt the Black Canary. Lance panics and tells her that he needs to go and promises that he'll surrender himself back in. 

Meanwhile, Felicity shows up at the hospital and the team discusses Laurel 's condition and Darhk's current status as missing. Dig says that he may never forgive himself for trusting Andy and not heeding Oliver's warnings. The surgeons wheel Laurel out and say that she'll be fine. The team goes in to talk to her and she tells them about her plan to give up being the Canary, stating that she doesn't know how she could do that. Being the Canary makes her feel alive. They all tell her that they love her and leave, with only Oliver remaining. 

Laurel tells Oliver to look in her wallet and he sees the picture that he had on the island, tearing up at the sight. She says that it's a reminder of how they used to be. She says that she's glad he found Felicity and that she knows she's not the love of his life but that he'll always be the love of hers. She tells him that she needs him to promise her something, although we never get to hear what it is. Soon after, Laurels starts seizing. A crash team comes in and tries to revive her but is unsuccessful, calling time of death at 11:59.

Oliver leaves the room, stunned, while the rest of the team remains sobbing. Detective Lance finally arrives and sees Oliver, knowing instantly what's happened, and we're left with a picture of him breaking down in the hallway.

So. Not. Cool. Arrow! While I knew that the person who died had to be important (otherwise, Barry wouldn't have come to the funeral), it still stings to lose a part of the team. Even if Laurel wasn't the most likable character to start, she definitely grew on me and I'm incredibly sad to see her go! The only positive thing about how she died, though, is that this will most likely motivate the rest of team to kick some serious Damien Darhk ass and hopefully Felicity will get off her high-horse and go back into Overwatch mode, at least until they avenge Laurel's death. 

So what did you think? Were you surprised or did you call it from episode one? Let us know in the comments! 


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